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Cold Matzah Ovens Cause Alarm

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — After turning on the ovens this Motzoai Shabbos in the Matzah Bakery on Albany Avenue the block filled with thick smoke and the strong stench of fire.

FDNY was called and responded but after meeting the owner it quickly became clear that the smoke was due to the oven being cold and there was no need for any activity on the firefighter’s behalf.


  • 2. Fed UP wrote:

    just close this matzah bakery down already please. its becoming pitiful to even step foot into.

  • 3. awacs wrote:

    “And, after checking the entire place for ‘unneeded’ valuables and money, they left.”

  • 5. Albany Avenue Windows wrote:

    I live right across the street and the smell is there, on schedule, every Motzei Shabbos. It’s something you learn to live with, and not call 911 about.
    A piece of advice: If you smell fire on a Motzei shabbos and you are anywhere in the vicinity of the bakery, please first look up. The chimney clearly informs you of the situation inside. After, if still in doubt, by all means, call the fire department. It still IS better to be safe than sorry.

  • 6. mc wrote:

    i wonder how a tiny narrow bakery can be strickly kosher if its so tiny and out dated…cant lubavitch get a huge state of the art bakery arent anash/shluchim/mekaravim the biggest matzah consumers.? sell the palce and open a state of the art bakery that is takeh mehadrin…r.tennenbaum think out of the box!!!!a


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