School Buses Vandalized Over Shabbos

Three buses, two owned by Crown Heights Mosdos and another owned by a local business were vandalized over shabbos. Leaving all three inoperable and unable to drive.


Vandals flattened the tires of three school buses over shabbos on Troy Ave between Montgomery and Crown St. The vandals ripped the air valve out of the tires, leaving them deflated and unable to be used.

One of the buses is owned by Cheder Ohr Menachem, another Oholai Torah, and the other BSD Transit Corp, a private busing company in Crown Heights.

Crown Heights Shomrim, who was informed immediately following shabbos, contacted the owners of the buses to inform them of the incident.


  • 2. Call Latusha and Yevette! wrote:

    I’m sure they will be very concerned about this assault against Jewish education!

  • 4. yankel wrote:

    While it is terrible that this happened, these buses should not be parked on the streets, they should be parked in a garage or in a lot.

    • 5. Facts wrote:

      1. These busses serve our community and our children.
      2. For the most part they don’t park on residential streets, but rather on Avenues, where there are few if any residences (or entrances to such).
      3. What about Mitzvah Tanks parking on residential streets?

  • 6. No so simple wrote:

    4 there are no places in ch.

    Every lot available is taken. Schools don’t want to park in the street it leaves them to vandels thrives and homeless ppl

    That’s besides the ticket they get they have no choice realty is very expensive and no one wants to use it as a bus parking lot leaving no where but property that the school owns and very few other places to park busses .

  • 7. Bus parking wrote:

    They should rent overnight parking space. Plenty of lots. Empire kosher. Bais rivkah crown st. Why pay the city for parking tickets.


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