Police Shoot Suicidal Woman in Crown Heights

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A woman was in serious condition after she was shot by police on Saturday afternoon inside an apartment building, police confirmed.

Relatives contacted the NYPD fearing that the woman, 35, was about to commit suicide at around 2:53 p.m., police said.

Police entered the apartment at 107 Brooklyn Ave., after a relative let them in, and were approaching the woman’s bedroom at the end of the hall when she suddenly emerged holding a knife, the NYPD said.

She charged at the officers, police said, and one of the officers shot her in the torso. The woman was rushed to Kings County Hospital in serious condition, and one of the officers was being evaluated at Kings County Hospital as well, police said.

The other officer was being treated at Methodist Hospital for back injuries.

Police swarmed the scene on Saturday, and recovered two knives, one 15 inches, the other 11 inches, from the scene, police said.


  • 1. Good Thinking wrote:

    What better way to stop someone from committing suicide than to shoot them?

  • 4. Dallas wrote:

    Sissies.. It always takes at least 5 cops to subdue one female… They shoot everyone! They say they feel threatened and shoot. Why are such cowards on the force? They don’t know simple self defense techniques to disarm someone? … A plague on them all

  • 5. What is going on wrote:

    Why aren’t these police officers taught to aim for the legs? Where I come from, that’s what the police offers do (excpet in extreme circumstances). Shooting at the feet will not kill, but will stop the attack.

    • 6. it's the aim wrote:

      it’s a lot easier to shoot something 2′ wide than a foot or hand that’s only a few inches wide. Unfortunately, instead of being taught to be sharp shooters, our cops are taught to shoot for the largest area, i.e torso.
      So sad.

    • 7. Milhouse wrote:

      Nonsense. You are making that up. Shooting to disable exists only in the movies. I don’t care where you come from, no police force is trained to shoot at the legs. Standard training is that when shooting at a target that is coming at you, you should aim for the center of mass.

      For one thing, nobody’s aim is reliably good enough to aim at the legs of a moving target and be sure of hitting them. For another thing, if you do happen to hit the legs, there’s a real likelihood that they’ll keep coming at you anyway, and kill you before they collapse.

  • 8. Milhouse wrote:

    From Ideas That Can Kill You:

    “If I have to shoot someone, I’ll aim for the legs, because I don’t want to kill anyone.” When you shoot someone in self-defense, you don’t get to choose whether they live or die. You could hit the femoral artery in his leg, and he could bleed out before an ambulance arrives. You could shoot him in the chest, and he might have an easily survivable wound. If your assailant is running, or even moving, his arms and legs will be in motion, making them very hard to hit. If you try to shoot an arm or leg, you are likely to miss or have the shot go through and through; at best that keeps you in danger longer, at worst your round could hit a bystander. The best place to aim is the center of the largest part of his body that you can see. Usually that is the torso. Your intention, in a confrontation like this, should be to stop him, not to kill him, not to wound him. The best way to stop him is one or more well-placed hits in the center of his body. Most handgun wounds are survivable, so he will probably survive even in you hit him squarely in the center of mass. Shots placed there will stop his violent actions more effectively than peripheral hits in an arm or leg.

  • 9. anonymous wrote:

    They saw that she was ready to commit suicide, so why did they have to shoot her. they could of tried to subdue her, and maybe that would of help

    • 10. Milhouse wrote:

      They could have tried to subdue her. And how many of them would be injured or killed in the process? If she came at them with a knife, it was a good shooting.

  • 11. oy oy oy wrote:

    before you opine as to what a cop should do, you go to police academy, graduate, wear a uniform, be the object of derision and criticism from folks like yourself. soooooo easy to critique someone else facing a crazed woman with a knife.


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