The Shidduch that Terry the UPS Driver Made

This Shadchan wasn’t your typical matchmaker, but thanks to his persistence and some divine providence, a young Jewish couple was brought together. Meet Terry, your friendly neighborhood UPS delivery guy.

Anyone who works or lives on Eastern Parkway or Union Street in Crown Heights, and receives packages from UPS, knows Terry. His extra friendly and kind demeanor is hard to miss.

Since he is constantly dropping by homes and businesses in the neighborhood and gets to know quite a few single young men and women, Terry is known to often try and make ‘shidduchim.

After dozens of different suggestions, this time it actually worked out!

After years of making deliveries to the Eastern Parkway home of the Goldin family, which is just one block over from where Mrs. Regina Simon works, Terry began to suggest that Mrs. Simon’s daughter Chana ‘go out’ with the Goldins’ son Zevi.

“At first everyone just dismissed it, thinking it was cute that he was suggesting names,” the Chosson Zevi Goldin told Later, an uncle of the Kallah went through the motions and set them up on a Shidduch date, “But it was Terry who was the Shadchan” Zevi added.

Last week the Goldin and Simon families celebrated the L’chaim of the new couple, and Terry’s presence was once again hard to miss.


  • 2. Amazing! wrote:

    If only more people were like Terry! He is so kind, always offering a smile and a hand. Just a great guy!

    I also thought his suggesting Shidduchim was cute, but who knew… Your Bashert will truly come from anywhere!

  • 3. What Crisis? wrote:

    Is this what it would take to avert the Shidduch crisis? Lets get FedEx involved too!

  • 4. shadchan wrote:

    dont forget to pay him shadchonos gelt! (ok., maybe a fleshel mashke would do the trick..)

  • 6. Great Shadchan wrote:

    Finally a shadchan that is honest and really means it.

  • 9. Bella wrote:

    Adorable. One never knows where their partner will come from!!! L’Chaim!

  • 10. Mavin wrote:

    Didn’t you know that UPS stands for Unexpected Popular Shadchan?

  • 13. Shadchanit wrote:

    It’s time for all of us to put on our thinking caps and find shidduchim. Then, put your ideas in motion. Hats off to Terry for worrying about other people and doing something about it!

  • 16. He's my UPS guy, too! wrote:

    The nicest guy, he knows everyone on his route and always delivers.

    • 18. UPS has great culture wrote:

      Almost all UPS drivers are trained to be very nice people.

      Henry is my driver, I remember when he started, he wasn’t as nice as he is now. He’s great now, I have his cell phone number, and he helps me whenever I have an issue.

  • 19. New Age Shadchan.... wrote:

    …..probably didn’t wise up like the other Shadchanim, who take money up front and then do nothing or close to it.

  • 21. Reasonable Compromise wrote:

    While UPS concentrates on first-timers, rival Fed-Ex serves ex-spouses.

  • 23. So happy for all involved! wrote:

    Terry is a great guy.
    Wish I could make shidduchim!!

  • 25. Anonymous wrote:

    I wish them much happiness…
    nd I wish my UPS would find a match for me!

  • 27. Shmuli wrote:

    Tonight on my way into my building Terry was walking out, asked me “where is your Scotch?” (I offered him the other day) I told him “you more than deserve the scotch, we have to say Lechaim after you made such a beautiful Shidduch”, he smiled as he always does and said he will come by soon!

  • 28. Mendy Hecht wrote:

    Way to go, Terry!

    I remember this gentleman from the days I used to work at The Shluchim Office. It was him and Mohammed, an Arab guy, who worked the area for UPS.

    However, it’s not the first time a non-Jew has pulled this off in our day and age. Dr. Chandu Patel, a pediatrician (and anything but Chasidish) in Williamsburg for probably over 30 years now, had made four shidduchim between his former babies at the time I interviewed him about 7-8 years ago, and he may have done more since for all I know.

    Nu? Mazel tov! Zol zein simchos bei Yidden (un Goyim)!

    I just think that people are going to be a little leery about him visiting their homes and businesses now… this guy clearly picks up more than packages.and delivers more than boxes.

    Maybe they need to add an option at 1-800-PICK-UPS:

    “Thank you for calling UPS. What would you like to do? You can say, ‘Send a package,’ ‘Track a package,’ or ‘Get married.’ ”

    How about: “Terry Spears, Inc.: Where UPS is just the beginning.”?

  • 29. one more thing wrote:

    if you dont like the UPS suggestion it’s easy return. No pressure to make money like shadchanim


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