Police Brutally Manhandle Jewish Man Having Medical Emergency

In a brutal police incident, a Jewish man driving a taxi hit multiple cars Tuesday night following a medical episode that left him confused. The man was violently removed from the vehicle, and transported to the hospital for treatment.

by crownheights.info

The incident occurred around 9pm Tuesday evening on McDonald and 18th Ave. A Jewish taxi driver had a medical emergency and crashed his car, hitting a few parked cars and a pole. One of the cars hit was owned by a Boro Park Shomrim member who called 911 as well as Hatzolah. First responders on scene say the driver was confused and disoriented, still attempting to drive away.

When the police arrived, video footage can be seen of them attempting to pull the Jewish man from his car, cursing and yanking at him while disregarding requests from Paramedics to allow them to treat him.

The man was eventually removed from his vehicle, and transported to Maimonides Medical Center for treatment.



  • 3. Reb Yid wrote:

    Driver did not comply with police – massive chilul hashem. If he was having a “medical episode”whats with the cig? What is this shtiss that people don’t comply with police officers? Absolutely nisht nuhrmal.

  • 4. Zalman wrote:

    They need him out of the car, he’s a danger to everyone there. Police should use force to get him out if he doesn’t comply.

    • 5. CH Resident wrote:

      Totally Agree. The Police do not know what motives this individual might have. Get him OUT of the vehicle then they can re evaluate the situation

  • 8. Anonymous wrote:

    Over and over again we see, those that don’t comply with officers are foolish.
    Seems as this driver was in an accident, granted he had some medical situation which the police were compliant with.
    But when your asked to come out. Please follow instructions. Remember police are used if druggies criminals and drug attics. They don’t know who their dealing with. They need to take utmost precautions in every situation.

    Just so silly not following instructions. So so sad. #siyumsefertorah.

  • 9. They were absolutely right to remove him wrote:

    Who knows what his motives were? For all they know he was doing a car ramming intending to kill, not answering them and attempting to leave. They absolutely had to remove him with force and get to the bottom of it. Thank you NYPD


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