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Fire Injures Worker at Mobile Gas Station

A fire broke out at the Mobile gas station on the corner of Empire Blvd. and New York Ave. in Crown Heights, injuring one of the workers employed there.

The incident occurred at around noon, when a fire broke out in the service bay area of the station.

One of the employees dragged the burning item outside, likely saving the building from burning down, but injuring himself in the process.

The worker suffered serious burns to his hands and torso, and was treated at the scene by EMS. The fire was quickly extinguished by the FDNY.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time, and is the subject of an investigation.

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  • 1. Larry wrote:

    Benny Benny The amount of money he ripped off for me The stories that previous mechanics told me when they work in that you wants the collect from insurance and finally sell the property

    • 2. agree wrote:

      simple scam you have a brand new lease according to NYS law you dont pay the full price for inspection for the first 2 years this guy would charge everyone the full amount. most people dont know and pay the full price. he also steals CC info and so on.

      Im sure this was to file a claim with insurance.

    • 3. "Mordy" wrote:

      Ah, shut up. Loshon Hara’s no good! Especially when its slanderous! I happen to know it was accidental! Grow up, at least saichel-wise.

  • 4. resident wrote:

    Hashem yeracheim if this place closes down and turns into condos for yuppies. Don’t be surprised, stop our neighberhood from destruction. We need this gas station. Every other was bought out

  • 7. scam artists wrote:

    This is the same gas station that scammed our cc for thousands of $. I never go back there#!

  • 9. unlocked buses wrote:

    no more williamsburgers grabbing our properties. enough is enough.

    Try buying in williamsburg

  • 11. resident wrote:

    Shell is closed for a new development. Don’t let williamsburgers buy this place !!! Stop it now, let’s form a group. Our community is on fire! !!!


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