Local Mechanic Surprises Neighborhood by Plowing Sidewalks

Over a foot of thick and heavy snow greeting New Yorkers on the first day of spring, and after a steady snowfall throughout the day many residents and neighborhood merchants awoke to find that many of the avenues’ sidewalks were already plowed.

by CrownHeights.info

When Zalman Raksin, owner of Post-Mark It on Kingston Avenue, arrived at work early Thursday morning he realized that many of the sidewalks were already cleared. “I had no idea who did it, but I will say that it was a very kind and thoughtful gesture,” he said.

Expecting a difficult walk to work, Raksin and many other neighborhood residents were instead greeted with the sight of many sidewalks having already been cleared.

Behind this “stunt” – as he called it – was local resident and business owner Aron Hershkop, who spent part of his early morning behind the wheel of his plow truck and cleared many of the sidewalks before most of the neighborhood awoke.

“It’s about time we start recognizing each other and removing the divisions and go back to the beginnings of civilization,” Hershkop said, “[as a community] let’s get rid of alternate side parking and get rid of the dirty streets. Let’s educate the younger generation by leading by example and showing what it takes to build a community and invest in where we live.”

Hershkop said he received an outpouring of gratitude from people who guessed it was him, “look at what I accomplished, just one man on one plow, look how many people I had a positive influence on,” he said, adding that this is what neighbors do for one another and hopes that we can all go back to really being neighbors.

Zalman Raksin filmed his walk to work:


  • 2. Aaron rocks!! wrote:

    Aaron (aka leli) is a true example of being a great neighbor, he has always been a true example for our community to step up to plate, he should be invited to our schools to give workshops in many exciting activities such as mechanics gardening that our teens and bochrin can benefit from.
    Thank you

  • 3. i noticed the side walks looked great! wrote:

    thank you so much!
    it was so kind of you!!
    something felt different while walking today in the streets…
    May you be blessed!

  • 5. Aron Hershkop wrote:

    One of the few in this community who is willing to lift a finger to help someone.
    A true Gem.
    Thanks for your wonderful work
    With wishes to you for a Chag Kosher Vsameach

  • 6. CM wrote:

    I also noticed that my walk to work was much easier, thank you Aron!! This is what makes us a community – doing things for each other.

  • 7. CM wrote:

    I also noticed that my walk to work was much easier, thank you Aron! This is what makes us a community – doing things for each other.

  • 9. F.S. wrote:


    Thank you, from a grateful C.H. resident.

    this is the kind of story we should make a fuss about – true ahavas Yisrael.

  • 10. Thank you to another too wrote:

    and another good Samaritan (maybe hispanic fellow) also cleared sidewalks on some side streets with a snow blower that he pushed manually.
    Did someone hire him? or did he do this on his own?

  • 12. Mother with a double stroller wrote:

    Thank you for making it much easier for us to walk the sidewalks today!

  • 13. thank you wrote:

    i walk to shul at 5:55 am and just thought this is one of the nicest thing someone did for crown heights.

  • 15. Yankel Goldstein wrote:

    Aron Hershkop is better than good . Places community and friendship above all . Where have you heard of a person as the snow is falling , in the early morning hours without being asked goes and plows his community to make it easier to walk after a major snowfall . A real Mentsch and Ohav Yisroel .

    Yankel Goldstein

  • 16. Anonymous wrote:

    I am speechless! For me it was like a miracle! I thought I was going to have to trek to work in piles of snow, but when I woke up and went to work my heart was full of gratitude! Whoever did this in less you that you should live until 120

  • 17. wow, heart touching wrote:

    wish crown heights was the way that our parents and grandparents speak about. with real caring and heart felt companship. with real neighbors that actually care and have friendship with… this is really heart touching and theres hope!

  • 18. Out of towner wrote:

    Now, maybe the community can organize to pay him to plow the sidewalks in future storms! Maybe something organized by chjcc?!? One man on a plow can save hundreds of people( and their backs )much effort and make the steeets safe and walkable for all

  • 19. yaser koach wrote:

    thank you very very much ,mehem iru vechein yaase ,sechus horabim, tizku lemitzvos


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