Politicians and Community Leaders Denounce NYPD Brutality, Call for Oversight

A press conference was held today at the Lubavitcher Yeshiva hall on Crown St., amid widespread outrage over the video released by CrownHeights.info, which shows officers from the 71st precinct beating a defenseless Jewish man at the Aliya Institute.

Attending the conference were several politicians and community leaders, including: NYS Assemblymen Dov Hikind and Karim Camara, NYC Councilwoman Letitia James, NYS Senator Eric Adams, NYC Public Advocate Bill De Blasio, NYC Comptroller John C. Liu, and Crown Heights community leaders Zaki Tamir, Chanina Sperlin and Berel Sugar.

One after another the speakers got up and denounced police brutality in general, and this incident in particular. They called upon the NYPD to fire these officers for their gross misconduct and abuse of power, and called upon the city government to appoint an independent inspector over the NYPD’s affairs.

The director of ALIYA, Rabbi Moshe Feiglin, reiterated that the victim, Ehud Halevy, had full permission to be at the center.

The victim was not present at the conference at the behest of his legal team.

The NYPD is the only Department in the New York City government that does not have independent oversight by an inspector general. A bill which seeks to change that is currently making its way through the legislature.


  • 2. much needed shake up wrote:

    Hopefully this will give the nypd especially the 71st pecinct a very well needed shake up.
    To start focussing on prevalent real crimes in Crown Heights and to stop prosecuting the easy picks who are too often innocent.

  • 3. Leah K. wrote:

    Thank you Beryl Sugar for endlessly working to make Crown Heights a safer place!

  • 5. WHOISSHMIRA.COM wrote:


    I’m not going to comment about the facts to this specific case, for I don’t know all the details.

    Looking at this from a different perspective.

    Watch now how the Mossrim Machine (CHJCC, Chanina Sperlin, Dov Hikind, Barry Sugar and Co.), are going to wake up and pretend as if they “care” for this young man.

    Why are they all of a sudden waking up, after years of silence, after years of police abuse towards the community?

    The answer is simple.

    When they had their “enforcer”, Ex-Inspector Peter Simonetti do they’re bidding by aggressively and maliciously targeting Shomrim, they were happy and couldn’t care less about what was or wasn’t happening.

    As long as the police was “on their side”, the Machine would let them get away with anything.

    But now that we have a new Inspector, an inspector which has not taken a liking to the Mesira Machine and in fact has cooperated with other factions in the community and in turn disregards the Mesira Machine, well, that’s a problem the Mesira Machine must correct.

    The case above is an opportunity for the Machine to try once again to raise to power. We must prevent them from hijacking this tragic event for they’re own personal gain!

    By the way: Assemblyman Dov Hikind does not represent the Crown Heights community. He has nothing to do here and should go home!

    Have in Mind! The Mesira Machine had this story for over a week and kept it quit, waiting to organize, make sure they get it right.

    CONFIRMED: The Machine has been pounding the upper ups against the new inspector. They are doing all they can to get him in trouble. The new inspector has kept out of trouble and is doing a fine job.

    Chanina Sperlin does not represent the Crown Heights community! Sperlin was voted out!

    Dov Hikind does not represent the Crown Heights community! He was never voted in!

    Barry Sugar does not represent the Crown Heights community!He was never voted in!

    What has any of the above done to help any of us?

  • 10. who cut the beard nicer ??? wrote:

    lets take a pol
    is Zaki cut nicer the beard or Heikind ?
    maybe Chanina the M….

  • 12. Simple man who lives in the realville wrote:

    You can’t play two sides of a coin. We can’t expect the cops to be there for us every time a tire is almost stolen yet denounce them when someone clearly resists arrest and there is minor brutality.

    Crown heights is turning into similar minority communities which all they say all day is “give me give me give me” and send their Reverends out when there is Police brutality.

    This is a FACT either police feel on top of their game and protect the streets with minor mistakes, or they feel paralyzed (by the clowns in public office) and the streets are a zoo!

    You can’t have it both ways, no business can be ran like that and neither can the NYPD.

  • 13. just saying wrote:

    maybe its a good thing that happend, otherwise we would have forgotten about zaki and chanina.

    have you heard or seen them anywhere latley, besides for a few photops?

  • 14. fyi wrote:

    it is very obvious that chanina is there to play both sides.

    he will never go against bloomeberg or the police.

    he is there to show them that he wil calm things down.

    you can see how he is looking at the politcos, and how unhappy he is.

  • 15. chanina was not elected why is he th wrote:

    wondering why chanina is there
    didnt we remove him in the last election

  • 17. inside info!! re commander of the 71st wrote:

    he has made a decision to investigate despite pressure from his hire ups to the contrary!!

    but he is perusing an investigation anyways!!

    kol hakavod!!

    we need to give credit where credit is due! we have a decent commander who has princples

  • 18. DEMONSTRATION 770 wrote:


  • 20. blazing saddles wrote:

    how sad that comments directly at nareshkeit.

    I’d stick with zaki and his trimmed beard 100 times faster than you hiding behind the computer with 100 ft beard which is basically ALL you got to show for your pathethic self.

    Shame on you for your narrow immature world views.

    Chanina yes needs maternity clothes – one of the funniest lines I have read in months.

    Bottom line – let this go after the derelict cop who embarrased the 71 precint. Such a goon does not belong on the force.

    Great coverage indeed.

  • 21. Get Sharpton involved! wrote:

    In 1999, when police fatally shot Gidone Busch in Boro Park, a Jewish resident told me that he called Sharpton’s office to give him an opportunity to, kind of, prove himself. Guess what, surprise, surprise! Sharpton and his “entourage” showed up, within the hour, and demonstrated in front of the 66th pricinct against police brutality.

  • 22. Crime ? wrote:

    Lets focus a few minutes on this story
    Fact 1 on Monday morning shmini atzeres a Jew was arrested in the Aliya
    Fact 2 Moshe Faiglin had good time next two days yom tov hakofos etc
    Fact 3 Ehud halevy was transported to Rikers Island
    Fact 4 it was not until Wednesday that Ehud was released.
    Fact 5 Moshe Faiglin and the clowns are hiding the story.
    Now lets look at the charges Ehud Halevy charged with
    Trespassing ? No
    Assaulting officrs ? No
    Harassing ? No
    Resisting arrest ? Maybe but the police had no permission to be there in the first place

    Now to the main problem :
    For a police officer to make up false charges as it very clear in this case
    It is a crime
    So all you nice police officers out there defending this action
    You are criminals.
    I would call the us attorney to start investigating every arrest ever made by this officers and free from jail so many people wrongfully charged
    All the stories are just that but the crime of the officers by making up charges is BIG


  • 23. Yitzchak wrote:

    This is not the first time that police behave this way against Yidden in C.H.

    Last year at approximately the same time, a Yid was arrested (across the street of the Lubavitcher Yeshiva on Crown Street) Right before Yom Kippur for similar reasons which was, that he disrespected the cop and got the cops out of control Ego, to behave like a pigs.

    The Vaad Hakohol, then swept it under the rug because it was right before Simchas Beis Hashoeva when they need special favors from Police.

    This cover-up by the Jewish Leadership of C.H. leads police to do more of the same.

    Crown Heights gets a lot of special favors from police, like closing the streets for Simchas Beis Hashoeva and closing the street in front of 770, extra police in front of every Shull in C.H. amd extra Police during the Kinus Hashluchim and Kinus Hashluchos, Kapores and many others.

    Must we always sacrifice an innocent Yid so that the community as a whole benefits from extra Police protection? This has been the official policy until now!

    When a Dog sees that you are afraid of him and don’t fight back and that you are on the run from the dog, the dog continues to chase you, until you put the dog in place.

    The Real question is:
    Why did the Vaak Hakohol, Chanina Sperlin and Berl Sugar and all other clowns, who live in fantasy world and “THINK” they run C.H. – Why were they silent last year, during the Erev Yom Kippur Event and all all prior police brutality, and other police wrongdoing’s in the past, of CH, untill now?

    Why did they just wake up now and where were they untill now?

    And what happened to Eli Slavin, Channina Sperlin’s “tail” who always needs to follow Chanina’s tail to stick his head (or his tail) in to every picture? Eli is mysteriously missing from all photos! Hope he is feeling OK.

  • 24. perspective 101 wrote:

    this guy clearly resisted arrest. the police officers were called by an aliya member and let in by the same aliya member. did the police officer punch the guy too many times? absolutely; this is a settlement out of court no doubt..on our tax dollars, thank you aliya for housing vagrants, which as it seems, has caused an inner conflict within your constituency, now we foot the bill. nice going!

  • 25. Realist Jew wrote:

    Not surprised. When Blacks,Hispanics and Whites scream police brutality nothing happens. It’s new to us, but not to everybody else. Welcome to the club fellow Jews.

  • 28. huh? wrote:

    Chanina sounds like he couldnt get himself out of a paper bag. Whats this guys deal?

  • 29. annon wrote:

    I don’t understand what the whole fuss of chanina and his friends are, did anyone else stand up to the plate? Why wasn’t there a demostration outside the 71st? Everyone is horofied but sitting comfortably in their recliners and watching p…

  • 30. demonstration 770 wrote:

    yes agree where was the MOSHE FEGLEIN where already does he live not to run there in his building to save a yid from those hands of chazirim. Is just a place Aliya of fights ? constantly Police is there ? don’t denie it ? so straight yr school M. Feglein.

  • 31. Loren Hart wrote:

    I’ve lived in New York City for just over a year. In that time, I have had numerous interactions with members of the NYPD. I regret that I am not surprised at all by this video. Disturbed? Yes! Surprised? No, unfortunately.

    Let’s work together to decrease this type of brutality by the NYPD, and to create a society that is better for everyone.

  • 32. to #3 wrote:

    whatever your opinion of someone, that is not a nice comment, especially in such a public way
    I hope no one ever does something like that to you

  • 33. john wrote:

    the crownheights community has to get together and make a protefost on this clear police abuse which seems to be very common. the fact that he was on rikers island four days with false accusations shows that this problem is pretty well organized and calculated with not just a minor number of officers but potentialy many who think that this could be done with no problems for them. crownheights should wake up and do something about it and maybe this could be a war cry that would shake up the police department which has so many violent police in its ranks

  • 36. Citizen wrote:

    So sad how ignorant a community can be! I am a proud woman from crown heights. The police officers from the 71 are there for everything we need as a community. The police were called into the building and the man resisted arrest. Even after physically trying to subdue him, more officers were needed to place him in cuffs. How hurt could he have gotten since he was still fighting? If this was someone else in our building we would applaud the 71 for protecting us. Stop being so ignorant amd self riotous crown heights.

  • 37. lets grow up and feel good about it wrote:

    #3, I dont think its the time to make fun of another Yid. just not appropriate for the situation,please tell us who IS doing a good job

  • 38. Chanina is not pregnant wrote:

    He’s just an obese slob with bad posture and even worse brains.

    Berel Sugar – sorry, he is a good guy. I’ve worked with him on several community issues and I am very impressed with his dedication. He does things quietly, unlike Chanina $ Dov who must get photos and write-ups every chance they can.

    My question after this touchy-feely love fest is….what next? Who is legally representing the victim? I hope it’s not Huebner or Tamir, both are useless. I hope these cops are suspended but they didn’t beat up a Black guy, only a Jew, so who cares?

  • 39. NUMBER 30 wrote:

    Number 30 you make no sense.

    please rewrite so people do not get sick reading your poor english.

  • 40. Cops must be in control wrote:

    Police by nature are aggressive that is why they sign up they want the excitement and adventure of arresting and fighting perps.

    Most cops can control this and handle situations calmly when they present themselves. Unfortunately their are some that can’t control their emotions and eventually are weeded out hopefully before they kill someone.

    We don’t want wimps running to help us but we don’t want mindless morons either there has to be a balance.

  • 41. WHO IS ZALMY TRAPPLER wrote:


  • 42. Yosef wrote:

    All of the Loshon Hora – I.E Negative Comments about any of the people ( Such as Comment #3 ) are not ok…

  • 43. Nice guy wrote:

    To 13 b.s. verbaly assaulted me in his “shop” I was shocked to see him there..

  • 44. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

    CHJCC/Chanina Sperlin/Barry Sugar and co. never do anything based on principle. Everything is politics.

    “Never let a good crises go to waste” (Rahm Emanuel)

    The corrupt cabal is (as usual) just taking advantage of this tragic event for they’re own political motives.

  • 45. to no. 3 wrote:

    so inappropriate- how old are you? to be able to make that comment one must be very insecure with oneself…i really hope you get the help you need.

  • 46. Former cop supporter wrote:

    Moishe Feiglin is left picking up the pieces and dealing with these fights because the mainstream community does not take care of these marginals.

    In many cases, parents and teachers are to be blamed for the messes Moishe and Aliya have to clean up.

    In other cases (like this one), we need to examine our open-tent policy, and refer people to professional help when necessary rather than letting them fall on Aliya’s already crowded doorstep.

    This Halevi sounds like someone who should be in drug or psychiatric treatment. Still no excuse for what the cops did, but he should not be in our dalet amos either.

  • 47. frustrated but breathin neighbor wrote:

    WOW so many dumb comments – moishe sudda done this and why did moishe not do that blabla brainless comments – he deals with this s–t on a daily/hourly basis you have no clue.

    It is so easy to sit behind a screen and kretchz!

    As for the cops – they are fine bunch – just grow up – say hello be nice – don’t double park and you’ll be fine. yes this vega cop is a dumb a– that needs to be penalized and thrown from the force – what an arrogant bast–d – too bad – but it says nothin for the 71.

    Who eever REALLY lives in the hood knows they are ok baaaaad apples in every bunch.

    ok all those with no jobs please leave the computer and go to work or get help NOW.

    Moish F thanks for taking car of some of our diaatvantaged kids.

  • 48. were-s sharpton wrote:

    where’s sharpton,
    chanina, this would be a great chance to make friends with Al Sharpton..

  • 49. Dr. Ercegovac wrote:

    I am Chairman of the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma, Zagreb,Yugoslavia, where Dr. Trappler has been a visiting lecturer, and was staying with the Trappler`s over the last days of the Jewish Holiday. I am newly observant and was sent to recruit Dr. Trappler`s assistance in a multinational research study on “the effects of trauma on ageing”.
    It is well-established in the community of trauma specialists, that Dr. Trappler is one of the world`s most prominent experts in research in this field.
    When he was not learning, he was seeing patients. They were all geriatric, he saw them in his home-office, usually at night, and I am aware that he doesn’t charge for his services.
    The comment that he colludes with parents to “drug-up” their kids is quite bizarre, as he does not treat adolescents; most of his patients are over 70.
    Not once did I see him eat or sleep.
    My wife and I were profoundly moved that such a person still exists.
    This visit has inspired my wife and I to become more observant.
    The comments made about him is what weakens my belief.

  • 50. Rabbi Gary Moskowitz wrote:

    You are welcome to show it publicly

    As a former NYC Police Officer and police tactical trainer here and in Israel the NYPD should be ashamed over the abysmal instruction they give to police officers. There is virtually no restraint tactics training where an officer can become proficient leading them no other choice to do nothing or abuse their authority as in this case and then falsify charges against the victim. The fact that the victim was from an ethnic background didn’t help matters any. Over the years during my career I have had to physically intervene on many occassions to restrain police officer from beating up not only suspected perpetrators but other cops they did not like as well. As the second orthodox Jew on the force at the time I wore a kipa and was off on Shabbat. I personally was attacked on several occassions by other cops while I was both in and out of uniform. The first time I was attacked when I was a recruit in the police academy and no supervisor would stop it – so that was the first time I knocked someone unconcious – another cop. I didn’t think they needed to know that I competed on the USA Macabiah Karate Team and that at the time I held a third degree black belt in Ju-Jitus and Karate and now a seventh dan.

    That cop learned a lesson and there were others that needed further tshuva instruction over the years that I voluntarily provided.

    I have testified at three city, state and federal hearings on the subject matter including the Sean Bell fiasco.

    Now finally some in the Jewish community are waking up. Now you know what our Black and Latino brothers have being going through for the last couple of generations. Where are all the Jewish leaders who complain when Jews are attacked but not around when others are abused? In every forum that I have spoken about this and testified at legislative proceedings over the last 20 years I have never met or seen any representatives from any Jewish organizations. We shouldn’t have to wait until it comes to our doorstep.
    Let’s show our humanity and put an end to this.
    We need an inspector general and professional physical and emotional training for our officers. Firing the cop who did the battering will not help much. The brass responsible for the training need reassingment – to retirement.

    Rabbi Gary Moskowitz Director Mercaz Tzedek 917-916-4681 Gavriael@aol.com


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