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Fire on Lincoln Place

Erev Shabbos a fire broke out at 835 Lincoln Pl between New York Ave and Nostrand Ave on the first floor. FDNY got the call for heavy smoke in the area which was visible and smelled all the way to Kingston Ave and responded with 2 ladder trucks 4 engines and two battalion chiefs and had the fire out in under 11 minutes.

More pictures in the Extended Article.


  • 1. CROWN HEIGHTS wrote:

    these guys are amazing. NY FIRE DEPARTMENT KEEP UP THE SUPER JOB

    -Crown Heights

  • 3. Led wrote:

    May G-D protect us from any suffering. Can someone count how many fire there were this past year in Crown Heights?
    Thank G-D for the number one emergency responders in NYC, the FDNY.

  • 4. Ich macht a flood wrote:

    2 old jews sitting on a beach in miami
    one says to the other

    nu so what do you do?
    he replied i had a company, ich macht a fire, collected insurance now im retired…

    then the jew asked the other, nu so what do you do.

    he replied, i had a company, there was a hurricane, i colected insurance and retired…

    a few min. of silence and the other jew asked!


  • 5. CN wrote:

    It was LINCOLN PLACE, NOT LINCOLN ROAD. Lincoln Place, where the fire happened, is one block north of Eastern Parkway. Lincoln Road is a different street on the other side of town, several blocks to the south of Empire Boulevard.

  • 8. Anonymous wrote:


    You’re right, I corrected the article!


    You better hope there is ‘a million’ people for a small fire!

    sorry for them:

    No it was not a Jewish owned home.

  • 9. Dan wrote:

    Fires can be caused by mother nature just like hurricanes. Those are some good pics also, i was wondering if you could send me some of those pics?

  • 10. Rob wrote:

    Would you rather have a million people for a fire or not enough people? Stop complaining


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