JLI Courses Now Being Offered in Crown Heights

In response to many requests from local residents, JLI courses are now being offered in Crown Heights in partnership with local shuls and organizations. Over 1,400 Shluchim have been offering the inspiring and transformative JLI courses in their communities for years and Crown Heightsers have been asking “Lama Nigorah?: Why should we be deprived”?

The current course, “Communication: Its Art and Soul,” distills wisdom from Torah and Chassidus and couples it with the latest developments in psychological research to find the secrets to healthy and effective communication to be better spouses, parents and friends.

The course comes at an important time when technology has changed so much about the way we connect as human beings. (When was the last time you actually laughed out loud when you responded with “LOL”?)

In Chassidus, communication is more than just a tool; it is who we are. Humans are defined as communicative beings with a communicative soul. Aligning ourselves with this soul is our purpose in life.

The classes begin next week and run for six weeks. Shuls or other groups interested in offering JLI courses to their community may contact the JLI central office by email to Yisroelb@myjli.com.

Living Chassidus

Starts: Monday, 27 Shvat, Feb. 12, doors open at 7:45, program starts at 8:00
Location: Machon L’Yahadus library, 825 Eastern Parkway
To signup: https://livingchassidus.org/JLI/
For women

Beis Levi Yitzchok
Starts: Tuesday, 28 Shvat, Feb. 13, 8:00 PM
Location: Bais Levi Yitzchak, 556 Crown St
To sign up: Rabbi Mendel Lerman – 917 327 9493 or, info@blys.org
For men and women, mechitza

Beis Shmuel
Private class
For Women

Nosson’s Shul and Der Shul
Contact Sholomgoldstein@gmail.com or rabbicyw@gmail.com for more details
For men


  • 1. שאלה? wrote:

    האם צריכים לברך ברכת התורה לפני ששומעים “שיעורים” כאלו?

  • 3. Berel wrote:


    My life is now complete.

    Before we had to make do with sichos and mamorim and gemorah and as good as all that is, I’ve always felt a void, lama nigora indeed.

    I’ve seen the material and trust me: it isn’t Torah until JLI has put their hands on it. Finally, pure Torah straight from the source.

  • 4. We hit rock bottom wrote:

    A sad day for Lubavitch…when the tools we create for unafilliated hidden become necessary and even hallowed among smash, we know we have hit a new low.
    Wait for intermarriage prevention efforts in crown heights…it’s around the corner

  • 5. My Name is Sara wrote:

    If Berel is making fun, that’s not very nice. JLI classes happen to be very good, and understandable at all levels. I live in Crown Heights and I attend as many of the courses as I can, and I learn a lot.

    The source book is extremely well written. I leave it out as a coffee table book and my husband, who went through the yeshiva system, reads it and enjoys it.

    And the Retreat, which features some of the course material, is a fabulous event for everyone!!!

  • 6. shlucha wrote:

    love the crown heights peanut gallery. let’s see you try to make a torah class compelling and intelligent enough to draw in a secular crowd. and yes, JLI classes have depth and scholarship and are very inspirational. if you live in crown hts and youre steeped in maamarim and shiurim all day, you might be fine without JLI. somehow i suspect there are a good number of ppl who are not and can use the inspiration.

    • 7. Berel wrote:

      You are absolutely correct, the sichos and the mamorim and the gemorah aren’t nearly compelling or intelligent enough to draw in a secular crowd, which is exactly why the onset of Torah learning and the baal Teshuva movement and the founding of yeshivas for baalei teshuva coincides with the creation of JLI. They have generated a reawakining, bless them.

      We are very fortunate to finally have access to true Torah learning, compelling and intelligent – after all, how many times have anyone of us actually laughed out loud when writing LOL.

      It’s taken years, but finally we have a brave organization that “distills wisdom from Torah and Chassidus and couples it with the latest developments in psychological research to find the secrets to healthy and effective communication to be better spouses, parents and friends”

      It isn’t easy to distill wisdom from the Torah, I’ll grant you, but the discerning eye of JLI is up to the task.

  • 8. A yid wrote:

    Let’s ignore the trolls. Whatever more Torah we can add all the better!

    To the trolls: What have you been doing to increase Torah learning in your neighborhood?


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