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Bochrim from the Gerer Yeshiva Visit The Ohel

A group of 70 Bochrim from the Gerer Yeshiva came to the Ohel to daven and farbreng with the Rebbe’s Mazkir Rabbi Leibel Groner.

Rabbi Groner spoke for two hours about the Rebbe’s Sichos on Peisach-Sheiney, and the special connection between the Rebbes of Chabad and Ger.

The Rosh Yeshiva requested of Rabbi Groner that the Bochurim could ask questions in writing.

Two of the Talmidim introduced themselves as being the grandson and great grandson of the Rosh Yeshiva of 770, Harav Hagoen Reb Yisroel Piekarsky OBM.

More pictures in the Extended Article!


  • 3. Moishe / Eretz Yisroel wrote:

    Nuuuu…. and???
    Webby, I am sorry to tell you but you started this article like a juicy story and left me in a blank right in the middle. If you can please append this story and tell us more of what happened. These two bochurim how did they end up in Gur?

  • 4. Familiar wrote:

    Rabbi Pikarsky had a number of children, only one is in Lubavitch. The other chidren are in Ger. Rabbi Pikarsky although a CHOSIS of the Rebbe to full maening of the word, was a Talmid Muvhok of the Avnei Neizer.

    Thank you fo for this news item.

  • 5. Was there wrote:

    The article covers the story quite well. The Bochrim came to the Ohel for Peisach-Sheiney. The Rosh Yeshivah called Rabbi Groner to farbreng with this group.

    He spoke about Peisach-Sheiney adding the flavor of the Rebbes Sichos.

    There was a request for questions, but being bashful, they asked to write their requests.

    Rabbi Groner took “10 shielos”. The topics of discussion were, the relationship between the Rebbe and the Admurei Ger and the Rebbes holy daily avoide.

    Rabbi Groner spoke eloquently and prefaced his comments by saying, that there are things in the category of “ SOYDES FUN CHIEDER”.

  • 6. Nachman wrote:

    Moishe – what do you mean "how did they end up"?

    Piekarsky was not a Lubavitcher Chosid.

  • 8. MOSHIACH HAS GOT TO COME!!! wrote:

    im’ extremely impresseed!! what made ger’er chasidim come to the ohel??


  • 9. everyoneisachassid wrote:

    thanks for the article. the alter rebbe has said long ago that chassidus is for klal yisroel and not just for a select few.

  • 10. Itzik_s wrote:

    Only one of Rav Piekarski’s children is in Lubavitch? Who are R’ Ephraim Piekarski, Yossi Piekarski from Tel Aviv, and Mrs Shterna Sara Marzel? His children or his grandchildren or related some other way?

  • 11. In the know wrote:

    Rabbi Piekarski had only one son who is Lubavitch, Simcha, the others are Ger. The other Piekarski’s (Ephraim, zissel, Abba , Yossi ) are not related.

  • 12. rosh yeshiva wrote:

    its a dif piekarsky no connnection. the sons name is simche he llives on montgomery st.

    the rosh yeshiva Rav yisroel yitzchok was a sochatchover he wosnt lubavitch but he was botel betachlis to the rebbe.

    he wrote th sefer chikrey halocho on the alter rebbes shulchan oruch


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