Arrest Made in Williamsburg Assault

An arrest has been made in connection with an assault on a father walking home with his son from shul Friday night. The alleged perpetrator, has 5 prior arrests, and lives in the area.


Enirque Gerena, a 32 Years old, man who lives in Williamsburg was arrested on Tuesday in connection with the Friday night assault in Williamsburg.

As previously reported on, around 6:30pm Friiday night at Throop Ave and Wallabout St, a father was on his way home from shul with his son when he was suddenly assaulted from behind.

The assailant can be seen nonchalantly approaching the man from behind, when he suddenly speeds up and punches the father in the head with a closed fist. The father is thrown to the floor from the blow, as the assailant begins running away.

Witnesses from the incident immediately gave chase, but lost him in the area of Broadway and Flushing Ave.

The 90th precinct, who arrested Mr Gerena, stated that he has five prior arrests, but did not specify what he was arrested for in the past.


  • 1. this can be stopped wrote:

    it’s not just by chance that these punching incidents are occurring in all different Jewish areas. I think the FBI can track this down easily. I believe the perpetrators are likely surfing the internet and finding hate sites.. I further believe that they are encouraged to do exactly what they are doing..
    “when you see a Jew get them by surprise and knock them down”
    Who knows maybe they belong to some club online and are rewarded with points when they report how many knock downs they get.
    The same way the FBI tracks other things online they can find these groups too.


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