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749 – Still Lights Out – 770 Becomes Dormitory


As we reported earlier on last week About 749 Eastern Pkwy. Dorm loosing their electricity, it seems the Bocurim that were staying there have found a solution.

Apparently the Yeshiva Hanholo failed to pay the electricity bill which has amounted to about 20 Thousand Dollars so the electric company shut off the electric.

Now the Bocurim started a new “Outpost” called outpost 749, they brought their mattresses and went to sleep right in Shul, they even put up a sign requesting that people should be quite so that the Bocurim can sleep, and anyone willing to help with the electric problem please go to the Hanholo.

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  • 1. Ariyeh Leib Segall wrote:

    Hanholo & The Community big wigs are the ones that are apparently asleep….
    Where were they…
    Our Community Contact at ConEd is welll known…


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