Hachnosas Safer Torah in Memory of Yisroel Noach Tzfasman OBM

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — A year ago a terrible tragedy took the life of HaTomim Yisroel Noach Tzfasman OBM, but the family marked it with the great Simcha of the completion and dedication of a new Safer Torah. Joined in by residents and friends the new Safer Torah danced its way up Kingston Avenue to 770.

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An emotional ‘Kesivas HaOtiyot’ [writing the final letters] ceremony took place in the Tszfatman’s home where the brothers all stood together and sang, marking the completion was a tearful Hagbaah by Reb Chaim Tzfasman and the ‘dressing’ of the torah by the brothers.

Accompanied by lively music the procession made its way up Kingston, with passerby’s joining in. A number of grades from Lubavitcher Yeshiva took part in the event as well.


  • 1. anonym wrote:

    wow!! very inspiring!
    the SPECIAL tomim yisroel noach a”h will FOREVER be remembered by all who knew him!
    Such a special neshama! WE LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH YISROEL NOACH!


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