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Brazen Mugging on Montgomery and Albany

At 1:45 this afternoon a resident of 742 Montgomery St., a large apartment building, was mugged in the elevator. The woman in her late fifties had entered the elevator followed by a black male around 19 years of age, she selected the floor she lives on and the perp selected the second floor, upon arriving on the second floor the perp grabbed the woman’s purse and ran out of the elevator.

The woman yelled that she was robbed and alert Bochurim that were in the area began to chase the perp down Montgomery St. towards Kingston Ave. screaming behind him ‘Chaptzem!’ which alerted store owners to the chase and brought them out. One store owner that came running out managed to grab the mugger on the corner of Crown and Kingston.

The police were then called and they responded immediately with over 10 cars and arrested the suspect and the victim was brought around along with the Bochurim who chased the perp to identify him, and the all positively identified him.

More pictures in the Extended Article!


  • 2. impressed wrote:

    Great coverage webby as usual!

    I like the last mugshot picture! Let us know who to look out for.

    It’s good to know that bochurim and the shopkeepers still cared enough to chase and grab this perp, and that the cry of ‘chaptzem’ is still heeded when needed.

    Thank you in the name of all CH residents to everyone who helped out today to catch this criminal including the bochurim, shopkeepers, and the NYPD, Thank You!

  • 3. Itzik_s wrote:

    BH someone was able to catch this louse. The question is how long will he be removed from the streets, and I fear the answer is somewhere from not at all to 90 days.

  • 5. Happy wrote:

    Am very Happy for the lady, that guys really chased him

    Finally Acdus!!!!!!!!

  • 8. Anne Onymus wrote:

    how many more are there out there.. it reminds me of when my apt was infested with mice each time we caught one of a hundred mice we rejoiced…but that was only one, the rest kept coming back…

    At least it’s a good begining, and I hope that other potential criminals are reading this and learning that they can get caught…

  • 9. a neighbour wrote:

    again something happened in the same building what next G-D forbid

  • 10. CROWNHEIGHTSER wrote:


  • 11. Crown & Kingston wrote:

    Everyone get a good look at this guy!

    Great job, achdus, etc
    Great coverage, hopefully we don’t need any more

  • 12. Moishe / Eretz Yisroel wrote:

    Sad circumstances but all the good bochurim and storekeepers deserve a GROISS YASHER KOIACH.
    This is mamesh a Kiddush HaShem that people care for each other.

  • 13. Chani wrote:

    AYA we finally got one mugger I hope he relized he cant mess with us.

  • 15. Nochum wrote:

    What do you think about publishing and posting this picture all over crown heights?
    (In the olden days (Russian Shtetl) the community would lock a perp up in public to be ridiculed by all of the community… quite a deterrent – having to face the community you attempted to destroy.)

  • 16. Ben Ploni wrote:

    20 yrs ago there were no mug shots on the web, baruch hashem for the Internet.

  • 17. Resident wrote:

    Good Job to all involved. Let him tell his friends. I hope the lady cooperates with the DA.

  • 18. Israeli Soldier (Chabadnik) wrote:

    Its BS that the cops dame with ten cars when we need they dont show up when its something small they come with everything they have so they can look like theire doing something. its pathetic.

  • 19. Suggestion wrote:

    Hasn’t this building been target recently with other incidents? Perhaps the cops should increase the surveillance on that corner.

  • 21. ok with colored wrote:

    this is all very good very nice
    hope next time we will be that lucky

    as far as CROWNHEIGHTSER wrote:
    i live in a building 85% colored people and 65% of the time i go up with my colored naighbors in the elevatores its part of life!

    you should know most of them are quite freindly

  • 22. ISAAC wrote:


  • 23. Agree! wrote:

    I absolutely agree with Nochum. Plaster these pictures over Crown Heights and let everyone know what these criminals did. Maybe it will deter some future muggers because they don’t want their picture up.

  • 24. out of towner wrote:

    ANOTHER ONE?!?!?!?!?!?!?! this is getting to be crazy why cant the police just stop them once and for all!!!! then life would be soo much easier and safer

  • 25. think about it wrote:

    The JEWISH buildings have become hangouts for drug dealers becuase the know the cops wont check there….

  • 26. 742 Montgomery wrote:

    There were TWO ROBBERIES AND ONE MUGGING in this building this week.
    No one with any sort of authority gives a hoot.
    Harlem, BedStuy and E. New York look safe paradises compared to what is occuring in our shchuna!
    Besuros Toivos.

  • 27. hashfanatic wrote:

    Now isn’t this a much more logical way of going about things, rather than the posturing, the pepper sprays, the firepower?

    Hasn’t the same situation been corrected without having had to have sold out your principles and your conscience?

  • 28. Mendy wrote:

    I think all this bad news needs to be counterbalanced with an equal amount of good news. Since I started reading this site, I have started carrying a weapon with me when I go out.

    Not that we should deny or censor what’s happening, but we should include the positive too. More people are moving into Crown Heights than ever, the community is bigger than ever, and more positive things are happening than ever, despite the crime. Webby, let’s hear more of that side of Crown Heights more often! Otherwise, keep up the great work.

  • 29. resident wrote:

    Hey Isaac, the elected officails put out a paper in shulls last week that bh the electons are over now they will be working on the crime… blablablaba!!!

    waiting to see what happans.
    still waiting…
    and waiting…

    the time is now to start taking matters in our own hands
    as soon as this happens fully in our comunity and there are a few BIG stories on how we take care of our selfs
    then the elected people will realize that unless they start doing something they will be out of a job, or the elections will come up and since people will need to show they have the power they will try and attent to do it in time to get elected

    hey did any one notice the cameras on the shains shul the allyway… very nice!

    if enogh people do that in hot spots around crown heights we will end up with nice stuff

  • 30. mug shots wrote:

    webby i think you should have page just of the face’s of this perp its good for all to see

  • 31. A different out of towner wrote:

    The suggestion to plaster this guys pic all over town is great!! But instead of simply talking on the web about it someone PLEASE PLEASE DO IT!

  • 32. hashfanatic wrote:

    In buildings such as that one, that are under attack, it is ESSENTIAL that a united front be put up….report ANYTHING and everything to the precinct, and try to take the time to ride up or down with someone alone in an elevator, even if it should take an extra few minutes…

    Report ANYTHING that looks suspicious. The cops will have no clue where to go otherwise.

    Don’t be bashful-looking. Be confident and assertive.

  • 33. out of towner wrote:

    i never knew ch was such a target!!
    EVERYONE should really only walk in groups!

  • 34. chaya wrote:


    what does putting pictures up have to do with anything??

  • 35. sad but true wrote:

    criminals are like animals if you show you are scared thay bite

  • 36. lessons wrote:

    A few months ago (about 8) there was a fight with a few jews and a few goyim.
    someone called the cops and said the jews have knifes, about 28 cop cars showed up in 20 seconds or less.
    same thing here a jew said he was holding a black person 12 cop cars showed up in less then a minute.
    Lesson: if you need the cops tell them either you have knife at a balck person or you are holding one and they will be there quite fast.

  • 37. a ch citizen that cares wrote:

    this is just another example whay we should all support installing live-cameras thruout the community to monitor problem/buildings and intersections and help stop-crimes!

  • 38. BOY wrote:

    the police are nuts when we need 2 cars like now the police come with 10 when we need 10 they don’t come

  • 39. ME wrote:

    the summer is coming up and they are getting worst and worst…CAN SOME ONE DO SOMETHING ABOUT?

  • 40. Talk Real wrote:

    I think i get it! When there is a REALLY not good thing happening, 1 cop comes to check out the crime scene…and when someone gets mugged – about 20 cops. Does this mean anything to you?

    Also (to nochum and whoever else wrote the same thing) – What are pictures of him going to do? He’s already in Jail!

  • 41. Nina wrote:

    Your comment is disgusting and offensive. I am African American… or what "ok with colored" would call "colored" (what world do you live in?). I am moving to your neighborhood next week and I hope that if I happen to see you in the street you will not be afraid because of the color of my skin. Please get a grip. I think it’s necessary if you plan to keep living in Crown Heights among "shvartze" like myself.

  • 42. A Crown Heights Resident wrote:


    Don’t worry, we won’t be afraid of you. For some reason, I think you’ll blend in well to our basically, peaceful, community. We welcome you to our community, Nina!!

    Nina, you object to our calling that young man a "schvartze" or "colored man." What should we call him? A disaffected, African American youth?

    Let’s call a spade a spade. Let’s not worry about "pc" expressions. He’s a low life, and it has been our experience in Crown Heights that the low lifes have been of color, sad to say. In our vernacular, we refer to such people as "schvartzes." When I hear these young men refer to themselves it’s "niggers." So far, we have NOT stooped to their level of language. Believe me, "schvartze" is much more honorific than the "n" word.

    For your information, we refer to ourselves as Yidden or Jews. I hear your people referring to us as "Jew Man." I don’t get so upset. So be it. When you meet me on the street, Nina, you can say "shalom aleichem Reb Yid" and I’ll tip my hat to you, young lady.


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