Williamsburg Developer to Build 100-Room Hotel in CH

Williamsburg developer Yoel Schwimmer is gearing up to build a 100-room hotel at the corner of Eastern Parkway and Bedford Avenue in Crown Heights at the site of the now-shuttered Gulf gas station, according to a permit application filed Friday with the city’s Department of Buildings.


A 100-room hotel is coming to the corner of Bedford Avenue and Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights.

It’s an unusual place for a hotel, in the heart of a residential neighborhood in central Brooklyn. But the C8-2 zoning only allows commercial development, and that’s what will get built.

South Williamsburg-based developer Yoel Schwimmer has filed plans for a five-story hotel at 1548 Bedford Avenue. Its 100 rooms would be spread across just 38,302 square feet of commercial space. The first floor would have a lobby, banquet hall, and restaurant, followed by 43 hotel rooms on the second floor, 31 rooms on the third floor, and 26 rooms on the fourth floor. The top floor would offer a bar, and there would be shared terraces on the third, fourth, and fifth stories.

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  • 1. thank goodness wrote:

    Im tired of visiting and not having hotels or just one to choose.Wonder if it will be epensive

  • 2. Resident wrote:


    Lets form a group for REAL ACTION !!!

  • 3. #2 wrote:


    This is such great news.
    At least if our BIG real-estators won’t do it I’m more than pleased that anyone will.
    This is a huge PLUS for CH!!

  • 4. Hotel wrote:

    Will it be a kosher Hotel? meaning like in Boro park? kosher kitchens in hotel rooms?

  • 5. Rebbe Said Hotel In The Neighborhood Will Be Successful wrote:

    Looking Foward For a Kosher Place To stay;

  • 8. Resident wrote:

    WAKE UP !!!! what makes you think this will be a kosher hotel??????

    this will just bring more yuppies and raise rents for our poor couples already. ??????????


    • 9. Ban ban ban wrote:

      Yes we should ban it. Just like internet, smartphones and restaurants without a mechitza.

  • 11. Pedant wrote:

    Ok we need to stop blaming everybody for the bad. This guy just wants to make money and there isn’t anything immoral about making a Hotel in Crown Heights.

    We’re living in hard times, that’s for sure. But this guy, he aint G-d. We need to turn to G-d, we need to do teshuva, each man according to his his level.

    The community counsel wont redeem us, and the flippers and developers aren’t our oppressors.

    The entire world is crumbling, but we like to thinks it’s local. It isn’t. It’s systemic.

    We’ve only one on whom to rely.

  • 12. theeiruv is here wrote:

    do you only stay in kosher hotels when you travel? the sooner you accept jews everywhere else in the world live in neighborhoods with people of all colors and religions and the sooner you start acting like chasiddim of the rebbeh and doing mivtzoim ( not simply teffilin and neshek but actually inviting your new neighbors over for a Friday night meal..like shluchim all around the world do) you might realize the reason why the rebbeh wanted us here in the shchuna was to mikariv yiddin not to become more like every other closed group of chassidim..

  • 13. Schwimmer wrote:

    Will Schwimmer be making a schwimming pool for the hotel too?

  • 14. thank goodness wrote:

    I am so happy that there will be a place where those of us out-of-towners can visit without dealing with just one place that is always booked.So #2 YOU do not need to use it.Goody for you because you have a place to sleep but many of us do not.we also want to see our children and not have to be inconveniencing anyone.Hush up or open your home to everyone else-

  • 15. Malach Hamaves wrote:

    1. How dare anyone build a hotel in CH. The Rebbe was clearly against it or we would have seen written encouragement and/or investment in the idea or one would have been built YEARS ago. How can they do this without asking permission from the rabonnim of the neighborhood?

    2. Will guests in the hotel be required to sign a form that they will NOT chas veshalom carry in the Eruv on Shabbos?

    3. Will only “Anash” be allowed to stay at this hotel or will other Frum Jews also be allowed thereby running the risk of polluting the schunah and causing Lubavitch children to go off the derech en masse? This could be a tragedy! Better send some bochurim to vandalize the building site to make sure it doesn’t get off the ground.

  • 17. sounds expensive wrote:

    Think Avenue Plaza hotel in Boro Park with Manhattan room rates. That there are terraced rooms and also a bar means not for your average income person.

  • 18. cholent mit kugel wrote:

    Its a place to stay…period. Gawd! If that was there when I made a wedding..it would have saved me hours of calls..arrangements to find place for 131 first cousins and their families. Easy to make reservations on line…even in p.j.’s

  • 19. #13 wrote:

    There used to be a hotel on Crown St. where the condos are , in the old hospital building.From what I heard, iI did not always have the most righteous clientele and seemed pretty run down.

  • 20. Keesha Nateesha wrote:

    I would build a mental institution for all the nutcases in crown heights it would be madly successful


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