Five-Story Hotel Coming to Eastern Parkway

Developers have revealed renderings for the Bedford Hotel, a five-story, 38,000-square-foot development at 1550 Bedford Avenue at the corner of Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights. The complex will be built at the site of the former Gulf gas station.

From the Brownstoner:

The developer on the project is All Year Management, which purchased the site for $7.2 million in 2014, according to property records. They are currently working on a number of projects with ODA, including 123 Melrose Street (aka 28 Stanwix Street) in Bushwick, part of the former Rheingold Brewery complex.

A central courtyard will be accessible through an exterior featuring multiple ground-floor arches, with a slanted roof and terraces above that overlook the public area.

Interior renderings show modern looking rooms with arched niches and doorways reminiscent of mid-19th century Italianate architectural details common in Brooklyn.

The arches, patio and landscaping reference “division and transition,” according to ODA’s writeup, which also says the neighborhood “continues to be a region in transition.”

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  • 4. How ugly! wrote:

    Horrible design, tiny & overcrowded rooms in that formica wood from the 70’s. 2 cockroaches can’t turn around in there!

    Is this the best they can come up with?

  • 5. Naahh wrote:

    Inside and outside design looks very disproportionate, the outside looks like wannabe Greece and the inside looks like a spaceship with zero warmth and personality. I would scrap the design and bring in the mahogany.

  • 6. Hall wrote:

    “Banquet Hall in the basement” – what is the contemplated size? Will there be a Kosher kitchen and will this compete with Oholei Menachem & Razag Halls?

  • 8. who are the developers? wrote:

    are the developers jews who care for the neighborhood? putting lower middle class people who rent out basements to cover their mortgages out of business……..who needs them??

  • 9. Resident wrote:

    Great way to price us all out! great way to now have the ”in ” crowd make the bar mitzvahs there and now no more will lubavitch yeshiva be good enough for those of us that actually save up to make a bar mitzva. Great way for our kids to hang out on the roof top bar. Thanks satmar for all that you do for us

  • 10. who are the developers? wrote:

    do they care about our neighborhood? they will be taking business away from the lower middle class in our community who rent out basements to pay their motgages… Thank G-d the rooms are really tiny and ugly..hope the jewish population doesnt use them..

    • 13. Berel wrote:

      Never heard a shilach speak in terms of serving me, it’s new generation, I suppose.

    • 14. Too Much Negativity wrote:

      Except for Rabbi Ari, these posts show much too much negativity. Obviously when he says “serve me well” he means in performing the Rebbe’s shlichus, not his personal agenda. Since when was Bedford and Eastern Parkway a Chabad or Jewish area anyway? Not in my life time. Gam zu l’tovah. An upscale hotel near 770 is a good thing.

  • 15. ahavasyisroel wrote:

    this would be great for those who want to stay in CH for shabbos/Tishrei/etc and might not feel so comfortable at Eshel or someone else’s house


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