When Rookie Cops Forget What Their Real Job Is…

Officer Cuenca handing the summons to one of the Bochurim.

CROWN HEIGHTS [CHI] — Three Bochurim were the victims of a group of overzealous cops late last night. They were talking outside an apartment building, when cops stopped them and gave them all a criminal summonses for ‘blocking pedestrian traffic.’

The incident took place at around 10:00pm Sunday night at 1384 Carroll Street, on the corner of Kingston Avenue. The three Bochurim were standing and talking in the plaza in front of the building, a building with predominantly Jewish residents and where one of the Bochurim currently lives.

Suddenly, a group of three cops assigned to foot patrol duty were seen running towards the group of Bochurim and demanded identification. At first they refused, demanding to know why they were asked. The cops responded, saying that they were being stopped for blocking the sidewalk.

The charge was ridiculous, since one of the Bochurim resides in the building. Additionally, they were standing on private property, inside the buildings plaza and not on the sidewalk.

Nevertheless, the cops held them and wrote them criminal summonses, to which the Bochurim must respond in criminal court.

“I have heard about cops doing such things,” one of the Bochurim told CrownHeights.info, adding he never believed that it would happen to him.

On the scene, one of the officers got into a confrontation with a CrownHeights.info photographer. He demanded that he stop taking pictures and leave the scene. The photographer explained to the officer that he was standing on private property and the officer had no right to tell him what to do.

“This is a classic case of more police equals more harassment, instead of more protection,” said another witness to the incident, adding, “Where were these cops when my car was broken into two nights ago?”

The names of the officers involved are Officers Cuenca, who touched this whole incident off, aided by Officer Ivankovsky, Officer Castio, and Officer Shafir, who came to aid the rookies in a Patrol Borough Brooklyn South three wheeled scooter.


  • 1. CCRB! wrote:

    New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board.
    FILE ONLINE using their online complaint form.
    Within 24 hours of being assigned to the complaint, a CCRB investigator will attempt to contact you.

  • 2. INCENSED!!!! wrote:

    Who is going to make a big stink about this? Zaki Tamir is a lawyer, let him deal with it TODAY! This is outrageous!

    Are we living in a police state? And what about the Blacks who habitually block sidewalk traffic? When was the last time a group of THEM got such a summons?

    I AM FURIOUS! What are we doing to stop this harassment? More to the point, WHY is it happening?

    Time for a demonstration outside 71st with the media to protest. Time for Commissioner Kelly to be contacted.

    Who is going to be the Jewish Al Sharpton & do something community-wide? Or do we once again tut-tut & forget it & be glad it’s not OUR kid?

    Guess what, sleepyheads…they ARE our kids!

  • 3. Moishe Dovid Tzvi Hacohen Baruchovitz wrote:

    This is an alleged violation of NY Penal Code 240.20 (5).

    Ҥ 240.20 Disorderly conduct.
    A person is guilty of disorderly conduct when, with intent to cause public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or recklessly creating a risk thereof:
    5. He obstructs vehicular or pedestrian traffic;”

    Read People v. Jones (2007) from the New York Court of Appeal. http://www.law.cornell.edu/

  • 4. Its the Blue Wall again wrote:

    It appears to be the Blue Wall syndrome at work again.

    The one bad apple cop was supported by the other two that would not or could not tell him not to it. Every police force has its dumb rotten apples and this one was caught on camera.

    Hope CHI follows it up and lets us know the outcome of the court appearance.

  • 5. ceo wrote:

    just let people know. it will eventually lead to something. It definetly discredits them and their precinct. They are doing it to themselves.

  • 6. Mennzz wrote:

    You people don’t understand. Policemen get merits or something like that when they stop ‘crime’, or give a ‘ticket’, so their walking around the streets looking for trouble, so when they see some Bochurim standing outside, they say, “hey, lets go get some merits”.

    Their not bad cops, their just greedy, like most cops…:).

  • 7. chaim wrote:

    i think it should be taken public to all the newspapers, so all these bad cops should be taken down

  • 8. A CH Shaffer wrote:

    I am disturbed of course by the whole incident, but even worse by the names of the officers.
    It states that one of the officers names is “Shaffer”.

  • 10. clean up house wrote:

    It is stories like these the make me loose more and more trust in our local law enforcment.

    I have heard cops blame the public mistrust on crown heights info and I gotta say that it’s the cops own fault. Can you find one way to justify this?

    I can wait for the next internal affairs raid in brookly, more to the point the 71st pricent. I hear that IAB raids are all the rage nowadays!

  • 11. angry wrote:

    sickening!!! im fuming at this anti semitic behaviour!! where are our community officials!!

  • 12. just a question wrote:

    Is there a video on the building itself that shows that the guys were not even on the sidewalk?

  • 13. bystander at the scene wrote:

    A couple of points to be made here:
    In the video, what’s happening is that this particular officer didn’t write the ticket. He knew they messed up, and are not allowed to do what they did. So he says his name to each one of them, to cover up for himself that he didn’t do anything to any of them personally.
    Also at the end of the clip the second bochur out of disbelief asks what the offense was, the officer who issued the ticket replies to read it himself. But the bochur persists, and asks again, and the officer says obstructing pedestrian traffic.
    Which obviously ‘makes perfect sense’ since it was @ 1015 p.m., in the courtyard of an apartment building. Which was adjacent to the sidewalk, and there wasn’t a soul in sight of them, so as to how they were blocking pedestrian traffic baffles me.
    In middle of the incident one of the bochurim told the cop ‘I have to cancel my ticket to North Korea now, since I already got the experience’. Which subsequently made the cop laugh.
    Guys! This is seriously sickening!

  • 14. moishe binder wrote:

    unless u want a repeat of the riots (but this time WE against the police) write to ALL senators and congressman and cabinet members and the president as well

  • 15. Tikets Pulled OUT wrote:

    i would guess that this tiket would be
    pulled out of the box .
    where is the Troise did anyone saw sgt Troise lately ?

  • 16. Move out of NYC wrote:

    Those men in Blue are the reason (well also the ones that used to wear brown) we moved out of CH in Bloomies first year. How many others have followed I dont know? but when we get together everyone of us tell the same story, they had enough of a city that is out of control.

  • 17. just a question wrote:

    Is there a video on the building itself that shows that the guys were not even on the sidewalk?

  • 18. bystander to # 14 wrote:

    You can see the three bochurim leaning against the fence of the courtyard as they were waiting while the summons was being written up…

  • 19. drt wrote:

    evryone in the schuna call 311 make a offical complaint against all of these officers, express your discust. and a major demonstaration in front of 71 needs to take place. btw they also harrased a yungerman on empire for no reason and a woman with kids. also good idea to contact the media.

  • 21. Elki wrote:

    Wow! Great that CHI caught it all on video.
    I wonder how many violent crimes were taking place while this Purim Schpiel was going on.

  • 22. antimesira wrote:

    Where are the ASKONIM?
    Ho wait we get treated like this only because of our so called ASKUNIM.

  • 23. outraged wrote:

    that is insane! where were these cops when we lived on maple street and every single weekend our neighbours (I won’t say of which race – you can all guess)would bbq on the sidewalk with a boombox on their front steps and about 25 people partying all night and all weekend long???!!!! we’d call the cops on average 3-4 times a night, and they’d say there was nothing they could do! i am outraged!

  • 25. From CH wrote:

    Just to mention.. A bit after this incident leasing direct was broken into… Perhaps if these officers were taking care of actual violations and problems, then the break in would have been prevented.

  • 26. resident wrote:

    don’t mean to side w/ cops but… why didn’t the bochurim just politely show their i.d.? nowadays w/terrorism on people’s the police might ask anyone for i.d. especially if they are loitering outside late at night. had the bochurim shown their i.d.s the police would have acknowledged their residency and hopefully moved on peacefully.confrontation only leads to more confrontation.

  • 27. patriot act wrote:

    to 24.

    are you serious? have we lost all of our liberties and freedom that we cherish so much?

    if a cop does not have cause to ask for you identification YOU DO NOT GIVE IT. the patriot act was made to protect us from terrorists, and not to give us a need to protect ourselves from cops.

    unfortunatly there is real crime in our neighborhood, and I would like to see the damn cops do something about it, rather than harass us and ticket us.

  • 28. david S wrote:

    If these cops want to give out tickets for blocking pedestrian traffic they should come to queens. Plenty of Bucharians who habitually block the sidewalk on purpose.

  • 29. resident wrote:

    thank you ch.info for posting this happens all the time when people are alone with no support and ch.info is not there to take photose, we must send this story to the NY post

  • 30. jojo wrote:

    To # 7 If you are corect and they are just gready and not bad, please tell me when is the last time you heard of this hapening to a bunch of black young men congregating outside of a building, which we see verry verry often

  • 31. outraged wrote:

    This is crazy – where is the common sense? The community needs to demand that these incidents stop.

    to #3 – it says “with intent”. These guys had no intent on blocking pedestrian traffic.

  • 33. poel mamesh wrote:

    It is clear we have the facts, the only question remains what will be done. The community has recently elected officials to serve and protect us. What are they going to do about this? This incident is not uncommon in our neighbourhood. An official complaint must be voiced to the appropriate authorities that the behaviour displayed by the police is unacceptable. It will not be tolerated. Mr Tamir and the other members of Vaad Hakol have the responsibility of protecting these bochurim from this anti-semitic act and must do all that is in their power to rid our streets of ‘dirty cops’. I strongly urge that they act now!

  • 35. Done before wrote:

    This is absolutely pathetic, I saw these guys yesterday and it looked like they were giving a guy a summons for riding his bike on the sidewalk.
    I could understand that riding on the sidewalk is dangerous, but standing on the sidewalk!?!
    If that is a law I think it should be sent to the major news networks, they will really blow this up.

  • 36. Keep it legal wrote:

    They must file a complaint against the oficers. And go to court with the ticket and also apeale that to the supreme court if needed.

  • 38. garbage on the sidewalk wrote:

    this smells the same as the ticket we recently got for bags and dirt being on our sidewalk, unluckily for the guy who wrote out the ticket we have live video feed that shows a clean sidewalk that he claims was full of dirt…

  • 39. 1bigpotatohead wrote:

    What in CH coming to?

    First we have some French kid slapping a black guy, which as a result caused a BIG disaster and CH had to have a BIF meeting with all the bosses including the precinct bosses, the DAs office and the Mayors office.

    (if the story of the slapping is true to begin with is another story).

    Then we have this, people congregating outside their buildings having peaceful conversation, WE HAVE TO STOP THIS VIOLENCE and CRAZINESS.

    Time for another BIG meeting!

  • 40. Stop stirring the pot! wrote:

    to #24: who’s to say these guys even have ID – let alone are here legally?! I know of several bochurim & girls who have ‘illegally’ overstayed their (student) visas just to be here in CH! Some have even had to miss faimly simchas ‘back home’ because they wouldn’t be permitted back into the US if they left – even though they’ve married & had kids here since! I was born here & still believe in the system. If ever I’m asked for ID, I show it – & move somewhere else (on the plaza or property) if asked. If you are all really so paranoid of the police, then why not just cooperate?

  • 41. Double Standards! wrote:

    I once double parked on Maple St. b/w Albany and Troy during alternate side parking to go to Bnos Menachem. I forgot about it and ran out half hour late to find NO ticket!! Why? because it’s not a jewish neighborhood! (Had I been on Crown and KIngston……) Today I went to the Post office on St. Johns, plenty pple double parked to run into the P.O. (not me) and I ran out at 11:32 to move my car for alternate side (without being seen in the Post office) and there were plenty cars still parked and no ‘meter maids’ in sight. I then went to Kingston to finish my errands….bumped into 2 in a matter of mins!!!

  • 42. antimesira wrote:

    33. please. wrote:

    if you don’t like it, move back to russia.
    Please explain your statement.

  • 43. Chanina Sperlin wrote:

    Time to gather the P-PAC -Picture PAC – to take care of this problem.

  • 44. Taking up 2 seats on a train wrote:

    Reminds me of a summons I received in the early 90’s for occupying more then one seat on a train. This was 7:00 in the morning on a empty train, with one other person on the train. And I got the summons from 2 undercover officers for having my briefcase on the empty seat beside me.

    That was Giuliani’s “Quality of Life Clean Up”

    At the end after I took it all over the press the judge laughed it out of court, saying he saw my story on the news, and how ridiculous it was.

  • 45. Disgusting wrote:

    They don’t protect the women & children and they write tickets ti law abiding citizens. How can they have any self respect? This needs to go public.

  • 46. Oscar wrote:

    Chanina is irrelevant. Unless you want to arrange a photo op with a police man or politician.

    I disagree with the characterization which ch.info used as “overzealousness”. It is a civil rights violation and the bochurim may even be able to sue the NYPD for this. I am not an attorney though, so I don’t no for sure.

  • 47. mother in ch wrote:

    Yes I will 100% agree that is was overboard but our attitude is losing us the best cops. Who wants to put their life on the line (and that is what it is) to protect a heavily crime infested community where the residents don’t appreciate the work they do, don’t respect them, and are ever ready with camera and video to point out their mistakes. My friend’s car on crown street was being broken into and a wonderful man in blue was nice enough to apprehend the criminal before any damage to the car was done- but this wasn’t broadcast. Crownheights.info is a wonderful news station but we have to support those who are helping us.

  • 49. shliach wrote:

    Can you imagine how much revenue NYC will make next week at the kinus hashluchim? Every group of shluchim that stops to talk will be ticketed! I think someone should notify the organizers of the kinus and tell them to schedule one of the workshops at the criminal court!

  • 50. Sholom wrote:

    This is sickening. I used to live on st. Johns and Albany and there was a block party almost every week of the summer. Loud music, raucous partygoers, outdoor bbqing on the sidewalk, late into the the early morning and the police wouldn’t even show up. This is absolutely sickening. Our community supports the men in blue and our children respect police officers and this officer is talking about respect. This is laughable.

  • 51. Ariyeh Leib Segall wrote:

    Rookies — Gotta Love ’em

    Next — they wil;l be giving out tickets for jay-walking !!!!
    How long ago was it – when some idiot gave out tickets-summons for for the sukkas ….!!
    Ask the local – yokels- in the community how to get the ticket dismissed or take along your good sense of humor on the court date and have the common sense and evidence to show why these tickets were unnecessary !!!!

  • 52. Milhouse wrote:

    #24, they didn’t show ID because this is not the USSR, and we don’t have to carry papers wherever we go. The law entitled police to ASK POLITELY for your name and address, and you have to tell them; but you do NOT have any obligation to prove it.

  • 53. Milhouse wrote:

    #45, they’re in it for the pay. Policing is NOT the most dangerous job in the economy, it’s not even in the top five; it’s a parnossoh. Construction work is much more dangerous, and you don’t hear people saying that we have to cut construction workers a break or they won’t do it any more! If policemen can’t respect people’s rights then they have no business being on the force, and SHOULD find some other employment.

  • 54. Zalmansky Schneurvitz wrote:

    “Officers Of The Law” Officers of the FLAW!! Which means imperfection. The imperfection / flaw being the Officers’ use, or shall I say MISUSE of the authority given to them.

    This summons is unjustified, unwarranted, and simply put – bullshit. We need to unify and fight on PAPER. They are fighting us on paper by issuing tickets (with court appearances required mind you). We MUST respond by making written complaints.

    Don’t be scared. Don’t be silent.


  • 57. To milhouse #50 wrote:

    You are incorrect. You are legally required to carry ID with you when you leave your property. I have plenty of clients here in rikers island that were locked up for not having ID. It’s not just against the Jews. If I was a cop and I asked for ID and people were rude to me, I’d probably do the same thing.

    Just think about it before you go screaming I’m wrong.

  • 59. PATHETIC wrote:


  • 61. mordechai wrote:

    Wake up yidden do not miss the oportunity to act you should use it to make an example

  • 62. Isaac Asimov wrote:

    After so many years of machloikes in Crown Heights.
    The community don’t have a voice. and everyone is
    Laughing out loud (LOL) at all of YOU.
    first the community elected the
    Reject J B S to the chjcc leader. Later it went from bad to worst
    And the real edp a person that never graduated elementary
    School C S became a leader. After the edp you elected
    edp and the Criminal. Now everyone thought that a new
    Era is coming and a new VAAD was elected with a lawyer.
    So if you thought you saw it all. No now you see more
    A stupid Lawyer hired none other than EDP Chanina to be his
    INTAMENTAGOVAL Administrator???

  • 63. sad wrote:

    It was to hard for them to catch an actual criminal with a gun this past Friday, while the streets were full of our children leaving school. At least they can still catch non-violent standing citizens!

  • 64. is this directed at ONLY shomrim members wrote:

    Are they targeting Shomrim, or just plain guys?
    A formal complaint with Internal Affairs should be filed immedaiately.

  • 65. dear Mendy Raitport wrote:

    You’re running for assemblyman. Here’s something you can get involved in.

  • 66. ch yungerman wrote:

    2 weeks ago i was backing up slowly on montgomery st when a few rookies on foot patrol stopped and gave me a ticket for criminal reckless driving.

  • 67. not the biggest deal wrote:

    take a deeep breath and calm it. these officers do more good than harm and just because they were super bored and wanted some excitenment doesn’t mean that they are bad cops. think of all the lives they have saved and thank tham for it

  • 68. bystander at the scene : reply to #57 wrote:

    I was at the scene, and they were not being rude to the officers. They asked why do you want our ID’s? What did we do? The officers thought for a second and said ‘obstucting pedestrian traffic’ which is in article 240.20 rule number 5, which has nothing to do with people being on a sidewalk or private property at night on an empty street. Which country are we living in?

  • 69. to #44 wrote:

    My brother got a ticket for taking up 2 seats at 3am on the train and there were only a few other people in his carriage. He did have a fun time representing himself in court and winning!

  • 70. Look up Jimmy Justice wrote:

    This dude is gone, we CANNOT REST until this officer is gone.

    He is clearly LOVING his new job. If he starts abusing his authority this way now, imagine what he will be pulling on us in a few years!


    Post what we need to do, we will protest and get this monster out of our community!

    Youtube Jimmy Justice

  • 71. Why didn-t someone call Shomrim/Shmira?? wrote:

    Even the new tougher state anti-illegal-immigration law in Arizona doesn’t allow the police to randomly stop people and ask them for I.D. like this! (Despite rumors to the contrary by the liberals in Washington!)

  • 72. Sick wrote:

    When the guys address the judge he will definitely through the case out. Most mist are brought down to 240.20s and 240.20 like these are thrown out. This story needs to go to the newspapers. Bloomberg’s administration.

  • 73. daddy wrote:

    to #55

    get a life!

    stupid lame comment!

    I’m shocked it was posted ;/

    That said, I’m totally disgusted with this behavior by these rookies – what a shame of the badge!

  • 74. Police officers are citizens too wrote:

    There is no justice until the police officers are charged with a crime like anybody else who harrasses people with fraudelent court summonses. Being demoted or marshalled is nothing worth. THIS WAS A CRIME just like breaking into someone’s apartment and they should do the time. Police officers have to abide by the law just like civillians do.

    It must be made known to the appropriate authorities that protocols that prevent police officers from being arrested for such behavior transgress the basic noahide commandment of keeping law and order in civilization. Brooklyn is not a jungle!

  • 75. CHOOSE wrote:

    I hope I wont find out that the police were actualy trying to make our community a better place.
    Do you enjoy passing other gangs who sit all day in front of buildings?
    Do you want the police to stop THOSE peole?

  • 76. CH Police are NAZI-S wrote:

    CH Police are NAZI’S
    It is fine for blacks to do what ever they want and they will always get way with it. If you are Jewish then you are a second class citizen in the eyes of the law life cops here. They do harm our community more then they help to keep it.

  • 77. to millhouse #50 wrote:

    the only thing is that if you get caught doing this you can get locked up in jail for this plus a lawsuit from the victims family but lets say a cop does not ask you for id & you give the officer somebody elses name & address & because you didn,t show id the cop doesn,t know that you are giving him somebody elses name & address the only thing is that if you get caught doing this then you can get locked up in jail for it plus a lawsuit from the victims family the thing is that if you don,t show id how does the officer know that you are not giving him somebody elses name & address?

    hey millhouse did i answer your question as to why the officer has to ask for id?or maybe the next time an officer stops me i will give him your name & address & since i won,t show id the officer won,t know that i am giving him your name & address instead of mine.did i answer your question as to why the officer has to ask for id?let me know.

    ok it,s 1.28am now time for me to say krias shma & hamapil & go to bed.

  • 78. to # 75 wrote:

    i agree 100%. its absolutely ridiculous for cops to make big deals abt ppl standing outside a building at night, while at the same time, there are shootings and killings going on a couple times a month! mayb there shud b more “rookie patrol officers” on utica avenue where all the blacks are causing problems.

  • 79. Esquire wrote:

    As an attorney who represents police officers in civil rights cases, I suggest the individuals here contact a civil trial attorney……
    Just FYI: New York spent over a billion dollars in the last ten years settling police civil rights abuse cases……

  • 80. crownheights wrote:

    This happened in june time my son was walking and it suddenly started pouring with rain he duct under an orning and a police officer gave him a ticket for trasspassing.

    I went down to court on the court date that they give you and they told me that the ticket was DEFECTIVE TICKET

  • 82. member of crown heights wrote:

    To some of the comments! These three people weren’t hanging out or anything like that, I was there and saw what happened. They met each other there, and talked for a couple minutes there. Since when can’t people stand on the sidewalk and an apartment courtyard?? Imagine today you meet a friend outside in front of your house to get something dropped off. And then you get a ticket for that. How crazy does that sound??

  • 83. When Our Leaders and Askunim Forget... wrote:

    …What Their Real Job Is…

    Many are asking now what? What will our elected community officials do?

    A few weeks ago, on one of the website here in Crown Heights reported about this “meeting”. Our “elected” officials called to a meeting to “amend” some kind of tension. Present at the meeting were representative of Mayors office, Districts Attorney’s office, black leaders, Jewish leaders, officers form the local precinct, and others. The issue at hand was an alleged attack or harassment on a black teen. The alleged perpetrator was a foreign teen whom was drunk; he got arrested and soon after released with the conclusion being no racial motive.

    Yet, our elected “leaders” and one unelected nobody (who love’s photo ops) call for this great meeting. The issue was SO urgent, and the community was on the verge of civil unrest, and all hell was about to break lose, that they had to meet at 10:00am. (So urgent, that this was a week after the incident, I might add) and what’s the conclusion of this urgent meeting?

    Our “leaders” apologize on our behalf. They take a small incident that no one had heard of, with a foreigner teen who was drunk, the crime was all alleged, and they compare it to 1991 riots, for what? For a picture, they take all the residents of Crown Heights and put them in the mix, and apologize on our behalf? What kind of Chutzpa is this where is this heard of, that a week after Yom Tov our leaders initiate a meeting to apologize. And then we ask where the leaders are? Where are the individuals whom were elected to stand up for our community? Yes and even Sperlin who throws his weight around and has SO many CONNECTIONS where is he? You know where they are they are busy looking for situations where they can apologize. (The interesting thing is that when it comes to getting Jews locked up Sperlin somehow finds all the CONNECTIONS he needs).

    Where was our great “leaders” on September 18, Motzai Yom Kippur when an Israeli yungerman in his 30′s was attacked without provocation on Crown Street near Kingston Avenue?
    Where are our “leaders” and Askonim when we get robbed, mugged and assaulted?
    Where were our “leaders” and Askonim on September 22nd, when the police was harassing our very own Shomrim Volunteers? Where were the “leaders” when the police department was removing for no reason at all a command center which is used to service our community?

    Is that piece of plastic the police department gave you really worth stabbing your brothers in the back time after time? Is getting off a parking ticket ($60 bucks) really worth betraying your own community?

    You know where they are, looking for photo ops, waiting for the perfect storm were they can finally come out as the saviors in the big media, kissing politicians asses so maybe they can help…mmmm… Themselves get more photo ops.

    I’m already on the subject of where are our leaders and Askonim, so I’m going to take the liberty of asking a few more questions.

    In a weeks’ time we are going to have an election. One of those positions is for Assemblyman (for those who don’t know, that is what Dov Hikind is for Boro-Park). It so happens that a member of our community is running for that position, why haven’t our leaders from the CHJCC (Crown Heights JEWISH Community Council) endorsed him?
    Why are our “leaders” fighting against him (by threatening the candidate not to run and by threatening stores and residents not to post his signs)?

    Does Crown Heights have anybody representing/advicating the Jewish community and its needs?

  • 84. i got aressted for walking down the st wrote:


    i know how you guys feel getting a summons from cops for just doing nothing and talking on the street with some friends,

    a few years ago i was walking on the street of Crown hights and some black teen points at me and says i did something and they took me if for questioning even after my friend and i and his bro told the cops that i was at his house they didn’t care and nobody spacial or with connections did anything at all to help- me get out!

    and i was arrested for walking and minding my own business and put coffees and sent down to centerel booking and i was only 18 at the time i set in jail for 24 hours before i saw a judge at least i was brought some food and tefilin

    i even had the hat crime make me right down all that happen and then test me on what i wrote all the ppl where surprised to see a Jew there,there like yow men don’t worry they will take you out the back door soon but that never happened

    and for the next hole year i had to fly back and forth to NY for court hearings and paid from my own hard work and i couldn’t find a lewder in ny to do it for a good price or maybe even free i found one where i leave witch took care of it from here for free a big mitzva

    at the end of the year they finale dropped it BH,but it comes to show either the the ppl with connections are not trying hard trying hard onoff or is cops are going to fear

    so we have to pressure the cops and political ppl to see whats happening and change it

    i think ppl should know this story cues it can happen to any one

  • 85. Shlucha wrote:

    Hm, this is interesting. Something must be going on. My son got a ticket for being in a park after dark, when the sign displayed the park hours as closing at midnight (12am).
    One police officer told him to just take a picture of the park sign with him to court and it would be dismissed. Then why give the summons in the first place? Just to make a point?
    There is a police liason officer at the Community Council and being that we are out of towners, that is whom I recommended my son speak to.
    I didn’t think to post the whole thing in public until now.
    Anyone have other dieas on this? Anyone ‘official’?

  • 86. to number 82 esquire wrote:

    I am one of the three victims, is there a way I can reach you, to find out more about what you posted with the civil rights..?

  • 87. Boruch wrote:

    This is maddnes. Why isn’t Fox (local) called to cover the story, to bring the NYPD their well earned shame?

  • 88. Gucci wrote:

    I was there; I saw it all. The officers were acting ridicules and immature. They were simply bored and had nothing better to do. Additionally, one of the officers mad a point to make a comment, I quote: “ btw, this has nothing to do with you being Jewish.” I witnessed the whole confrontation. It was ridicules and embarrassing. They feel that since they stop non Jews all the time, needless to say for reasons that one deserves to be stopped and summand for, they need to balance it out and stop and harass innocent Jews for NOTHING!

  • 90. no more wrote:

    i heard there’s going to be a protest outside the police station at 12 pm this sunay

  • 91. Anon wrote:

    “Does Crown Heights have anybody representing/advicating the Jewish community and its needs?”

    Yes, Crown Heights does have some people who fight for their brothers and sisters, they are this wonderful group call Shomrim. A group of people in this community who have not bent to political pressure. A group who has not sold it’s soul for a piece of plastic and some outside honor.

    A group of people who are from the community for the community.

  • 92. Stop Crying wrote:

    This is pathetic to see so much commotion over a ticket. If those guys are innocent let them follow the legal proceedings and go fight the ticket, let a judge decide who is right and wrong, It is upsetting to see these type of reactions and watching how some people claim race and creed as a reason for this so called police harassment.

  • 93. Jay wrote:

    How come i don’t see them do this to the drug dealers on my street or to all other criminals ???? this should be reported to every city office!!!


    If it was’nt for those cops posted on your streets there would be more robberies and god knows how many other crimes would happen I think your just blowing this thing out of wack!!! if you take those cops off of Kingston and Albany your crime would go up in a month guaranteed (THEY CAN STOP ALL THE BLACK BUT GOD FORBID THEY STOP A JEWISH GUY) GIMME A BREAK!!

  • 96. carrol st res, wrote:

    to post # 86 ..it should happen to yr mother and father ,,then will hear u crying low life

  • 97. NYPD 4 life wrote:

    Re: Post number 92. As per the new York city parks department all city parks in Brooklyn close at dusk due to the fact of the high crime late at night! Now the sign at l Metz park is misleading because someone decided on there own to put a sticker and it says 12 your kids could of been written multiple summonses and the officer cut them a break!! You need a permit to use the turf field!! Which they had no permit to use that field!! Why doesn’t everyone just follow the laws!! Stop breaking the law!! And you will not receive a summons!! Trust me if you pulls the cops off Kingston and Albany I am sure the police won’t mind it is because of the community they are still there!!

  • 98. To 95 wrote:

    We need and appreciate police presence on the streets, but that does not mean that police can do what they want. They have to act as a living example of following the law more than civillians, not less. If an ordinary civillian was togive out fraudelent tickets on people’s cars, would he not be arrested. Why have the policeman in this story not been arrested? Why are police above the law. In totalitariasm countries, the leaders are above the law. In a proper democratic country, the leaders have to follow the rules like everybody else.

  • 99. WITNESS wrote:

    i actually saw this incident going on (but i had no clue what the police were saying). there was a fire alarm in that building and after the firetrucks left i saw the bochurim walking and then stopping in front of the building and talked. a good 5 minutes AFTER the firetrucks LEFT the police came (real punctual for an emergency…) and i saw 3 policemen walking to the corner to stand their shift. then they just walk over to the bochurim and started talking with them.

    if the police’s complaint is that they were blocking the building from the firefighters entering, the bochurim nor the police were even there at that time.

  • 100. Yehuda Chaesky wrote:

    Try to never give your Id to a cop, just a common name or misspelling,
    explain that your wallet is lost,

  • 101. One of the three bochurim wrote:

    Please 99 and anyone else who was at the scene. I am one of the three bochurim. I am working on the case, and in touch with a lawyer. He asked me to find the witnesses. Please e-mail me at bochur1384@yahoo.com thank you!

  • 102. Ticket Quota? wrote:

    Is there a ticket quota for the foot patrol police to issue like there is for the traffic cops?

  • 103. Chani wrote:

    Pedestrian Traffic??? What the heck is that? The community needs to bring a law suit against the police department for harassment over the years, for not protecting the citizens against crime, and for preventing us from having any sense of peace in our homes!

  • 105. Ryan wrote:

    Wow, four cops to stop such a horrendous crime, Crown Heights has become Skokie.

  • 106. News Reporting wrote:

    There will be an news article/report about this tonight on channel 7 ABC News in new york at 11pm!


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