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Call for ‘Chaptzem’ gets 3 Arrested for Robbery!

Two of the apprehended perps in the back of a Police cruiser

Crown Heights, Brooklyn — Tuesday, Shortly before 9:00pm a Yungerman on his way home was accosted on President St between Kingston and Albany aves by three young teens. They snatched his cell phone from his hand while he was talking on the phone, then the Yungerman without hesitation screamed “Chaptzem” and began pursuing the robbers.

When they reached the intersection of Crown and Albany a large crowd of Yidden had joined in the pursuit and surrounded two of the three perpetrators, one of which was a Black male and the other an Asian male. The third one, a Black male, managed to slip away and flee into 742 Montgomery St, a predominantly Jewish building located on the corner of Albany Ave.

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One alert resident spotted this and made his way into the building, in an attempt to apprehend him but he later told that he thought better of it and decided to wait for him outside the building. A short while later the perp exited the building and began fleeing towards Kingston ave with another crowed of Yidden behind him, who were alert after all the screaming of “Chaptzem!”. He was apprehended in front of the ice cream store on Kingston between Montgomery and Crown st.

An altercation broke out there and the perp managed to break away from the group that was holding him without his shirt on, at which point he ran into a large group of Goyim that began protecting him, screaming things like “they want to beat him because he’s black!” and “a brothers got a brothers back”, this held back the Yidden from perusing him.

A Shomrim member upon hearing the commotion got out of his house and saw what was going on and immediately identified himself, a Yid pointed out the shirtless perp and the Shomrim member began approaching, at which point the group turn hostile and began threatening. The member called for backup and warned that crowd that if they didn’t disperse they would all get locked up, this scared them and they all ran.

Another short pursuit yielded good results and the Shomrim member along with another resident apprehended the perp, who began saying that it wasn’t him and it was really his buddies. Police and a slew of other Shomrim members arrived on scene and the perp was taken into custody.The apprehended perp told one of the police officers that “a Jew with a beard and hat pulled a gun on me” followed by “they all beat me”, he was promptly placed in cuffs and whisked down to the precinct.

All three of the perps were positively identified by the victim. It is unknown if the cell phone was recovered.

Here on we have always been advocating the use of the term “Chaptzem” when in pursuit of a suspect. This time it yielded 100% results by apprehending all three of the suspects involved! If you hear a Yid scream “Chaptzem” don’t hesitate to join in the pursuit and call to make sure that Shomrim are aware of the situation by calling the 24/7 emergency hotline at (718) 774-3333


  • 4. 742 Montgomery wrote:

    what a pitty that guy didn’t come into our building a few minutes earlier… we had a minyan in the lobby…

  • 7. 742 wrote:

    742 has been mentioned numerous times here on in connection to crime.
    I live in 742 – it is far from good living conditions, but so far i have never felt unsafe.

  • 9. Suggestion - Question wrote:

    i have a serius suggestion to make and i dont understand why it wasnt implemented begashmius yet. why cant shomrim have a 1-800-shomrim number or something like that, i could guarantee it’ll be used many, many more times. i mean, how many times do people need to make the call and out of panic or out of plainly not knowing the number they cant make the call and by the time they do (if they) its too late?

    who could i contact the suggestion?

  • 10. Frustrated wrote:

    Webby: Perhaps you can detail the proper protocal to follow when the perp turns the table on the victim.
    How do you respond if the police take his claim seriously that the “bearded jew beat me”, or when that woman accused the jewish fellow of breaking her window, or when some passing fellow simply tells the police “I saw it and this guy did nothing”?
    In these cases (that I recall from different reports you have posted) it seems that the victim ends up defending himself for daring to stand up to the perp.
    So, are there basic lines that should be used when the police are confronting you?
    Are there any laws that can be referenced that the police will immediately recognize?
    How did this Shomrim member get a crowd (mob) to disperse?
    I hate feeling that one can get in trouble for standing up to the perp, or that a perp can just be let go by the word of a passerby.
    All recomendations will be greatly appreciated.

  • 11. Sick of this racism by blacks wrote:

    Great news….we should continue catching these lowlife scumbags.
    If they want cell phones, why don’t they have to go out and get a job like everyone else in society? why do these poor “victims” get to steal from everyone else and then expect to get away with it? Also, why in the world are black “brothers” helping their “brother” escape? they’ll be the next victims of these same criminals in the future!

    Only in a black community do we find black people trying to help a criminal get away with a crime strictly because of his skin color. (Anyone forget O.J. Simpson and Nemrick Nelson?). You’ll never see whites work the race card to get away with a crime.

  • 12. Anonymous wrote:


    I cant give you the legal advice on the matter of what to do if you get accused as such. But I can recommend that you appeal to the polices on scene and explain the circumstances, that this perp would be saying this to just try to get himself out of whatever crime it is he committed and attempted to flee, only to get caught.

    With regards to the crowd dispersal, the member had quite enough ‘civilians’ around to be considered a significant presents, only they were all scared of this group, which happened to be a significantly smaller the our own. The member showed some form of leadership by confronting the most outspoken person in the ‘mob’ and told him that if he didn’t disperse he would get locked up. That along with a radio in hand must have achieved the seen result.

    As for the fear to stand up to a perp, we should all just use our better judgment with regard to the matter. I dont think the Police would like to start having incidents where perps were chased, beaten and left for police to find him rather then a perp in ‘good condition’ simply subdued by a few ‘good Samaritans’.

  • 13. get a life perps wrote:

    these perps must have the IQ of a monkey.
    come to think of it, all criminals and perps must be dumber than monkeys.
    sheesh get a job and buy your own phones,ipods etc. because you’re going to get caught anyway. and stop infesting our neighborhood with crime. it’s annoying to say the least.

  • 14. oozy wrote:

    WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 16. Teach them a lesson wrote:

    Webby writes:

    “I dont think the Police would like to start having incidents where perps were chased, beaten and left for police to find him rather then a perp in ‘good condition’ simply subdued by a few ‘good Samaritans’.”

    Who cares what the Police would or wouldn’t like. If word got out that criminals in this town were being beat up and left lying there, they would think twice before attempting anything.

    A “perp in good condition” is a perp who will be back on the streets hard “at work” within a few days.

  • 17. PICTURES!!! wrote:


    Webby, I think it is very impirtant to post pictures of the perps, because if they are from our community chances are that they haven’t learned their lesson or would like to retaliate at us for having them arrested. It is important for us to see who they are for their pictures to be posted on all websites regardless. Years ago, JJ Pshemish used to snap photos at every crimes scene, I think that now we see you with camera often, it’s time that you let us good mug shots of the perps so EVERY1 will know…

  • 18. Milhouse wrote:

    “Chaptz em”? What is this, Williamsburg? Suddenly we’re Galitzianers? In Crown Heights it should be “chapt im”.

  • 19. LeffertsAveResident wrote:

    At about 8:00 last night – the same night – as I was walking down Troy Ave between Union St and President St, right next to the Laundromat, 2 young teens came near me, with one practically walking right up to me and then juking out of the way, as if playing basketball. I was talking on the cell phone at the time. And the one who came close to me was wearing a black shirt.

  • 20. Fed-up resident wrote:

    I agree with “Teach them a lesson”:These scum have the nerve to invade our Jewish streets and act so brazenly and viciously(even old people attacked)and when they get ‘taken in-and let out’-will ‘learn’ theat crime pays. Their fellow criminals hear then that CH is an easy way to make money/cell phones/IPods, and we have a problem.
    The solution? If we get some news to thugs out there that we are not some passive ‘nebachs’-by leaving some of our guests/victims with something physical to take back(broken bone,brain damage,etc.)we may get our streets back. Until then I feel like I’m living in a safary-without fences!
    Those that were part of the chase-thanks.

  • 21. food for thought wrote:

    Awesome everyone!!! Yasher koach! You know i’d like to think about the part where the dude ran into the group… I wonder what would have happened if it was the other way around. I am pretty sure that if it was yidden then everyone would stay and not run away. Chassidim ein mishpacha!! Then again the person most likely WOULD be innocent… At least that’s what we hope! But no matter what, we stand together,….. no matter what!

  • 22. sick of this wrote:

    im gettin sick of this all these BLACK and white pereps shpould get out of crownheights already.

    but for the SHOMRIM WAY TO GOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  • 23. Keep them in jail for a long time wrote:

    I hope they don’t get let out because the thing they stole was pretty cheap, it doesn’t matter what they mugged just the fact that they mugged someone should keep them in jail for a very long time, also I would like to thank the NYPD for their fast response.

  • 24. relative of Yungerman wrote:

    For your information, the cell phone WAS recovered after the perp told the Yungerman where he had thrown it during his flight. He also asked him to just take it and don’t let him get arrested, but it was too late for that! Some of your details are not precisely accurate but it’s really not that important. The main thing is, he appreciates the response of those who helped chase him down, the Shomrim and the police for a job well done!

  • 25. elchonon wrote:

    Well I just spent a week in CH, I feel safer walking the casabah in chevron or muslim quarter in old city jerusalem..

    I was not mugged in CH, I think because many people need to learn rules of the ‘hood. It seems that those being mugged, it’s a cell phone or ipod which would reflect on someone’s lack of alertness… that makes you a easy target..

    Backyard justice is the #1 solution, the problem though is that you law abiding new yorkers wont arm yourself while they law breaking punks have guns.

  • 26. Call to Arms wrote:

    I agree fully with all those that say we give these “people” a lesson!

  • 27. Making me nervous wrote:

    Vigilante justtice sounds good on paper, but we need to be careful. What happens if one these muggers is carrying a weapon? Is it really worth getting shot over a cell phone?

    Keep your valuables out of sight, be alert and don’t walk alone at night. These are the first lines of defense.

  • 28. Vigilante is the way to go wrote:

    I agree that we have to rough these criminals up a bit. Maybe then they’ll realize that a Jewish neighborhood is no place for the disgusting wastes in society to mess with once the b’gosh is beaten out of them by more than one of us.

  • 29. Concerned Chassidic Black Jew wrote:

    I dont like this whole situation at all. A crowd of people for a cell phone? A perp being accosted by a bunch of people and fleeing with no shirt on? They ripped off his shirt? This was a savage attack, not a good thing at all. it’s not like he was a rapist or a killer or a hit and run driver. If the cell phone was apprehended and so were two other suspects, then he should NOT have been pursued and accosted by so many opeople to the point that his shirt was off!!!

    Is there anyone thinking here? No one sees anything wrong with this? Basically, a mob came after a boy who stole a cell phone with three friends after the phone was recovered. This is not a good thing. This was something that the cops could have handled on their own. SERIOUSLY. Now I am reconsidering moving back to crown heights, reading stuff like this.

  • 30. tikvah far dem shchuna wrote:

    I am wondering if there is a maximum age to write on this because there is alot of wasted time and i hope that it is not bieng wasted by the chevrah of h\our kehila . definitely we can use more energy being put into more positive things. lishuoscha kivisi hashem. we wait for moshiach to come for the final salvation. Yashar Koach

  • 31. Concerned Chassidic Black Jew wrote:

    Wow. This kind of thinking is just as bad as that of the criminals. Violence begets violences


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