Besht Center Opens its Doors

A new shul has opened its doors in Crown Heights. The Besht Center, which is named after the late Reb Shmuel Tanchum Shuchat A”H, seeks to fill the spiritual needs of its participants– post yeshiva Bochurim and newly married youngerlight. The motivation for the Besht Center is that Crown Heights is a flourishing and ever expanding community brimming with young people in search of a kehilah to call their own.

The new shul is temporarily located in the old Boulevard Café at 510 Empire Blvd, as construction continues for our permanent home next door at 508 Empire. It’s warm and modern environment will house a multitude of educational and extracurricular activities including a unique array of lecture, and a variety of weekly Shiurim covering topics such as contemporary Halacha, Chassidic fundamentals, sugiyos in gemorah and the JLI, as well as farbrengens with notable Chassidic personalities.

The Besht also houses a new kind of Shul for those seeking a more meaningful davaning. The Teffilos are filled with singing and emotion, and a respectful decorum is kept throughout. Included in the shul’s learning opportunities is a seder niggunim with Rabbi Leveke Kaplan.

The Besht is directed by Rabbi Yehoshua Werde longtime community askon whose drive is to meet the spiritual needs of Crown Heights emerging young community. It is under the spiritual direction of Rabbi Mendel Kalmanson, originally from New Haven, whose wealth of knowledge, engaging teaching style, and creative writing talents combine for a challenging and deeply satisfying learning experience.

To learn more about our current activities and to listen to our previous classes and lectures log on to


  • 1. Mioshe zuchmeer wrote:

    They forgot to mention That Rabbi Yossi paltiyel gives Shiurim
    there,and that we started 6 months ago and rented a catering hall until now.

  • 5. hi wrote:

    I am so happy to see programs for bochrim/yungerlight! For once we are not only focusing on shlichus outside our community.

    May this program have lots of success.

  • 6. CH resident wrote:

    my home is that the young energetic talented mashpiyim stay in crown heights to continue this important holy work.
    ps this also shlichus

  • 7. moshe g wrote:

    sruly klapman you rock! without your financial support we could not go on!!!! keep spreading your wealth onto klall yisroel

  • 8. shloime freundlich wrote:

    The Rebbe with his emissaries conquered the world. He was never able to conquer Crown Heights .Now with the revolutionary trend started by Beis Shmuel, there is hope for the younger generation. Going to Shul is now cool and hip. These Shuls are the most significant milestone in Crown Heights and now world wide since the Rebbes passing.

  • 9. C M wrote:

    Thank you to MENDEL KALMENSON for being the inspiration and life force behind this minyan!

  • 10. dude wrote:

    shua.. keep it up! you make landow proud

    to the posters before.. “this is also shlichus”comments..

    as long as you keep in thinking that there is a hava amina that it may not be shlichus . we will be at a disadvantage in CH.. shlichus within our own community is the ultimate form of shlichus..

  • 11. perplexed wrote:

    “post yeshiva Bochurim ”?
    Sounds like a new concept in Lubavitch.
    Can someone define it please?

  • 13. shmuel tanchum shuchat wrote:

    This is so buetifull that they made this shul in memory of sh,muel shuchat he was a ish emes huge bal chesed may his neshomo have aliya now

  • 14. A bochur in the besht wrote:

    It’s a very nice shul and I wish them all hatzlocho
    but everything cost money and unfortunatly lots of bochrim don’t have it. If anyone has maaser money they can give or any amount please contact yehoshua.
    From a bochur in the besht

  • 15. interesting.... wrote:

    hmmmm, notice how they’re always going where they can find big kitchens…..

  • 16. a friend wrote:

    You forgot to mention sruly clapman who is one of the big machers of this shul

  • 18. Shaind. wrote:

    I’m so proud of my big bro-in-law Yehoshua.
    Keep up the good work!!
    You and Devorah Leah are truly awesome.

  • 19. WOW! wrote:

    Wow! This looks great! I was at the previous place once and the davvening was awesome. There was also lots of achdus at the farb/kiddush.

    Yasher Koach! This is the place!

  • 20. Poor choice of words wrote:

    “brimming with young people in search of a kehilah to call their own.”

    I thought that’s 770?

  • 22. macher770 wrote:

    as a deeply involved member of the besht:
    i would like to thank rabbi werdy and the torah giant harav hagoen haelokei mendy kalmenson for their great contriution to the shul
    and we shall not forget our great friend and financier reb sruly clapman for his unbeleivble contributions!!!!!!!!!!


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