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KSCVK’s ‘Ice Cream Social’ A Great Success

Yesterday evening Keren Simchas Chosson VeKallah held a unique evening entitled ‘Ice Cream Social’. Many women baked cakes that were displayed for all to see, then the lucky participants were able to’ bid ‘on the cakes chinese auction style. There were over 25 cakes on display. There was an ice cream buffet, both Milchig and Pareve which was served with all different types of toppings. Hot apple turnovers, warm chocolate chip cookies, waffles, mouth watering cheesecakes and beautifully arranged fruits were just a few of the large variety of things to savor.

The event took place in Bais Rivka Campus Chomesh and was emceed by our beloved Mrs. Miriam Swerdlov. A letter from the Rebbe on the subject of Tznius was read followed by a video entitled “Who Am I” which featured lectures about Tznius. This video was being played in over 100 different places worldwide.

More pictures in Extended Article

The gorgeous cakes baked by our very own talented women of Crown Heights were displayed and voted on for the most beautiful L’Chaim cake. The winning cakes were baked and decorated by Etel Rivkah Hurwitz, Chanie Kalmanson and Shaina Abenson, and all the cakes sold for between $250 and as much as $1,000! There was a raffle for a digital camera bundled with a photo printer and the lucky winner was Esty Piekarski.


  • 1. brhs student wrote:

    wow- i couldn’t go but it looked stunning!!!!
    keep up the gr8 work Devorah!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2. anon wrote:

    WOW!!!!….look at those cakes! What a group of talent we have!!!

  • 3. Devorah Benjamin wrote:

    I would like to thank everyone for coming and making this event such haztlocha rabba may Hashem only bless you all with all brochos,gezut,parnossa,nachas
    tzchu lmitzvos
    P.S Thank you for taking the pictures

  • 4. Very Impressed by the pics wrote:

    Big Yashar Koach to the organizers of this event, and to all that participated.

  • 5. sweet wrote:

    who made the cake that looks like a matchbox? hahah its so good!

  • 6. impressed wrote:

    wow, some of those cakes are really "something"! I’d love to know who made them!

  • 7. Fattening wrote:

    Looks very fattening. Maybe they should have a weight watcher’s social next time.

  • 8. Etel-s Friend wrote:

    Etel Horowitz made the winning matchbox cake! Mazal Tov, Etel!
    P.S. She does sell cakes, so if you want something really amazing, go to her.

  • 9. A fan of Devorah Benjamin wrote:

    Devorah what a wonderful job!!! Hatzlacha Rabba to continue helping girls and buchrim get married. May we all share in many simchas together!!! :) by the way whoever took these pic good job!! And the cakemakers good job for the beautiful Mitzvah you all did:)

  • 10. shepping nachas wrote:

    Devorah Benjamin, you did done did it again. If we’re so proud of you ,can you imagine how proud the Abishter is? Mazel Tov to all your Kallahs and continued successes to you always.

    Your friend and fan club member, Miriam.

    P.S.You are a special Chassidiste, and an asset to the Rebbe MH"M’s community of Kahn Tzivah Hashem Es Habrocha. It is an honor to be your friend.

  • 11. a reader wrote:

    I am sure that there was significant tochen at this event, as by many of the events here in Crown Heights. However, I am bothered by the dagesh that is put on the details pertaining to the ‘ice-cream buffet’ and ‘hot apple turnovers’, and the many photographs that depict this. Forgive me for my approach, but I believe that there are numerous programs for the men of this community, serving delicacies of this kind, yet I never read any articles depicting this detail. It is not the first time that there is little comment on the content of a womens’ event, and considerable focus on this detail that seems to minimize the true value of what was accomplished. I think the women of this community deserve more respect.

  • 12. shmuli wrote:

    were those cakes eaten or are they for sale?

    I’m really interested in putting in a bid for some of them.

  • 13. AB wrote:

    To a reader: Did you see the flyer for this event? It was supposed to be a bake-off – it was supposed to be an ice-cream tasting event – it was supposed to be a chance to get together and see the expert work of some of our bake-from home women – so the pictures do indeed depict the entire event.

  • 14. DL wrote:

    Why do some of our readers insist on putting the "negative spin" on beautiful events… Whats with you?

    Is it just me, or is it that everytime there is an event that is original and creative with such hard work invovled, there is always some yente who has to find the nitty gritty negative detail….

    what ever happened to the concept of "if you dont have anything nice to say, zip it."

    I think the event was astoundingly wonderful – and yasher koach to all those who put in all the effort and hard work!

  • 16. Joy wrote:

    Great evening!! The cakes were professional. I love when we have these events in CH. Every now and then it’s nice to just get together and have fun. Life is very stressful. So to "READER" I’d like to say: Yes there was toichen and it was enjoyable. Looking forward to the next fun event.

  • 18. wrote:

    devorah its your family in miami
    wishing you much success
    keep going
    you have alot of weddings to go……..
    dovid+yael and kids
    doniel+shira and zalmie

  • 19. totaly awsome ... wrote:

    totaly awsome devora dude! i’m impressed!(and thats s/t that deosn’t happen very often!)

  • 20. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! wrote:

    thanx for all the positive feedback!!
    let’s keep away from the other stuff. like s/o mentioned b/4 if u have nothing nice to say, zip it!!!###

  • 21. hakaras hatov!!! wrote:

    looks beautifull!!
    yasher koach to whoever was involved

  • 22. itty wrote:

    The cake a match made in heaven. Was a real piece of heaven. It was amazing.

  • 23. Rivky Perl wrote:

    Hey Devorah, we all had a great time!

    Thanks for giving us another opportunity to give in an original and fun way!

    All the cooks looked delicious! And the ice creams were totally scrumptious.

    Thank you for caring for our community!

    Wishing you much hatzlacha in everythign you do and may we be zoche to the real simcha of n’eNow!!

  • 24. CHAYA wrote:

    I AM UR #1 FAN

  • 25. HENYA wrote:

    the green cake that says :
    mazal tov to you ,a chosson and kalla.I think she was the second winner shaina abenson,well I love!!!!!!!!!!!!that cake!!!!!!Do you sell them by any chance I,d love to buy one.WELL DONE ,SHAINA.
    from your fan FOREVER .

  • 26. chayalot harebbe wrote:

    brochah stern\
    for once i agreed with you
    and i think it may be the only and last time i agree with you
    keep on dancing

  • 27. Viggs wrote:

    Etels matchbox cake is phenomonal!!!! Good job!
    Kol Hakovod Devorah for all your incredible work!

  • 28. Rochel wrote:

    Devorah, You’re just incredible!!!!! That event was just amazing! To pull something like this off without having thousands of Tzadaka dollars being wasted on overhead is truly brilliant! I just couldn’t believe at the turn- out you got! And it’s not that their was great entertainment advertised… I think it was a reflection of the high esteem in which the community sees you and your work. The care and dedication with which you help is way beyond the norm. You truly put your heart and soul into what you do. Being available to answer your cell phone any hour of the day is very comforting to frazzled parents who are trying to juggle all the details of making a wedding.
    May Hashem give you the Koah to continue your wonderful work and to have great Nachas from your own family. You’re an example of what one single person can accomplish!

  • 29. a friend in need is a friend indeed wrote:

    that was most inspring thank you devorah benjamin i know how many chassaninm and kallos you have helped throughout the years. thank you thank you thank you

  • 30. wow! wrote:

    amazing! everything looks soooo good! all the cakes are stunning!!!!!!!!!!

  • 31. CHANI wrote:

    TO AB



  • 32. Itzik_s wrote:

    Anyone who can criticize an event like this needs to examine himself or herself in terms of what they do for the community compared to what Mrs Benjamin and her organization does.

    Then again, maybe I’ll sponsor 100 tablets of any prescription anti-hallucinogenic drug (Thorazine, Haldol, Geodon, whatever) for anyone who can prove that the event was:

    1) Secretly sponsored by Fisher.

    2) Linked to private interests of (fill in your choice): Moshe Rubashkin, Chanina Sperlin, Shaya Boymelgreen, Yanky Herzog, Yossi Brook, Shmuly Krauss.

    3) Banned to those who hold by (fill in your choice): Rav Osdoba, Rav Schwei

    4) Open only to those wearing/not wearing (your choice) a Moshiach lapel pin.

    Oh, and of course I am just a front, and the pills will be paid for by (choose your gvir) Shaya Boymelgreen via Moshe Rubashkin or SB Drizin via Rav Schwei.

  • 33. yupiwoop! wrote:

    yupiwoooop! this stuff looks scrociusly delicious!!!!!!!


    i would eat everything being very selfish! they look sooo good! yum! thanks devorah! next time i’ll be on my way!
    thanx again! also thanks crownhei… the pictures look soooooooo appityzing!

  • 34. pinchos rabin london wrote:

    the match cake by etel rivkoh hurwitz was amazing – and the best – but i would say that being that she is my daughter

    crown heights – we only send you our best from london

  • 35. faigy adler wrote:

    that girl was me,in the brown shirt with white sleeves!

  • 36. cm wrote:

    which cake went for a 1000?
    , I heard that the matchbox went for 500

  • 37. devorah wrote:

    The green cake with that chosson and Kallah WOWOWOWOWOWOW are those people really made out of sugar?? like can you eat them?? because that is just amazing i have never seen something like that before! Whoever made that cake, it is really something to look at. Do you sell cakes or something?? How can i find out i would like to buy one.
    Let me know thanks

  • 38. shana Rose wrote:

    All these cakes are really good! Very impresive matchbox. But that green cake with the bride and groom…. that is really something! whoever made that cake, you’re very talented!

  • 39. izzy c wrote:

    devorah, great job.however,why are there never any social events for men in the comunity. we also want to have a good time,

  • 40. a fan of shaina wrote:

    the math box cake was a very original idea! but nothing beats the chosson and kallah caricature cake – that IS professional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! names should be written underneath so ppl can order from them like that chosson and kallah cake its for a real l’chaim not just a party!!!!!!!!
    well done SHAINA

  • 41. brnick wrote:

    very creative. i’m fed up with auctions… (they’re nice and all) but every week we get another bklt about an auction- e/o makes them….at least this was original and fun, cute, not too expensive…
    good job and yasher koach devorah benjamin!

  • 42. shaina abenson wrote:

    yes the pple on the green cake are edible – they r 100% made by hand!! i know cuz i made them… if u r seriously interested in buying then u can contact me @ "ohnuts" in cedarhurst i sell my cakes thru their store… and i have to say Ettel i was really impressed with ur cake the idea was really origonal… we should get together sometime!!

  • 43. Sara Cohen wrote:

    By the way one of the winning cakes was made by Shaina Abenson, the one with the 3D Chosson & Kalla, its totally edible… you can order custom made cakes with her… 267 972 8024

  • 44. Devorah Benjamin wrote:

    To all the men we are thinking of making you evening in the summer
    we will PG keep you posted

  • 45. from Cali wrote:

    wow.. most definetly a "big yashar koach" to the women who pulled this event off!!! *clapping* Beautiful!

  • 47. inspired wrote:

    The evening was definately an evening of inspiration! There was plenty of food (as you have seen and heard about) and ther was even more food for thought! The fact that Crown Heights has been on the same page as the rest of the world is no small feat.
    Thank you to the people that had the courage and strength to make this possible. Let us hope that this will be the first step to the ongoing "tznius" crises appearing in our shchunah.

  • 49. Chavi wrote:

    wow the match cake was ssoo cute.. and the green one with the chosson and challah!! they looked too good to eat!

  • 51. chaya wrote:

    This community has had enough of machlokess, elections and bad news. Thanks Devorah for doing something which brings simcha and ahavas yisroel to this community. This is what we need and what the Eibishter wants. May Hashem bless you with Kol Tuv B’Gur for all of your efforts.

  • 55. kulah kavod! wrote:

    I love all the cakes but i think the best one in the matches one!

  • 56. The Rebbe-s Nachas wrote:

    Devorah you always outdo yourself in everyway. The evening was a major success in every sense of the word but what I really give you credit, is for combining your evening and using the topic of tznius for your program. (you were really brave, thank you) It is something we can all use chizuk on. I applaud you! Kuddos to a person with such firm belief in bringing nachas to the Rebbe!

  • 57. awesome wrote:

    Inspired? It goes much further than that! Let us take the inspiration and let it not be lost on us. Let us start working on it and incorporating it into our every day lives. Let us see a change b’poel mamash! Maybe this will be our "button polishing" as the Rebbe had so explicitly said! (also, see Igros Kodesh vol. 26 pg. 324)
    Devorah you never disappoint us – the evening was unbelievable – those cakes were a masterpeice but the program was not only the cherry-on-top but the everlasting reward! May Hashem reward you manifold!

  • 58. gr8 work wrote:

    gorgeos!!! does "etel" have a website/ whats her phone number? i loved her matchbox! "yagate umatzsie,ta’amim!

  • 60. Tom Carvel wrote:

    Ice cream is a great way to bring people together and it’s so tasty also!

  • 62. RW wrote:

    Those cakes look beautiful! Yasher Koach Devorah! You do great work and really help so many!
    Just a suggestion, maybe the bakers of the cakes would like to start giving cake decorating lessons? I’m sure lots of poeple will be signing up!


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