Third Assailant from Gang Assault Tuesday Night in Custody

The Third assailant from Tuesday nights two gang assaults has been taken into custody. The Hate Crimes Task Force has already charged the other two perpetrators with Hate Crime, and assault charges.


The third assailant from Tuesday nights two gang assaults on two Jewish men has been taken into custody by the NYPD Wednesday.

The assaults, which was previously reported on, occurred a few minutes after 1:00am on President St between Albany and Troy Ave, when the gang of three began targeting Jewish men on the block.

Their first victim, an older man, was pushed to the ground before being pummeled mercilessly with punches and kicks to his face and body. The beating, caught on video, only ended when the three suddenly broke away and fled.

Just a few minutes later, the gang targeted a second man. The second victim was younger, and put up a fight, screaming for help and struggling with them.

Witnesses and victims immediately called 911 and Crown Heights Shomrim, who were both there in moments.

As they canvassed the area looking for the gang, a group matching the description of the gang was located on Crown St and Troy Ave. When the NYPD stopped the group, they attempted to flee. Two were caught, while the third got away.


  • 1. 2232 wrote:

    now, how to keep them off the streets, incarcerated for a maximum time ???????
    and how are the victims??

  • 3. Thank you. wrote:

    Good job Shomrim. Thanks to Shomrim and Shmira the cops have to show up and do some work (eating donuts does not count for work).
    Now let’s make sure the victims press charges and put those low lives away for a long time.

  • 4. Suggestions from an Outsider wrote:

    1) Have the City Council appropriate funds for Shomrim and Shmira to expand and work 24/7.
    2) Increase the size of the local precinct who walk the streets / drive in cars
    3) increase funding for surveillance cameras
    4) Educate voters on how the Jewish community can be the swing vote in democratic elections
    5) EMBARASS MAYOR DIBLASIO, Councilwoman CUMBO, and BP ERIC ADAMS who are not funding enough increased police patrols and surveillance cameras in CH by asking DONALD TRUMP TO bring in the NATIONAL GUARD since this is a FEDERAL CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE
    6) Electronic newspapers should stop recognizing the CHJCC as it does not hold regular elections
    7) The Jewish community should go to war by registering in the democratic primaries where the margin of victory is less than the general elections -Republican Jews in CH should be drafted…and register in the Democratic Party so they can vote in the primary, and then can vote Republican in the general, which in CH is a foregone conclusion
    8) Jews should unite with Asians in Sunset Park ( Part of the NYS Senatorial district for CH)
    9) Jews should unite with Black homeowners who are more conservative and care about crime in the community, since they own property
    10) NYPD Police Sting – have able NYPD officers dress up like Chasidic Jews to catch these guys
    11) There should be a PAC (Political Action Committee), a Jewish Shul Senate, run not run by rich Jews, but by a member of each Shul, whose Job it is to get out the vote and unite the community.
    12) Jews in CH should be informed and organized months ahead of the upcoming primary. Remember – several recent primaries were decided by about 1000 votes.

    Jay Sorid
    Merrick, NY

  • 5. Anyounous wrote:


    Antisemitism will always be a thing and it will rise before the final days of galus.

    You should try to be aware of you’re surroundings and to create a safe environment by making a kiddush hashem. Try to be friendly to people you may be quick to judge.

    Being honest and truthful can bless you’re soul.

    No more lashes hora around our shabbos tables.

    It may have an impact on someone you aren’t aware of.

    We are born to with the nature of sin so just do youre best succeed in youre own way.

    A simple person should know the right from wrong. If you see someone lacking the understanding kindly educate them in a manner that’s just free association.

    One god one love.

    Let’s bring moshiach.


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