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Knife Mugging on Carroll Street

Crown Heights, Brooklyn — This past Thursday, April 26th, a Bochur walking home on Carroll St between Troy and Schenectady was mugged by a Black male wielding a knife. The incident took place at around 2:00am, the Bochur was approached by a Black male, average height and described to be around 20 years of age, and he pulled a knife on the Bochur and demanded his wallet and cell phone, then told the Bochur to start walking towards Troy Ave.

The moment the Bochur turned around, he heard the mugger start running in the other direction. He began chasing him while calling police on another phone that he had on him. The short pursuit ended when the mugger ran into 1625 President St. a building located on the corner of President and Schenectady.

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Police arrived shortly after receiving the call and did a quick canvass of the building, which did not yield any results. Officers said that they cannot do an apartment to apartment search for the mugger.

Local residents describe the building as a source for mischief, drugs and violence, where loiterers hang around in the stairwells of the building as well as on the front stoop. Additionally, was told that this isn’t the first time there was a mugging and the perp fled into this building.

Again, we would like to alert and warn all residents that it’s the season for such crime. Please take extra care when walking out late at night, try not to walk alone, if you see something suspicious don’t even hesitate to call for assistance. Keep Shomrim on a speed dial.

If you feel that you are in danger call 911 immediately as well as Shomrim at (718) 774-3333 – 24/7

Shomrim has patrols out every night and are ready and able to assist in any matter, do not hesitate to call!