Hate Message Scrawled on Park Bench

A hate-filled message was scrawled on a bench opposite the Brooklyn Children’s Museum in Crown Heights.

The message reads:

To the “Jews,” how many was [sic] raped, killed, and sacrificed to have this street all yours? Sorry neighborhoods?

Detectives from the 77th Precinct’s Hate Crimes Taskforce are investigating the incident.

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  • 2. just another jew wrote:

    during the years i lived in the hood…… i am not aware of any yid raping, mugging or killing anyone……. well, i mighta lost a couple of wheels off my lincoln but other wise i didn’t witness anyone bothering anyone except for petty adolescent stuff……………. two(2) things I REALLY MISS. 1) the Shuk on eny ave AND 2) alternate side of the street parking


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