Jewish Driver Saved from Mob After Striking Black Child

On Tuesday evening, Shomrim received an urgent call that a heated dispute had broken out between a large crowd of African-Americans and a few Jews, and that the situation was deteriorating and rapidly descending into chaos.

The incident, which occurred on the corner of Albany and East New York Aves., alongside Hamilton-Metz Park, unfolded when the Jewish driver of a vehicle accidentally struck a young African-American teenager riding a bicycle, lightly injuring him.

In a scene reminiscent of the incident that sparked the infamous 1991 riots, a large crowd of African-Americans – from young children to elderly grandparents – surrounded the vehicle and began to hurl accusations and epithets at the handful of Jews inside the car.

The insistence of the driver that he crossed the intersection on a green light only contributed to the rising tensions, as the crowd contradicted his claim and insisted that the opposite was true.

When the Shomrim volunteers arrived at the scene, they immediately called for police backup, and then sought to diffuse the situation by calmly explaining to the crowd that arguing about what happened was futile, and they would be better off giving witness statements to police as to what occurred.

Police arrived at the scene shortly thereafter and took control of the situation. They ordered the crowd to back away from the vehicle, and took statements from several witnesses for an accident report. The driver of the vehicle was not charged.

When the report was completed, police and Shomrim escorted the vehicle and its occupants to safety.

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  • 2. Was there wrote:

    The incident took place on Monday evening not on Tuesday. Also I would not call it a mob but it was certainly a tense scene with angry screaming towards the Jewish driver. Than shomrim arrived and the tension went down although there was still some hostile pedestrians At the scene. The police came within a few minutes after shomrim and they did a nice job taking charge of the scene.

  • 3. Racial tension wrote:

    Racial tensions are sky high and can be set off by the slightest thing. Welcome to the obamanation.
    I wont be surprised if something serious happens.

  • 4. Wow wrote:

    To bad these guys can’t read. Otherwise they would know that in the past 3 months there at least 5 serious accidents which invoved African American drivers (in two of the cases the drivers were drunk) and seriously hurt white pepole.

    Which as is normal did not result in any rioting or any other types of disobedience.

    The African American leadership better start getting control of there community and fast. The blaming of slavery and racism can only last just do long.

    • 5. wow, really wrote:

      Too bad, you can’t write or spell properly.

      From reading the article, there was no mention of anyone blaming slavery and racism.

    • 6. Mike wrote:

      Yes, blaming of slavery and racism can only last about as long as blaming of anti-semitism and the holocaust.

  • 7. when it happened in my block... wrote:

    An African American woman was killed on our block by an african american driver….I didn’t even see one person protesting…..they actually stood around watching the scene and some even took belongings that had been thrown from the vehicle…..what a different scene when a yid is the one who hits someon e by mistake…

  • 8. nothing changed wrote:

    its outrages that accidents, that (unfortunately) happen pretty often, with Jews being hit quite a number of times by African Americans, becomes an excuse for anti Semitic members of the African American community to turn this in to a black vs Jew incident.
    its time that Jewish community members speak up,not to be silent let visiting politicians the media know about this troubling incident,and the general environment in our community, including knockout attacks and all anti Semitic incidents.

  • 9. What ? wrote:

    What would happen if the people were switched around,,,,the African American hit the Jewish boy. Would the Jews start reacting the same way? I think if they did, they would be demonized. So either way,the Jews would be in the wrong. What a sad revelation! Sometimes we just (injustly) can’t win!

  • 12. ok wrote:

    sorry for everyone involved, and sorry for the response from the afro-american crowd. Tragic, but do they know what the word ACCIDENT means? Do they care? Whats more important, that they attack, or that they care and pray for the child and the child’s family. Where are their leaders with solid healthy values???

  • 13. I do not understand wrote:

    Why put it the realm of race or religion in the first place? What if an African American hit a Jew? Would Jews start protesting and all of that? Anyway, there are African American Jews, so what will happen in THAT scenario? It is outside of logic that anyone would make this a racist issue! It’s like there’s a ticking time bomb, and almost anything involving a white Jew that is remotely OR significantly negative will result in aggressive behavior on the part of the non Jew! It’s very sad and hurtful. Leaders in the Black community should lead toward logic and understanding. Please!

  • 14. I do not understand either wrote:

    The story here is that a driver struck a teenager. Why are you martyrizing the driver simply because he’s Jewish? He made a mistake — luckily not a fatal one — and should suffer the consequences, as bicyclists (less so) and pedestrians (always) have an explicit right of way.

    • 15. Milhouse wrote:

      No, pedestrians and cyclists do NOT have right of way. Pedestrians and cyclists who think they own the road are a menace to drivers and to themselves.

      And why is it relevant that the cyclist was a teenager? I don’t care whether he was 8, 18, or 80, he did not have the right of way, and the accident was his fault.

  • 16. mendy wrote:




  • 17. Yossel wrote:

    I agree with #13 “Mendy.” Further, how many Jewish children have been hit by Colored drivers, and not a peep out of anyone in our community.

    The sooner we stop acting like wimps to the Colored community and the city government, including the cops, the less tensions and problems we will experience.

    Our community acts as Israel does; we’re afraid to offend everyone else, so we take all the garbage that the city and our non-Jewish neighbors dish out to us.

  • 19. Martyrizing? wrote:

    No one made the driver a martyr. All just said that the situation does not warrant a hole group of people getting aggressive toward him because he’s Jewish! The same behavior would be disgusting if the driver were black, blue, Muslim, whatever. Gang up on a person’s heritage when he is just ONE person? Absurd!

  • 20. Hit Once wrote:

    I got hit by a car driven by an African American and did not yell or make a scene.

  • 22. suri wrote:

    i have seen african american people cross and drive their bikes when the light is againt them and if something happens they start yelling

  • 23. White trash no better wrote:

    In Pittsburgh, in the 80’s, some creep one Friday night, pulled up near a Yid, on or near Yeshiva grounds, on the pretext that he needed directions. Then, he shot him dead, just like that. Like what happened in Miami, recently.

    At the trial, his attorney “proved’ that he was not an anti-Semite – ” we know this because he’s been to Bar and Bas Mitzvahs.” But, so what! You murder someone, even a brother, CH”V, you deserve to punished for the crime.

  • 24. Fed Up wrote:

    More politically correct racism! It is a fact of life that vehicular accidents do occur! Perhaps the hooligans, who surrounded the Jewish family’s vehicle would have realized that if they had any common sense. I hope this story did not make it to the “Village Voice” newspaper. The “Village Voice” is very leftist and is the type of paper that would probably blame the car accident on the Jewish family, calling it deliberate and racist.


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