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3rd Thru 5th Grade Gather For Massive Lag BaOmer Rally

At 11:00 the sky was still murky and it was raining, preventing the annual Lag BaOmer rally to take place in front of 770, instead over 1000 children from the 3rd Thru 5th Grade grade packed into the Bais Medrash of Oholei Torah Zal for a fun filled program including music and stories with Chaim Fogelman and a Magic Act by a talented Illusionist.

More pictures in the Extended Article!

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  • 1. Rabbi Menachem M. Shagalov wrote:

    Binyamin WOW! What a macaya to see another job well done, May you go from strength to strength with success in all your endeavors.

  • 2. Parent wrote:

    Third grade also. Grate pictures. This is the Zal they use for the R’ Michoel’s kids minion on shabbos. It spacious and every kid has his own little table to daven on, so they daven better.

    Thanks to the new yeshiva that opened, Oholai Torah/Menachem can no longer thum thier noses at everyone anymore.

  • 5. MAZEL TOV wrote:

    did Tzivos Hashem get A sale on sprite because by this rally & the one in 770 every one is drinking sprite


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