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R. Osdoba Visits Organic Meat Plant

Recently many of you have seen a new item on the meat shelves, Organic Meat under the brand ‘Wise Organic Pastures’ with the CHK hechsher, this Shechita takes place in South Dakota, in a factory built by the Wiesenfeld family, which has been selling organic chicken under the Hechsher of the CHK for the past 15 years. Recently they decided to build this place exclusively for organic meat to be suitable for the needs of a kosher Shchita, according to the requirements of The Marah De’asrah Harav Osdoba Shlita.

This past week R, Osdoba (together with his son R. Shneur Zalman Osdoba, along with the kashrus administrator, R. Yossi Brook) visited the slaughterhouse in South Dakota and reviewed the whole procedure of the Shechita and Hachsharah. R. Osdoba was very pleased with the whole procedure and setup of the plant and its operation, especially from the Chassidishe Shochtim and Bodkim that work there, Rabbi Chaim Ezra Tzfasman, Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Klimovitsky, and occasionally, Rabbi Saadia Dahan. The Shochtim and Bodkim pointed out to the Rav that they are very happy to work in this place because everything is set up at the highest standards of kashrus, and it is also a pleasure to work with the local workers, who are very cooperative with the kashrus staff. As the Rav was able to see for himself the Hiddurim, and the qualities of the place.

R. Osdoba praised the owners of the place, the Wiesenfeld family, of Wise Organic Pastures, for their cooperation, assistance and full support that they are giving to the kashrus staff, and for doing everything in their power that the kashrus should meet the highest and strict standards set by the Vaad Hakashrus of the Beis Din of Crown Heights, known as the CHK.


  • 1. Mike wrote:

    Oh no! The pictures show blood. You mean blood comes out when you cut the cows throat? Better make sure PETA doesn’t see the pictures. Only Jews in Israel are allowed to be killed!!!

  • 5. Itzik_s wrote:

    LOL Mike!

    Are people really into this organic? I forgot how much extra I paid for organic chicken (I was out of CH and needed it before Shabbos and that was the only CH badatz chicken in the store) but it was not worth it tastewise.

  • 6. No Growth Hormones wrote:

    A lot of people eat organic for health reasons -especially meat. Here’s a hint when out of town – go to the local health food store – usually a "Whole Foods" store and you can find these Oraganic CHK chickens, because many, many goyim eat organic and CHK/Wise is one of the few free-range Organic chicken producers.

  • 7. Ariel Badatznick wrote:

    Rabbi Osdeba sais it’s kosher
    Now Mr. Schwei has to say it’s treif!

  • 8. A kosher consumer wrote:

    ariel, you have it the wrong way around. Rabbi shwei says you can eat raskins fish and rabbi osdoba says its treif. rabbi shwei says you must filter the water like 99% of Rabonim in nny and Rabbi Ozdoba says you may eat bugs as well as allowing you to eat tuna fish on Pesach thats soaked in kitniyus and after 3 years comes out with a letter that it has been mislabeled. the list goes on. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  • 9. to kosher consumer part 2 wrote:

    it seems that your only way of elevating Rabbi Schwei is by outting down Rabbi Osdoba. werent you taught in school if you want to pick your self up, you dont become any bigger by putting someone else down. this goes for all of you here, if you are looking to pick up Rabbi Schwei find his own merits for a change.

  • 10. to kosher consumer wrote:

    please stop your lies and get your facts straight. seemingly you have not bothered even making one phone call to find out the facts. I, on the other hand will make 10 phone calls before writing lies especilly borabim (you are in the geder of a hoileich rochil). Fact #1. a majority of our rabbonim pasken you do not have to filter the water. Fact #2. please find one person who had the tuna you are talking about on pesach in the last 3 years, tuna produced in adar 5763 does not arrive until after pesach. for 2 years, 5764 and 5765 this tuna was sold with the kosher lpesach crossed out with a black marker. winter 5766 the producer of the tuna decided to sell a large quantity of the above mentioned tuna for a discounted price ($4 off each case) to someone with the condition that he should cross out the kosher lpesach. this person has taken the discount but failed to cross out the kosher lpesach knowingly. this person is none other then the "trusted" (as you mention) Raskins Fish. I hope that answers all your lies. keep in mind what you are doing is an issur deoraiso. also keep in mind you are fighting the rebbe, the rebbe said that these are our rabbonim ad bias goiel and called them abir shebeabirim. you should be ashamed of yourself, what are your kids going to grow up as?

  • 11. Reb Dov wrote:


    It seems that you are happy that when the Rov Shlita says something, the Rov Shlita gets challenged. It seems you don’t want our Shechuna should have direction. You want that there should not be a Bais Din with one voice. Our community should not know when something is kosher or not kosher. You want the Machlokes going on for three long years should continue. It looks like that you never learnt about the blessings we get when we are all united.

    You write about a mistake had taken place with the Hechsher as if all other hechshairim never make mistakes.

    Before you write Loshon Horah why don’t you take the time to find out the greatness of the CHK, the Hidurim the CHK have to try to prevent any mistakes?

  • 12. Ariel Badatznick wrote:

    Mine tayere Kosher consumer:
    All Mr Schwei has done is cause fights there used to be "outsiders" fighting the Ra-Bonim but now it’s from the inside that make Mr Schwei a Zaken Mamrei (by the the way the only reason Mr Schwei said Raskins is Kosher (which I think it is) is Beacause Osdeba said it’s not).

  • 13. A kosher consumer responds wrote:

    In response to the attacks on me. it seems i hit on the truth and some angry guy from vaad hakashrus is responding. mThe fact that the Rebbe said that this beis Din remains till moshiach comes has nothing to do with the fact that today CHK is a corrupt entity. If the tuna was crossed out in 5764 and 5765 why the letter claiming mislabeling in 5756. That is a fabrication of CHK. The fact is that most Rabonim in nyc require filtering the water and that includes Belsky from the OU. Every restaraunt in flatbush and boro pk says we use filtered water exclusively. Only in CH do they force you to drink bugs based on a heter that has no bearing on reality which I wont elaborate over here. CHK’s record goes back to the unsupervised milk, the milk with vitamin d on pesach which contains kitniyus. The cultures produced with enzymes from pigs which was fortunately caught on time by the OK which the CHK should have thanked them for it instead of vilifying them. The list goes on. Rabbi Shwei is right about CHK and thats why hes under attack from the whole enterprise that broght you these fraudulent elections. They also wrote a letter accusing Raskins of using treife coloring based on a fictitious lab report that was proven to them at a meeting with reps from the OK. Even after their blood libel was exposed they kept on their smear campaign to put an innocent man out of business based on lies just for revenge. That is the epitome of evil.

  • 14. Areil Badatznick wrote:

    "it seems i hit on the truth and some angry guy from vaad hakashrus is responding"
    R’nt U related to Berel Raskin?

  • 15. In support of the kosher consumer wrote:

    Ariel, How dare you refer to Rabbi Shwei as a zoken mamrie? What would you say if I said that about Rabbi Ozdoba shlita? It shows that you have an agenda to further machloikes.Yes Rabbi shwei said the fish is kosher because he knows for a fact that it was a nasty blood libel!!! Do you care about the truth or just political partisanship? And to Reb Dov shlita, here is your mistake. I would love for the Beis Din to speak with one voice. However you referring to THE Rov Shlita is the cause of the Machloikes here. There is no such thing as THE Rov. We have a Beis Din with multiple Rabonim and no one is considered THE Rov even if he is there for 20 years. As far as hidurim in the CHK, Im sorry to disappoint you (and I was a major CHK supporter during Rabbi Marlow a"hs times), but under the leadership of horav Brook there are virtually no hidurim left. It has stooped down to the lowest level possible. CHK is no longer the Hechsher of the Badatz. Its a private enterprise using the name of the Badatz in order to fight the Badatz from within. In order to restore CHK to its former glory it would need the removal of Horav Brook and the involvement of BOTH Rabbi Shwei and Rabbi Ozdoba without you guys discriminating between the two. Im sorry, but these are the hard facts.

  • 16. A kosher consumer responds wrote:

    No relative at all. just an honest guy who knows the real truth behind the CHK

  • 17. Reb Dov wrote:


    The problem is that you did not say the truth, but because of your hatred for the Rov Shlita not only did you not apologize for your spinning of the story with the tuna fish, you came up with another charge without finding out the other side of the story.

    Then you go on to praise another Hashgacha as if they never made big mistakes. (The only difference is that once that Hashgacha Fixes a mistake, knowing full well that being a Hashgacha owned by a private individual and every store lost, he looses money; the CHK would not keep on mentioning that Hashgacha’s past mistake.)

    You then have the Chutzpah to not take seriously what the Rebbe ZY”A said regarding the Rov Shlita, that the Bais Din that the Rov was apart of will be till Moshiach comes.

    You then claim that because other Rabonim in Brooklyn say you need a filter for the water we also have to. My response to you is; we have a Rov in our Kehilah for a reason.
    Do you have a filter on your mouth just in case an insect comes your way?

    Your disregard for the election of the new Rabonim puzzles me. If you have a problem with the CHK wouldn’t it become a better Hashgacha with the democratically elected new Rabonim who are experts in Halacha?

    You mentioning about the story of the fish is not right for the owner of the fish store. If you wouldn’t mix in, perhaps the owner would come up with some sort of compromise with the CHK.

  • 18. A Kosher consumer wrote:

    Reb Dov, You keep on stating the same false premise which I have responded to previously. There is no such thing as THE Rov in our Kehila. The Rebbe spoke of the Beis din as a Unit and not of THE rov. Horav Ozdoba Shlita is but one Rov in our Beis Din(who I do not have anything against him personally, just against the hooligans around him who manipulate him), and you are totally ignoring that Horav Shwei shlita HAS the right to disagree with him. So if one Rov in our Kehila says filter and the other one says you dont need to , but there wouldnt be anything wrong with being machmir, than I have nothing to lose by being machmir. And when I add the 40 or so Rabonim from all over ny that mandate filtering the water, than i think that strongly tilts the balance in favour of filtering in our kehila. As for my disregarding the election , that is because they were NOT democratically elected as you well know and has been explained many times over by various commentators on this informative website. Had they been elected democratically and by consensus I would be the first to welcome them as I look forward to getting beyond our stalemate in our situation. Please, enough with the sarcasm. The only filter one needs to put on ones mouth is the one that filters demagoguerie and sinas chinom.

  • 19. Reb Dov wrote:


    1) What Hidurim are you referring to when you say that it is not practiced today?

    2) I would think that if someone wants to be involved in a Hashgacha he would try to work peaceful with the Rav Hamachshir and not publicly embarrass insult and harass the Rov Shlita.

  • 20. A kosher consumer responds wrote:

    The standards that were dropped are too numerous to enumerate here without embarrassing the Rav hamachshir who you continue to erroneusly refer to him as the Rov Shlita thus ignoring my 2 previous answers. Therefore it seems to me that no matter what you will never be convinced. As far as trying to work peacefully with the Rav Hamachshir to correct things , Im in full agreement with you on that matter. However your complaint is misdirected. You need to speak to Yossi Brook who always prefers confrontations and open fights , rather than peaceful solutions.


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