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Construction in full swing on new Shul & Mikva in Crown Heights


After a long period of quiet and problems obtaining the necessary permits, construction of a new Shul & Mivka is now in full swing.

The new Shul, to carry the name of Rabbi Lazer Levy OBM & Mikva that will carry the name of R’ Meir Rabkin OBM is being built on the exact location on Kingston Avenue between Crown & Montgomery where the old Skvere Shul & Mikva was located.

According to sources knowledgeable with the building plans, when completed, the Mikva with 2 sets of stairways and large enough to accommodate 15 people at one time, will be the most modern and up to date in Crown Heights. In addition there will be 16 showers and a very spacious dressing room.

OK Kashrus is sponsoring the Shul while the Rabkin family is sponsoring the Mikva.

Crown Heights resident Yanky Sufrin’s YHS Construction Corporation whose successful projects include the beautiful Bais Binyomin on Montgomery Street, the gorgeous Mei Menachem Mikva in Brooklyn Heights and the brand new condos on Brooklyn Ave., is handling the project.

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