One-Bedroom Apartments for $2,700!?

The cost of renting apartments in Crown Heights continues to soar to dizzying heights, making the routine payment of bills a monthly struggle for all but the very well-to-do in our community. However, even those who have grown accustomed to this trend were shocked to learn the price tags on units of a brand-new development on Eastern Parkway: a whopping $2,700 a month for a one-bedroom apartment and $3,700 for a two-bedroom!

A tiny studio apartment will set the renter back “only” $2,200 a month.

After two years of construction, apartments in the eight-story building at the corner of Eastern Parkway and Franklin Avenue will start renting in July, a leasing agent for the building told DNA Info.

Even with those stratospheric prices, the building’s developer said that “interest in the building has simply been staggering.”

“That’s what you get when you combine contextual architecture with direct access to Manhattan via four subway lines at your front door,” he said, calling the building’s immediate neighborhood “one the most exciting areas of Brooklyn.”

The white brick building will feature a fitness center, landscaped roof deck, part-time doorman, on-site parking and laundry machines in every unit. Renderings of the units’ interiors show hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, and open living rooms and kitchens. The bathrooms are minimalist in design, with large tiles, reports DNA Info.

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  • 2. whats with the new kehila in south florida wrote:

    i heard it has great plans and a shul and mikva and 180 units

    can someone tell me more

    heard its near aventura and will be gated

  • 6. moving out wrote:

    Be smart and move to
    Morristown NJ
    West Orange NJ (nice jewish location)
    Teaneck NJ

  • 8. manager wrote:

    if you include all those amenities and appliances, of course it will be much more expensive. I assume the apt has central air too. On the flip side if those things break it’s the landlords responsibility.

  • 9. Milhouse wrote:

    If that’s what it will fetch, then by defintion that’s what it’s worth. There is no justification for any feelings of outrage. What is outrageous is any demand that the owner rent the apartments out for less than their full value, i.e. that he give away money to his tenants as a free gift. Why should he? Would you?

  • 11. yossi & berel, CH wrote:

    not sure what the outrage is about?anybody forcing you to move in?in fact unless you make a big multiple of the rent, they will not rent to you!
    btw, remember 20 years ago that nobody but ghetto would even dream of living there?we’ve come far

  • 12. owner of 2 houses wrote:

    i will be moving out to miami and renting my 2 houses for 4 units each hopefully it keeps going up and i can live off the rental units

  • 13. What's the big deal wrote:

    Yay glad to see my property values are going up, all the yedin should be this rich and happy. I hope he contributes well to the yeshivas allowing for more tuition breaks.

    Good luck

  • 14. declasse' intellectual wrote:

    Another major reason not to live in Crown Heights especially if you want to have a family
    With that price tag it is sure to arouse the interests of the criminal group who see the area as easy pickings.

  • 15. what would the Rebbe say? wrote:

    There goes the neighborhood. what are young families going to do. all the rents will continue to rise

  • 16. TorahYid wrote:

    North Carolina is a very inexpensive place to live with large houses available for a mortgage of less than $1000/mo. It’s time to move, yiddim!

    • 17. Tami Rubenstein wrote:

      There is a Chabad Shul in Raleigh, NC with a wonderful Rabbi.

  • 18. orlando, fl wrote:

    orlando is a great option for those looking to move out of CH. there is chabad, reg. ashkenaz and sefardic families living in close proximity with a growing community. there is a lovely academy growing by the minute. home pricing is low and there are so many activities for children aside from disney.

  • 19. buncho wrote:

    welcome to the real world folks.. We have had it easy and been living on borrowed time.. we are 20 min subway from wall street ..
    when you factor waht the average CH person spends on tuiton and has a single leased car stll far cheaper than monsey with $11k tuiton and two cars and property taxes at$9-15k per year vs CH $4k max..

  • 20. another yid wrote:

    i will continue to live away from ch and rent out my 2 apartments on eny and three homes with 11 units. this is good for me and my family and for me i provide yidden with homes for rent.. i enjoy all this income and fine weather elsewhere…

    • 21. Citizen Berel wrote:

      All the nonsense in this thread is digital pain. Pain of yidden what don’t have apartments or homes or rent money but have tuition bills and big families.

      It’s very good what you are saying because there is nothing more holy and pure than sitting in the midst of yiddishe tears and gloating. A big wide beaming happy smile.

      Enjoy the fine weather.

  • 22. Friend wrote:

    The building is beautiful and it was worked extremely hard on!!! No on should say that the price is crazy because if you would see the apartments and the view like I have, you wouldn’t say anything negative!

  • 23. Insane wrote:

    Wow its outrageous, Many of us cant afford to pay for our children to get a jewish education to pay so much rent is just insane.Were are our priorities is everyone making 6 digits? I highly doubt it what is this world coming to?

  • 24. regarding tuition breaks wrote:

    Are you joking if you can pay such a high rent why would you get any break? Get real tuition is a priority not living in a luxury apartments

  • 26. fair market value wrote:

    if u can get it, take it! (pay no heed to ur fellow Jew struggling w/ their bills because they can get no “real” job on their yeshiva-only education) is this really what the Torah teaches? hmmm…

  • 28. NewYorker wrote:

    We are all forgetting that one day you may lose your job and just think your parents had to work hard to put food on the table. The Rents in New York City have no control and section 8 is the cause of this. Landlords do not want just a tenant that works but someone who has section 8, I think we need to control the way we pay rent. ”GREED” is what is causing us to fail as a country our local and state officials are the blame. The real question is ”What can we do now to repair the living conditions of Families who can not pay $2,700 or less in rent. Lets be honest and open your eyes to making life a bit easier to those who can not pay their rent for GREED. …..It’s going to be ALRIGHT if we just think about doing the right thing. ”May GOD listen and bring peace to you and your Friends and Family”.


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