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Last Kaddish for Reb Shimshon Stock OBM

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — This afternoon at Mincha was the last time Benjy Stock recited Kaddish after the passing of his father Reb Shimshon Stock OBM, and as is customary friends and family sat down for a Farbrengen in this honor.

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  • 1. Chani in LB wrote:

    May your father be a gutteh better for all of us, and may your Shimshon grow up to be a paragon like his namesake, and continue his legacy in all beautiful manners. Here’s to simchos and nachas from now on!

  • 2. fraida p wrote:

    Shimshon you will never really be gone and neither will Martha you both will live on in all you have done and will do for others i miss your smile and phone calls and think of you everyday i pass your house on my way home from work may we all make you happy by living each day helping others in anyway we can i love and miss you

  • 3. Rosey wrote:

    We should all learn from the sekfless deeds of both Shimshon and Martha,
    may they rest in Peace. Their whole
    life was dedicated to helping others.
    And they did it with Zeirius and Humbleness. From their humble home as an office, countless families and individuals were able to make Shabbos, Yom
    Tov and Chassanas because of their great
    work without fanfare and Chinese Auctions.
    May we as Lubavitchers continue this Holy work each in his or her own way.

    As is says, each good deed and kindness,
    brings Moshiach closer.

  • 5. mf wrote:

    shimshon and martha obm were both such amazing ppl they made 2 of my sisters’ shidduchim and also my parents shidduch, may they live 4ever in olam haba

  • 6. A Morah wrote:

    Shimshon lives through his Son and grandchildren. His son Benji is a true example of selflessness and complete devotion to a Bais Rivkah.
    Yassher koach. keep up the legacy and the good work!

  • 7. A concerned jew wrote:

    Another great pillar of the community who always had a smile on his face & a good word to say.He may be gone but he definitely will not be forgotten! I ‘ll always remember him climbing on top of the benches in 770 before Farbrengens shouting
    “Chevra Simchas Shabbos V’yomtov Get your money ready Give or take” of course everybody gave with a smile & without regret!! I am sure you are Together with The Rebbe helping bring the Geula to a physical Realty!!!


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