ULY Shabbos Mevarchim Tehillim in 770

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — For the 5th consecutive Shabbos Mevarchim this year, the Lubaitcher Yeshivah, under the directorship of Rabbi Y. Simpson, has organized and sponsored Tehillim with farbaissen for the boys of Crown Heights. The organizers say they are not yet satisfeid with the attendance, although anywhere from 70 to 90 boys do attend. The Tehillim is recited in the front of 770 under the Veiber Shul.

“The Frierdiker Rebbe writes that Tehillim on Shabbos Mevarchim is what is going to guarantee our future; what better way to do it than with our youth” commented a proud parent.

Children of grades 1 through 7 are all encouraged to attend. There is separate seating for different age levels and boys are encouraged to recite Tehillim accourding to their abillity. The Chayolei Beis Dovid, (8th Grade) of the Lubavitcher Yeshiva were very active in organizing and preparing this as well as having their own group for Tehillim.

Some Yeshivas even follow up with a raffle for all the boys who say Tehillim with a minyan, the Lubavitcher Yeshivah, this week will be raffling off personal Tehillims, with the Winners name imprinted on the cover.


  • 1. john wrote:

    what could be better then to say tehillim together with tinokos shel bais rabban! chassidim! temmimim! they should run the tehillim we should join them

  • 4. best in the class wrote:

    The WWTC makes a big raffle with lot of prizes but i don’t know anyone who ever won anything. Our Yeshiva encorages us to get out of bed and say tehilim with a minyin in shul and it makes us feel important like we belong in 770 there is even someone from the yeshiva saying tehilim with us rabbi karp and shmuly terk an everyone gets a cupcake which i don’t know if it helps but at least it’s something and than by the raffle the winner is always someone i know Hopefuly this time its going to be me.


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