Cops Suspended for Blowing Off 911 Call

Two NYPD cops were suspended for allegedly blowing off a 911 call to check on a Crown Heights woman — who was later found dead in her home, her husband being the primary suspect.

From the NY Post:

The officers had been assigned to touch base with Tonie Wells, 22, whose sister called police, relaying that the young mom was “scared” of her husband, sources said.

Dispatched officers drove to Wells’ home in Crown Heights, but never got out of their car to actually check on her welfare, law enforcement sources said.

Wells’ body was found at 9:50 a.m. with bruises on her neck inside her Sterling Place residence. Her husband was later arrested.


  • 1. three monkeys wrote:

    71 pct. this is expected from 71 pct.
    not 77 pct., whos officers usually do a great job responding (in this writers experience).

  • 2. 49 yr in the hood wrote:

    Cops Are no dam good
    There just thugs With License to kill
    And bring Harm to regular citizens

  • 5. to #1 wrote:

    There are all kind of cops
    You wouldn’t want a world without cops either
    Not until Moshiach comes

  • 8. Anonymous wrote:

    Terribly sad but you should see how quick they come to give a ticket for a car blocking a garage

  • 10. Maybe now they will respond wrote:

    Maybe now they wont blow off crown hts residents as they often do. This may save others but its a shame this had to happen to wake police up

  • 11. Police are outsiders wrote:

    The Police are outsiders. You can’t expect outsiders to come in and care about our community. It’s unfortunate and that’s why we need Shomrim. Gentiles need their own “insiders”. No one cares about you like family.

  • 12. www wrote:

    it might help for others to know how to deal with such issues, such as teaching kids phone #’s to call, such as abuse #’s, shelter #’s etc. This is tragic. the system failed these people

  • 14. cops not at fault!!! wrote:

    The cops are told to try to ignore or write of calls to 911 so that their RATINGS go UP!!!!
    How many murders in NY Ohh way down etc.
    Shame on BILL DEBLASIO

  • 15. outsiders? wrote:

    sadly insiders do the same thing.
    our own Rabonim, mashpiim and community activists send women back to abusive situations.
    It happened to me, and only by a miracle did my children and I get away from a horrible situation. We are finally breathing again, but if it were up to our insiders we would still be living with terror and humiliation.
    I am not the only one either.
    Too many I know say the same thing.
    One friend got an order of protection but in order to get a gett Rabonim made her take it off.
    Wake up!

  • 18. Lawrence wrote:

    Wow strong!
    Not the forum here but this needs serious open discussion
    Rubashkin celebration and rightly so
    However how many of our’s (Albeit females) are similarly incarcerated by a similarly corrupt system.
    Time to take serious note and time to review seriously (sorry for repetitiveness) the Halachic articles in publications like Techumin etc. aim of which is to alleviate problems alluded in #15 comment

  • 19. Misunderstanding wrote:

    I heard the police officers claim it was a misunderstanding; that they thought the crime happened outside, but saw nothing outside, so they left.


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