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Gunfire Shatters Window as New Year Kicks Off

As the new year was being rung in, one Jewish family in Crown Heights had the misfortune of having one of their apartment windows shattered by errant gunfire at midnight.


As the fireworks exploded over New York City and millions of revelers celebrated the incoming new year, a Jewish family on Lefferts Avenue in Crown Heights were startled awake when one of their apartment windows suddenly shattered.

The incident occurred at around midnight when the mother of the household heard the sound of shattering glass in their kitchen. Upon checking it out she discovered a bullet hole in the window above the sink, and the slug lying on the window sill.

“My family is really freaked out [over the incident],” said the father of the household. When asked if he thought his window was targeted he said “it is tough to say.”

When police officers arrived in the morning they collected the bullet and said that it was most likely new year’s celebrations and people shooting up in the air as the fireworks were going off. “They said that they would be running forensics on the bullet, but have little hope of anything coming of it.”

“You always hear gunshots” said the homeowner, “but you don’t expect bullets to come through your window.”

This shooting occurred less than a half block from the neighborhoods largest Jewish girls school, Beth Rivka on Lefferts and Brooklyn. The gunfire appeared to have come from 501 Lefferts Avenue, an apartment building with 60 residential units that is owned by landlord Joseph (Yossi) Popack.


  • 1. ahavasyisroel wrote:

    and everyone here gets upset over a hotel…more hotels = less gunfire

    • 2. Jacob wrote:

      What a stupid comment.
      You couldn’t have showed more stupidity then that comment.
      Please refrain from expressing your comments in the future.

      From the CH.Info community

    • 3. Cholent Mit Kugel wrote:

      please don’t pay attention to jacob……he only represents his mommy’s dark basement apartment.

  • 4. what a nes!!! wrote:

    whoever did it was sure it wont be suspicious amidst all the celebrations

  • 5. chaim wrote:

    It’s time that Popack is pressured to redo his apartments so that yiddin can live in them & then to rent to yiddin. Especially since there is a big problem for newlyweds to find an apartment.

    • 6. Baruch wrote:

      Unfortunately that will never happen.
      He has no plans too.

      Just give it a few years and the other major building owners will also stop allowing Jews inside.

    • 7. Zalman wrote:

      Money money money. He dosnt live here so he dosnt care about the safety of the people. He lives in a safe huge house away from all the crime. He will do what’s best for his pockets

    • 8. Amused Observer wrote:

      Baruch –

      If you have any evidence whatsoever of building owners not allowing Jews inside, you should contact the authorities.

      The Constitution and all that, you know.

  • 9. OLD NEWS wrote:

    we always used to have our window sot out new years, 4 July and when they felt like. Sorry and welcome to crown heights. this is just what it is.

  • 10. SM Popack wrote:

    He is simply continuing his father Shmuel Issac’s legacy, as I heard him once say about himself “shmuel issac is white on the outside, but he is black on the inside.”

    They would rather never rent to Jews then own any buildings…

  • 11. Anonymous wrote:

    The guy gives tons of local charity privately and publicly and you all just bash away

    • 12. kosher chazer fisel wrote:

      so that makes it ok to systematically keep jews out of his buildings?? oh, but he give tzedakkah… right… its all good now…

  • 13. hopeful wrote:

    He gets credit where credit is due, for all his generous tzedaka, and gets bashing for whatever bashing he deserves.

  • 14. The kangeroo wrote:

    In Crown Heights the truly rightious suffer.Somebody has honestly to want Meshiach now.


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