Chabad of Peabody Vandalized Overnight

The Chabad of Peabody arrived for Tefillin Club Sunday morning to find that their location had been vandalized overnight. One of the front windows of the synagogue had been shattered by what appears to be a BB gun.


Every Sunday morning Rabbi Nechemia Shusterman hosts a Tefillin Club for men at Chabad of Peapody Massachusetts. This Sunday morning, evidence that something was wrong was seen even before entering the synagogue.

Overnight, someone had shot one of the front windows of the synagogue with a BB gun, leaving it shattered.

Police were called to file a report, and said they believed this to be a random act of vandalism, and not a targeted, nor anti-Semitic incident.

Chabad of Peabody, run by Rabbi Nechemia and Raizel Schusterman, has had extra Police support following the Pittsburgh tragedy, including a police presence at their Hebrew School.

A security meeting is scheduled with the Peabody Police for Monday to address security issues.

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  • 2. Rabbi nic- shehaww wrote:

    Rabbi nic is so amazingly devoted to his community and to the whole Jewish race he and his wife have fought effortlessly to break anti semetisim is the state with a large bilbored portraying the Israelis at fault. We as a whole Jewish nation must now stand by rabbi nic and his wife during this physical and emotional shatter. And hope we can all physically donate and all emotionally heal from our individual anti semetisim attacks towards us.

  • 3. Vad L. wrote:

    I am a member of the congregation for several years. I am very disturbed that the police called this a random act of vandalism. The building is set back from the street. It is in a mostly residential neighborhood with only a small shopping center nearby. This is a targeted attack. There is no way that some vandals would wonder onto this building just by chance, and the local police should know better!


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