Horrifying Hit and Run Sends Jewish Man to the Hospital

In a horrifying hit and run, a Jewish man was sent to the hospital after being hit by a car on Union street, and thrown to the floor. Hatzalah transported him to a local Hospital.

by crownheights.info

Around 12:00pm Friday afternoon, a horrifying incident unfolded on Union St mid block, as the Jewish man attempted to cross the street.

As he stepped from between two double parked cars, a white KIA Optima, speeding down the block hit him, throwing him onto the hood of the car.

Video footage of the incident shows the man being carried the rest of the block on the hood of the car, until the car swerves at the intersection of Union and Albany, sending the man head first to the ground.

The car sped off, leaving the scene.

Hatzalah and 911 were called, and the man was rushed to a local hospital for emergency treatment.

Crown Heights Shomrim who obtained video footage of the incident, are requesting the public’s assistance with any additional photos or videos of this vehicle. If you have any information, please call the Shomrim Emergency Hotline at 718-774-3333.


  • 2. Hashem yishmor wrote:

    Please update us on his condition.
    Refua sheleima and besuros tovos.
    What’s his name for tehillim?

  • 6. Mendel engel wrote:

    We need to demand from the police to use all resources available to them. We need to have an organized protest by the precinct if they don’t have any Leads by Sunday morning. Anybody that is part of the community board, that reads this, please arrange it.

  • 8. Jay from LI wrote:

    Can the police make out a plate number, can other agencies assist ?

    Did any of the other surveillance cameras in the area indicate a plate?

    Can the 71st precinct make public a surveillance camera map in CH?

    Dec 20 is the next monthly 71st precinct meeting at the Police Station..7.30 pm, 400 Empire Blvd

  • 11. five towns yid wrote:

    If this was a police officer that was hurt in the least they mobilize resources to catch the offender.
    Anyone with surveilance cameras by houses or businesses needs to check / review them for this car to see if their camera caught the plate #

  • 13. Not the 1st hit and run recently wrote:

    Not the 1st hit and run in last few weeks. My friends husband was also hit by a car and thrown and the car drove off. He went to the hospital but was B”H ok.
    I have to ask her if it was a white van

  • 15. Jay wrote:

    End the street cleaning rules for NO PARKING so cars don’t have to double park and create these dangerous conditions. Instead pay the homeless to pick up street garbage just like the prisoners pick up garbage along the parkways.

    ( Staten Island does not have NO Parking Rules for street cleaning)

  • 16. Rochel wrote:

    How awful!!! I was hit in a similar incident a few years ago and the lingering pain has haunted me since… and I am a young healthy woman. May Hashem Bentch him with a speedy recovery refuah shelaima!

  • 17. Respectfully wrote:

    It’s a very unsafe street to be crossing, especially in the middle where you can’t see what’s coming. It’s horrible that a jew got hurt and sent to the hospital, and even worse that the driver sped away, but something also needs to be done about that street. And people should not be crossing before the light over there.


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