A Calm Labor Day in Crown Heights

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — Tens of thousands descended on Crown Heights for the annual West Indian American Day parade. The parade brings on dread for what is to come amongst Jewish resident, many of whom avoid returning from summer vacation until after the festivities.

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In previous years, the event has been marred by tragedy. In 1999, two children died when they were pinned between floats, and hours later a man was run over by a float and killed. In 2005, a man was shot to death, and last year a man was stabbed. There were no immediate reports of violence on Monday.

NYPD geared up and prepared for the parade as they have in previous years bringing in busloads of additional police officers, placed barriers all up Eastern Parkway and posted officers at every street corner in the neighborhood.

Turnout for this year’s parade was estimated at significantly less than in previous years, some say due to the high cost in gasoline prices which forced people to stay home.


  • 1. you are a looser wrote:

    first off what kind of good job has the police department done
    did they tow any cars that wore duble parked?
    did they ticket anyone who was parked by a pump?
    but if this was jewish prade all hell would break loose

  • 2. friend wrote:

    WEBBY you are the best

    keep up the good work

    i see all the hate from the loosers on the Israeli hate sites and i know who is the best and all the jealous Crips.

    well thy may suffer from the jealousy

  • 3. Always complaining wrote:

    It is LOSER not LOOSER… if there was violence people would complain, if there is no violence people complain anyway. What would be the complaints if they HAD towed cars that were double-parked or parked at pumps??

  • 4. Shut Up wrote:

    yea Good lord,
    why is it necessary to always find something to complain about, be happy that it was a calm labor day and find something else to do with your time other than complain

  • 5. eastern pkwy wrote:

    i hate this stupid parade. who needs more not so loveley neighbors coming in from all over to use our buildings as public bathrooms and our front steps as their bleachers. we need to stop this parade now. a good job for the police would b in they would refuse to organize teh parade any more.

  • 9. North to Alaska wrote:

    This parade is out of place in Crown Heights. It should be on Fifth Avenue where all the parades are.

  • 10. CHer wrote:

    i believe there where some shots fired around 6pm this year and one lady fainted calmer yes not with out a incident.

  • 11. just stop bweing stupid wrote:

    listen if you dont let this parade happen what about all our events we have. like rallies, chanuka parade. what makes you better than them to have thase parades. i think just leave it alone if it will get out of hand police will stop it.

  • 12. Brooklyn wrote:

    How can you say stop the parade? Just because your Jewish and you dont like black people probably right? Last time I checked Crown Heights is shared by both blacks and Jewish people. We need to get along. Stop the RACISM.


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