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Beating Victim Gives Interviews, Surveillance Footage Released

Hitting the Sunday evening news cycle was the shocking story of the vicious assault of a 50-year-old Jewish man, in a hate and anti-Semitic fueled attack on Shabbos afternoon. Surveillance video showed the moment he was attacked, and the victim described the incident in his own words.

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  • 2. Upsetting wrote:

    This is beyond ridiculous!! I have to be scared walking around in ch bc these fools won’t leave us Jews alone!!

  • 3. Menachem m engel wrote:

    We need to organize a community protest!!!!. I think the school should get involved!!!!. In the last entry, some stupid ppl blame the victim for living in our neighborhood!. Are we not allowed to live in this country! Some stupid blamed the victim for saying hi! Are we not allowed to be friendly!! We need a United front. We need major media coverage. This is a shame!

  • 4. Menachem m engel wrote:

    I hear there is a press conference at 4:30 at Rutland and Schenectady. Show support and be there.

  • 5. crown heights resident wrote:

    this is beyond terrible. refuah shleimah. I wsih they would not say crown heights as this is flatbush

  • 7. baya wrote:

    The filthbag attacker is obviously mentally ill to do this. This filthbagbag must be caught , beaten to a pulp and dropped in a gutter forever.

  • 10. CHJCC - community meeting wrote:

    CHJCC should hold a community meeting in the ball room of Kingsbrook Jewish.

    There should be regular meetings as well.

  • 11. Diana Richardson and her likes wrote:

    The words this menuvel said were straight out of her mouth and straight out of the mouths of many who blame the Jews for everything under the sun…

    She may have asked to shut off the mike, but her words and the words of others are still heard and those that say these kinds of words are directly responsible for hate related crimes

    It is their hand too that hit this Yid

    Hashem halt cheshbon

    And in the meantime….all the so called lovers of justice have dissapeared in this situation and are not to heard. Their printing machines only print signs of one type.

    • 12. Yakov wrote:

      Now Richardson has a better idea… she schedules her meetings for Shabbos when the Jews can’t attend.
      Yesterday there was a car with loudspeakers announcing the weekly housing meetings that her office will be hosting every Saturday at 12pm…. I’m surprised that chinfo hasn’t picked up on this.

    • 13. dave wrote:

      Eric Adams and his crony Ingrid lewis Martin another anti-Semite also schedule their meetings about “gentrification” on Friday nights.

  • 14. Picaboo Shimon wrote:

    Think about this incident every time you double park your car, honk your horn, throw garbage in that street, and act obnoxiously to your neighbors etc.

    If we do more to respect our neighbors, hopefully these attacks will cease.

    • 15. Milhouse wrote:

      What makes you think so? Why would you even have a hava amina that it might be so? You’re victim-blaming, starting with the assumption that the neighbors are basically decent people, and therefore we, their victims, must have done something to enrage them. Why not start with the opposite assumption, that rage is their default state, and they need to be restrained rather than putting the burden on us to appease them?


    There is going to be a press conference today Schenectady and 46 it is of extreme importance to all of our families that we come out in the strongest support possible looking forward to seeing everyone there If you can’t make it on time it’s okay usually does not start on time and drags on for a little so please do your best to come by At 4.30 this afternoon

  • 19. Gittel wrote:

    The victim keeps changing his story. Doesn’t look to me like there was any time for anyone to greet anyone or for there to be a “I hate fake Jews, you’re a fake Jew” interchange as originally alleged. Clearly an attack occurred, from the video, but I’m not sure why everyone is allergic to the truth.

    • 20. No wrote:

      He said hello before the video started. The initial interaction was up the block before the video. When the meshugeh started cursing and yelling how he hates Jews, the yid walked away calmly. Then the guy comes up behind him yelling, which is what you see in the video.
      This man is a sofer stam, poshut a heiligeh, tiere yid, a yirei shomoyim b’yoiser. He is a fine man and is not making up stories. Please be more respectful.

    • 22. Watch closely before you judge someone else wrote:

      I’m not sure if you know what happened but the guy was chasing him for a block and caught up to the victim at the corner where he attacked him

    • 23. Berel wrote:

      What is so hard about this. The Yid described the situation. He said hello, or something like hello. The man started ranting about Jews. He said hates Jews or something to that effect. He said Jews stole his money and mortgage or something to that effect.

      The yid lehavdil walked away. The man chased after him and attacked him as you see in the video.

      It’s highly unlikely the victim was giving a verbatim account.

      Is everything okay?

  • 24. Strength in numbers and wrote:

    News conference Schenectady and Rutland 4.30 pm Monday April 23.

    Let them see you care so the pols can provide cops that walk the streets, more cameras, and bring back hate crimes for 16 and 17 yr olds for first degree assault. See Raise the Age law which decriminalized certain hate crimes

  • 25. Stanford Flanagan, CT South Africa wrote:

    What a shame. What is this coming to?? I never Jews or minorities will be subjected to this king of treatment in 2018. African Americans should not forget the treatment they have to deal with, let alone do it to other minorities. How sad…

  • 26. High-quality street corners cameras wrote:

    Back in 2016 a Lubavitcher Man Stabbed in Crown Heights, the perpetrator escape route was the very same CH Street.

    Community security: There is a professional debate where is best to invest?

    is it in our exterior perimeter where there is fewer of us and serve on the rare incident or is it in the heart of crown heights where it is mostly populated and as such, it should be invested there?

    This is boiled down to money to properly secure ourselves with quality face-detection cameras on our street corners.

    with community effort both objectives can be facilitated; the inner street corners and all perimeter corners must have a face detection camera capability picture that would allow the police computers to search and campers faces going through their DMV ’s and criminal database, or just posting a face on the media asking the public for help.

    only such a community effort once put into action will create a secure area environment and will deter from such attack to accrue in the first place.


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