The Pouring Rain didn’t Dampen our 800 Voices!

Father of victim talking with Police Chief Joseph Fox

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — against all odds, along with premature prediction of miserable failure, over 800 impassioned residents including men, woman, and children marched in solidarity under the banner of one voice, we will not be victims, and expressed their outrage.

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The march began on Albany and Empire where Alon Sherman, a 16 year old Bochur was viciously assaulted and robbed on Thursday night, beginning with around 200 residents holding banners and picket signs proclaiming their frustration, later ending with over 800 participants.

While completely unorganized and the crowd had no definite direction, it was a peaceful march where residents chanted “Jewish blood is not cheap” along with “we want justice” and “Vega go home”.

Banners proclaimed “NYPD ignoring our community” and “Jews are people too” along with the most provocative banner which was a picture of the victim laying bloody in a hospital bed.

As the crowd marched down Empire they stopped in each intersection, snarling traffic for blocks. While standing in the intersection of Kingston and Empire the crowd chanted “Ad Mosai, Ad Mosai…”.

At the 71st Precinct the police prepared by setting up barricades on the sidewalk in front, but the crowd did not stop there as was expected, and instead they continued marching up New York Avenue all the way to Eastern Parkway where the march stopped right in the middle of traffic, some residents even sat down in protest.

It was when the crowd reached Eastern Parkway did it seem that police got hold of the situation by blocking traffic at Nostrand Avenue and at Troy Avenue leaving the parkway clear of vehicles.

The final leg of the march was to 770 where the march made its last stand before scattering just a half hour before Shabbos.

Michal Sherman, the father of Alon who was the victim of the brutal attack, spoke with Chief Joseph Fox, Commanding Officer of the Brooklyn South Taskforce after which he addressed an unfriendly crowd with a megaphone, who booed him at times.

Noticeably absent from the march was any of our community leaders from the Vaad Hakohol.


  • 1. ex crown heightser wrote:

    In the words of michelle obama, “for the first time I am proud of crown heights”

  • 2. something needs to be done wrote:

    Horrific, can anyone update us on his condition?

  • 3. Moshe wrote:

    Doesn’t the absence of Chanina and Moshe mean they are no longer the leaders of Crown Heights anash?

  • 4. It-s About Time wrote:

    Great start!
    When’s the next one?
    Maybe with a little more advance notice
    those numbers will quadruple
    There are many Jews outside CH who share our concerns who would show up but did not hear in time
    Again great start, but this is just the beginning
    We need organization and leadership

  • 6. Shlome Seldowitz wrote:

    I am very proud of this Kiddush Hashem b’Rabim and public act of Jewish unity.

    Our sages declare that the voices of a multitude must be heard.

    I am certain an impact has been made On High, and below by the police.

    Law abiding back and white Americans are outraged, and pressure is mounting for police action and justice.

  • 7. boruch ben Tzvi(A H)haKohaine hoffinger wrote:

    We must offer a reward for the capture of these two vicious rodents.
    This type of thing works. They probably brag and talk. This is what occurred with Abraham Goldnam, A”H. At least one of the lowlives was caught.
    A reward doesn’t have to be offered only for murder, R“L.
    Even if they read this post it won’t help them. This is their nature.
    Someone listening to them brag and talk will want the reward and turn them in.
    Unfortunately there won’t be justice and they’ll probably get out of jail in a year or two.
    So, who trusts the weak, immoral and unjust system?
    ”One nation, under G-d, etc – ha!
    I’ll contribute at least $18 towards it.

  • 9. TO wrote:

    What are those signs of?
    it isnt clear enough to see..some pictures.
    The boy should have a speedy recovery.

  • 10. confused wrote:

    In the last few pictures you can see the police standing in formation as if they were forming a blockade, was that the purpose and did they actually try to prevent the march from moving in its initial route?

  • 11. YITZCHAK wrote:

    Probable the GREATEST DAY IN CROWN HEIGHTS in the past 6 years.

  • 12. ceo wrote:

    lets see what politicians do now. they seem to only do what is a good move for their needs. But then again, don’t we all do that sometimes?
    We need better, we all need to learn that politicians are just chess players.
    so what is the next move?

  • 14. TIME FOR REAL ACTION wrote:


  • 16. good wrote:


    next time we protest, it’ll be double he ammount of people.

    very good.

  • 17. Menachem wrote:

    The Adchdus was outstanding, and is very applicable, finding ourselves a few days away from Lag B’Omer.

    May Hashem grant the boy a speedy recovery.

  • 18. Now what!? wrote:

    Please Mr sugar it seems that you are on of the few that the public respects. Don’t ruin it by screaming about how it was 60+years ago everytime an incident occurs. Please lets talk about the issue at hand today in a calm peaceful dialouge. With the media or others. Keep up the good work!!
    Like I said befor the next march/demonstration should be a SILENT ONE let them see that we are real “mentchin” not screaming and yelling like those “cahyos”. SILENCE CAN BE DEAFINING!!!

  • 19. phil wrote:

    Let me get this straight…..

    Attack on black by Jew = automatic hate crime.

    Attack on Jew by black = We’ll get back with you.

    The laws that were supposed to potect ALL people against hatred are being enforced to the benefit of blacks only.

    Law enforcement thinks they can avoid confrontations with violents blacks who will riot at any perceived slight, if they appease the mob.

    This is wrong and will no longer be silently tolerated.

    Laws are meant to protect all, not just those who will create chaos if it’s not enfored “their way”.

  • 20. opressed jews? wrote:

    what’s with some of the signs? why are jews so good at playing victim?
    we can never get the “opressed jew” factor out of ourselves, can we?
    this is a very unfortunate incident, one of many, and must definitely be addressed. but this isn’t nazi germany.

  • 22. ch resident wrote:

    we need all the jewish communities to get together and lets make a shturme.

  • 23. Menachem wrote:

    confused wrote:
    In the last few pictures you can see the police standing in formation as if they were forming a blockade, was that the purpose and did they actually try to prevent the march from moving in its initial route?
    That was when a bunch of people tried marching further up Eastern Parkway. They are blocking people from crossing Troy, so that they didn’t have to close off more of Eastern Parkway.

  • 24. Out of Towner wrote:

    Kol hakavod, to the protesters and organizers. May this bring presssure to bear and bring about better security for Crown Heights.

  • 26. A NEW VAAD NOW wrote:

    “Noticeably absent from the march was any of our community leaders from the Vaad Hakohol.”

    My personal thoughts on a new vaad Hakaohol.

    1. Must have a job.
    2. Must not have a current Criminal record.
    3. be ready to deal with critisisem.
    4. be able to stand up by our own monthly counsel meetings and answer difficult questions.
    5. be able to deal with crime crises, and show face even in difficult times.
    6. when asked by the police department to help disspers an angry crowd from such a march that took place on friday be able to say,
    “NO im not going to even try.”
    “I support my comunity in a time of crises”
    7. Make ellections happan as they are supposed to, and make a new bylaw that does not allow some one to sit on the vaad for more then 2 terms.
    8. Be a doer not a talker, the vaad is not meant to be a place to get credit and fame, but to accomplish goals.
    9. have an open book polocy

    Do you agree with me…

  • 27. Lets Stand Strong! wrote:

    I’ve seen posts about all the recent violence on yeshiva world i heard about it on the dov hinkind show, I’ve even had friends from other communities call me and and asked about these events from what they’ve seen on tv. Now from what I’me hearing all jews everywhere want to pitcj in and help, why don’t we form a protest with thousands of more jews from the tri-state area and beyond, can you imagine the effect it will have if we have 10,000 people walking our streets!!! any opinions?

  • 28. m.s. wrote:

    confused : In the last few pictures you can see the police standing in formation as if they were forming a blockade, was that the purpose and did they actually try to prevent the march from moving in its initial route?

    to confused:
    actually,i think they were blocking it because the streets needed to be open again. in other words, the cars needed to go through. we were starting to go to utica but they blocked it. i must say, it didnt seem like they cared about the whole thing.

  • 29. aint it funny wrote:

    to all those who want to march in silence, lets see how quiet you are when it happens to a member of your family g-d forbid.

  • 30. anonymous wrote:

    i agree with you hoffinger, about a reward, but they can catch tehm in a simpler way. cellphone was taken?? the jerks still have the cellphone???

  • 31. not a crown heightser wrote:

    a picture speaks a thousand words–but these speak a million. stand strong! this is amazing.

  • 33. MOSHIACH NOW!! wrote:

    THERE WON’T BE A NEXT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 35. melbourne crys out wrote:

    fighting back makes us no better then the people who do it , and maybe doing this showing that were not afraid is just going to cause more trouble hashem is with us all the time and if this is what he wants how can we stop him except pray everyday and hope this young boy we`ll be up and well very soon ! refuah shelama!

  • 36. READER wrote:


  • 37. boruch ben Tzvi(A H)haKohaine hoffinger wrote:

    By hashgacha pratis (Literally-Actually) Ten minutes ago I just heard something about this whole issue. I don’t know if it’s widely known.
    While in the mikva I was told that just before the Yom Shishi (Friday) demonstration Inspector Vega was going to call out the riot police to handle the crowd of Jews, G-d forbid.
    Chief Joseph Fox, who is in charge of all of Brooklyn, heard about it. He hurried over to the 71st Pct. to talk to the inspector. The white-haired Fox, unable to get through the police barricades went over a few of them himself, eager to talk to Inspector Vega.
    Chief Fox told the inspector to ‘cool it.’ “It’s very close to Shabbos.” He said. “Soon most of these Jews will leave.” This will create a storm of media attention that will last for weeks if Jews are clubbed and arrested.
    Basically the police department is scared silly of bad media. The main thing is not stopping crime or protecting the public but avoidance of ‘bad media.’
    Compounding this gaava is the fact that politicians and human rights advocates argue that minorities and whites across America commit about the same amount of crime. It cannot be that a ‘white’ community (Crown Heights) has such a low level of arrests of whites.
    Therefore the police department, in order to come out ‘shining’ and praiseworthy (Could mean promotions, money, honor, etc) tries to ignore minority crime and arrest Jews. This could be a national phenomenon.
    How does it appear now? The police department in Crown Heights is the guardian of the Jewish community; protecting them from the Blacks. The police and politicians don’t like this. They want more Jewish arrests, convictions and imprisonments or fines. It’s a ‘witch hunt.’
    If you remember what happened to Bernhard Goetz (…) in 1986m he shot some Blacks trying to rob him. The first and second grand jury acquitted him. Finally the powers that be made a 3rd grand jury and filled it with ‘witch hunters’ and Mr. Goetz was brought to trial. He ended up in prison for a year. This was under the Mayor Koch administration.
    Can anyone trust the criminal justice system?
    One of the 7 Noahide Laws (The oldest known civilized laws) is to have ‘laws and courts’ of justice. Does, Mr. Hynes,etc. think G-d Almi-ty is happy with this society?

  • 38. Paula Susman wrote:

    It is most sad for the boy and his family and many others who have been beaten, and attacked. There is no logical reason why we are singled out and NO ONE seems to really care much about what is happening in CH to jewish people. It does not surprise me much hatred for no good reason is all around US and this shall never end. However, the action lies within the community now ..and a community which is in constant battle amoungst each other, Rabbis fighting with each other, groups with good intentions jealous of one another, people who just dont care all that much they live in their own little world. People who win battles and succeed with change are ones who demand respect from others around them. No one respects CH and all the different groups who fight for CONTROL.. they laugh at you, and enjoy watching the ultimate destruction which you shall succeed at perhaps and most unfortunate. Intimatdation is power, Unity is Power, Strength in Numbers is Power, Love is Power, loving thy Neighbor is Power. All of this CH holds not a drop.. You are all so wrapped up in being famous that you loose sight of what you can do to stop this, to gain the respect of the Police and to demand from low life criminals the end of their days shall come.

    I have much to say on this issue. Think about this thought..what if we stop fighting with each other and save the next victim from suffering only can this be achieved by LOVE RESPECT AND UNITY..

    Kinda sounds like CHOCHMA BINA DAS


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