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Lubavitcher Shul Attacked In Sydney, AU

Peace shattered… a car damaged in Sunday’s attack on a synagogue in Parramatta. Photo: Peter Rae

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Community and political leaders have condemned attacks on a synagogue and a mosque in Sydney at the weekend as police searched for those involved.

On Saturday a brick was thrown at a mosque in Eden Street, Arncliffe, smashing a window.

In another attack, police say up to 10 people, whom they described as “Middle Eastern men”, threw concrete blocks at a residence attached to a synagogue in Parramatta on Sunday night, smashing the windows of two parked cars.

Rabbi Yosef Wernick, 32, who lives in the house that was attacked, said he did not think the conflict between Israel and forces in Lebanon should lead to attacks in Australia.

“On the one hand we don’t think something happening in Lebanon will affect a synagogue in Parramatta,” Rabbi Wernick said. “Why would people link the two?

”People have come here for a better life and it is a great shame to bring that conflict here.“

The Mufti of Australia, Sheik Taj Aldin Alhilali, said those responsible for the attack were not religious people.

”This is a very bad action,“ he said. ”I condemn any terrorism attack. Australia is the land of peace. We refused to import these problems into Australia.“

The Police Minister, Carl Scully, said there was no place for this type of attack in Australia.

”I would ask people who live in this great country, if you are upset or concerned about what is happening in the Middle East, express it in a peaceful and democratic way,“ he said. ”There’s no place to start your own mini-war in this city.”

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    its the arabs in sydny and there are alot of them there , i was there 3 years ago, there are really bad there and the police dont do anything about it


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