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Man Shot in the Leg on Crown Street

Police are searching for two vehicles that fled the scene of a shooting on Crown Street which left one man with a gunshot wound to his leg.


A man was shot in the leg while walking on Crown Street just off Troy Avenue at around 9:15pm in Crown Heights.

The shots apparently came from inside a vehicle that was seen fleeing the scene. The NYPD were looking for a dark gray or black late model BMW, and second vehicle that was possibly a witness that attempted to follow the BMW.

One victim suffered a gunshot wound to his leg and was treated by FDNY EMT’s and transported to an area hospital where he is expected to survive.

Police shut down the area, called a level one mobilization and have opened an investigation.


  • 5. Picaboo Shimon wrote:

    The city must strengthen its gun laws. Anyone caught with a gun life in jail no parole no second chances.

    • 6. Reuven lipsker wrote:

      Know your facts first It’s almost impossible to get a gun legally in New York City there are laws in place already. Passing more laws does not help because criminals don’t care about the the law

    • 7. Ezra wrote:

      Brilliant idea. So the thugs and the gangbangers and the other trash won’t be deterred, because jail is practically a second home to them anyway, and indeed they glorify it (why so you think they wear their pants falling down? It’s to mimic prison dress, where belts are banned because of the suicide risk). Meanwhile, law-abiding citizens will have to be even more afraid to defend themselves. Yep, sounds like a winning idea.

    • 8. Milhouse wrote:

      Self-defence is a fundamental human right, more fundamental than the freedom of expression or of religion. And all rights include the right to obtain and possess the means to exercise them — banning common weapons of self-defence is exactly the same as banning ink and paper, or tefillin.

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