Hatzalah Member Blocked from Responding to Medical Emergency

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — A Hatzalah member was barred from responding to an emergency call at around 10:30 on Wednesday night. The emergency was to that of a passed out person at the intersection of Montgomery Street and Kingston Avenue, and the Hatzalah member tried to make his way up Kingston Avenue from Empire Boulevard, but was barred by ‘task force’ Police Officers who refused to let the member through.

Police shut down key roads around the area of Simchas Beis Hashueva for security and safety purposes, and the officer that were placed at those streets are not local officers, but additional officers that are brought in from the Brooklyn South Task Force, and are known to be less caring for our communities volunteer services.

The Hatzalah member, who was driving with lights and sirens, presented his identification and was still refused access forcing him to park and walk up the block with his medical gear.

Later on a Hatzalah coordinator met with police in order to rectify the situation.


  • 1. Happy Sukkos wrote:

    without being there and personally witnessing the scene it is hard to make an accurate comment.

    However, knowing that the streets are closed to traffic due to thousands of people dancing, it would be reckless and irresponsible for the cops the allow a vehicle to drive through.

    I would imagine the hatzolah member should have tried to enter montgomery street from Albany ave or Brooklyn ave where the crowd would have been thinner and it would have been safer for everyone if his vehicle was allowed through.

    I am sure there is more to this story.

  • 2. ml wrote:

    Disgusting! Those few minutes spent trying to get this moron to get it could have resulted in a tragedy. Surely all NY cops know about volunteer ambulances, no matter which precinct they belong to? The cop probably just didn’t want this assignment, it’s boring & dull. So he acted all pissy & by-the-book. Maybe he’d rather be working in the Bronx…more action?

  • 3. mendy wrote:

    that officer should be charged with obstructing medical personnel from proceeding to a medical emergency. This is a NY state law. He should be fully prosecuted!!

  • 4. trouble wrote:

    while i understand the concern about “ barring hatzalah members from responding” you have to remember that almost 200 of the “people” that came to crown heights last night have “lights and sirens” and “official” ID cards from hatzolah and other organizations and are abusing the privilege to find parking closer. It is very unfortunate, because it is people like this that give organizations like hatzolah a bad name, because most officials cannot differentiate between the real and fake. (although in this case the member was legitimate as was the call and hatzolah coordinators were able to rectify the situation)
    Thank you to ALL the members of hatzolah and shomrim for the wonderful work that they do.
    May we merit to see the day that we no longer need you services.

  • 5. DallasJew wrote:

    Not very bright individual – obviously there are hatzolo guys on the corner already – obviously he should have gone down Montgomery street. Obviously he’s not from the neighborhood either. And finally he should have just parked his car and walked a few steps – some times you need to think out of the box and avoid stupid confrontations which is so petty and a waste and causes friction later on.
    Just my opinion but stuff to think about.

  • 6. To all of those bashing this Hatz Member wrote:

    It clearly states in the article that he needed to bring his equipment, ever think that the equipment was requested on a “rush” and that he wasn’t being foolish to drive his multiple pieces of equipment to the scene?

    Did the officers from BSTF make him park his car too?!?! Seriously those guys sometimes need to work with actual criminals to appreciate what they are working with two very amazing organizations in Crown Heights.

  • 7. jackie wrote:

    Imagine how different all tjhese comments would be if the delay resulted in a loss of life. The cop would not have stopped EMS

  • 9. STUPID IDIOT RETARDED COPS!!!!!!!!! wrote:

    I hope it was the same cop who got punched in the face by that Israeli bochur later in the night!!!!!!

  • 10. FUNNY wrote:

    yknow its pretty funny to read your comments, some of you guys just rant and rave like babys.
    for example:

    STUPID IDIOT RETARDED COPS!!!!!!!!! wrote:
    I hope it was the same cop who got punched in the face by that Israeli bochur later in the night!!!!!!

    come on guys,
    grow up!
    my little sis talks like that

  • 11. officer wrote:

    guys the cop is not to blame.

    with all due respect mr bistrizki from hatolah started playing politics with jewish lifes.

    since there is a small race between the 71 pct and the boro mr bistritzki is siding with the fat simonety so the boro is not going to help hatzolah.

    this is all for the good of the community that hatzolah is playing politics with the jewish life.

    its time to have hatzolah out of politics and maybe have elections for hatzolah.


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