Community Turns Out for Press Conference Condemning Attack

Hundreds of Jewish residents of Crown Heights turned out for a press conference condemning a vicious and vile assault – which was motivated by anti-Semitism – of a Jewish man on Shabbos afternoon.

Many Jewish men, women and children stood alongside politicians who condemned the attack of 50-year-old Menachem Moskowitz as he walked home from synagogue on Shabbos afternoon.

Borough President Eric Adams called the assailant “an animal” and further emphasized that “a ‘hello’ should not turn into a hellish assault.”


  • 1. I’m Ashamed wrote:

    I left work to come to the Press Conference condemning the anti-Semitic attack that took place on Shabbos almost killing one of us. YES, ALMOST KILLING a yungerman in our community. He would have been dead had it not been for 2 passersby that interceded. No one wants to hear this but this is the case.
    Sadly, there was a very small turnout. What is wrong with us? Why didn’t 770 empty out and everyone come to show support? Why didn’t our Rabbonim send out a message of the importance to attend? Last week when someone arranged a meeting with a college we heard shouting how wrong it was (perhaps rightfully so). Where was the head of our community council? How many more korbanos do we need in our community till we get it?
    Time for elections for all the positions: Community Council and Rabbonim. Let’s elect people that care for us, not themselves.

    • 2. Michael wrote:

      To ashamed.
      I totally agree with you. Wrote a moment earlier on this same point. Disgusted ashamed appalled. Where are the throngs. The Rabbonin activists. Etc etc. this get together is a joke. Nothing will come of it. Glad I’m not part of it.

      Yes I’m ashamed to be a CH resident. בושה וחרפה.

    • 3. CM wrote:

      Honestly, I would have done the same had I known in time…I first heard about the press conference at 3:45 and I was an hour away. It’s unfortunate. Iyh there will be no further such incidents, so we won’t have to be better prepared…

    • 4. Friend of the Family wrote:

      Who knew about the press conference in advance? First I’m hearing of it is now. Menachem Moskowitz never hurt a fly his whole life. Sickening that this disturbed person would pick Menachem to attack.

    • 5. Larry wrote:

      That’s why even when they scream the right things nobody cares they pick and choose the system is corrupt very sad

  • 6. al sharpton wrote:

    Al sharpton woould have been yelling and rioting with thousands if the tables where turn why such a small crowd with the same old same old i guess this means nothing will be done sad

  • 9. Senior resident wrote:

    Wondering, if any one can remind me the names of the community council members,
    I was searching for them among the participants hoping their faces will jugg my memory.
    Well, either they are camera shy, or what makes more sense, they have decided to concentrate on the betterment of the spiritual needs of our community.

  • 10. WhoIs wrote:

    Why why why and why is Chanina Sperlin invited to speak? Besides the fact that he’s not an elected official by any stretch (he lost big time in the last phony elections, even with all the corruption), he can’t articulate a thought…he’s a special type of special needs. So I ask, why is he up there embarrassing all of us?

  • 11. To #4 wrote:

    At least he was there. Where was the ELECTED community leader? He is the only one that really cares for our community.

    • 12. WhoIs wrote:

      He was there for himself! What has he done for the community, besides Mesira on other yiddin?

  • 13. Ashamed too wrote:

    How vague Mr Cohen.
    No personality. No emotion No uproar. Eli. Your brother was beaten almost to death. You seem to use the time to make buddy buddy rather then a uproar. You tone your frustrations your anger should of been extremely different. Yes emotions anger are ok at times like this.
    TBH I heard 1.5 min of this and nauseated. I absolutely didn’t care to hear any more. Ugh how embarrassing you guys are.

  • 14. To - I'm ashamed wrote:

    Who says protesting is the only way things get done in this world?

    Who thought you that?

    Definitely not our Rebbe.

    • 15. To - Ashamed too wrote:

      What are you talking about.

      Commenter #1 didn’t say a word about protesting. And who says anything about doing things against the Rebbe’s wishes. We are talking about coming out in numbers showing support for a brother. Achdus caring & support. Mostly talking about community leaders activists tabbonim and machers. In a respectful decent way as the Rebbe would of wanted.
      In fact to be straight up. It was said by the Rebbe in public
      אז עס טוט ווי שרייט מען
      Wake up CH.

  • 16. Photo-op with lox spread please wrote:

    While I appreciate that the elected officials, Jewish and non-Jewish, are against hate crimes, I was looking for more than just talk of peace and love.

    I was surprised no politicians broke out in song.

    Where is the commitment to spend dollars from their capital budgets (elected officials have capital and discretionary budgets) on more surveillance cameras in isolated areas?

    Where is the commitment to have more cops walking the streets and on street corners ? ( I heard there are less cops now in the precinct than before 1992)?

    Last year at a CB#9 board meeting, City Council members Cumbo and Meally said they would combine and spend part of their budgets on surveillance cameras.

    So I ask you, are the politicians keep’in it real….or just keeping it all to themselves for their pet projects.

  • 17. Post Perp's Photo is Out wrote:

    NYPD released the perp’s photo.

    Post it on telephone poles, bus-stops to discourage others from committing similar crimes and being publicly exposed.

  • 19. Anonymous wrote:

    what happened to the women who saw this and told the black men to stop and leave? why didn’t they immediately call the police?

  • 21. to no wrote:

    i was at work at 4 i dont finish tilll 6 -630 so next time they should make it on Sunday when less ppl work i would have gone if it was on a sunday or after work not in the middle of the day/afternoon

  • 22. kumbaya moment wrote:

    its ridiculous that more werent there

    however when we have pinson with the pope
    moshe melamed with his special flight attendants
    chanina who lost but speaks
    mishichist vs normal people
    how can you expect people to want to be a part

    we need real leadership

    you sure he wasnt from tzfas

  • 23. dave wrote:

    cumbo herself said during the election the SAME things that the perp who attacked the Yid said that Jewish “landlords” are buying up property. Adams himself sorrounds himself with Jew haters and embarrassed Col Goldstein with his fellow Ingrid Lewis Martin advisor and now Chanina and Cohen use this as an excuse to help THEMSELVES.

  • 25. baya wrote:

    well was it just 3 blacks who turned out to condem the attack amongst 99% jewish. are all the blacks staying out of it as they are frightened of being spotted and arrested. They are a useless people all crime ridden. chuck them all out. Roll on Judaism forever.

    • 26. Gittel wrote:

      Why would they come out to support the Jewish community when they know that you are as racist as the day is long?

  • 27. To 1 wrote:

    You say where were the rabbonim. You cant fight the rabbonim and then when you need them say “where are they” This is the natural concenquence of fighting the rabbonim even if you might not like them

    • 28. Fighting wrote:

      Who doesn’t support them? I’m asking why they didn’t tell everyone to go to this event? Did they not think its important where a Jew was almost killed?

  • 30. Public Funds for Cameras wrote:

    The recent attempted murder attack should be followed by funding for surveillance cameras just like when Borough Park got $1 million dollars for 100 security cameras, made possible by Assemblyman Hikand, after the murder of Leiby Kletsky in 2011.

    In 2014, City Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo spent $1.4 million dollars on a museum (Museum of African Dispora Arts) she co-founded. This represented half of the money she spent that year and 25% of her total budget of $5.8 million dollars. In 2012, City Councilwoman Leticia James, the predecessor for same district gave same museum $2.5 million.

    So ask the City Council persons (Laurie Cumbo and Alicka Ampry-Samuel), and NYS Sen Jessie Hamilton and US Congress Yvette Clarke to make a capital funding expenditure for more cameras and more police walking streets because this is a civil rights issue as well as a public infrastructure issue.

    Don’t vote in the primary and you will keep on getting empty words at press conferences.

  • 32. Public Funds for Cameras wrote:

    I did see Eli Slavin in attendance, representing US Congresswoman Yvette Clarke.

    – Jay Sorid

  • 33. old man wrote:

    sad so sad, one loser after the other, people like chanina and eli so happy to be in the forefront ,get these people serious help.


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