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11-Year-Old Assaults Jewish Teenagers

An 11-year-old African-American boy randomly accosted three Jewish teenagers and assaulted two of them this afternoon in Crown Heights.

The first incident occurred at around 2:00pm in the vicinity of President Street and New York Ave., where the suspect ran up to a teenaged Jewish boy and verbally accosted him, threatening to shoot him.

Shortly thereafter and in the same area, the suspect ran up to a second teenaged boy and asked him if he wanted to fight him. The boy responded in the negative and tried to continue on his way, at which point the assailant punched him in the face. The victim suffered bruising and a split lip.

The third incident occurred a short while later on Crown Street between New York and Brooklyn Aves., where the suspect approached a teenaged Jewish girl and punched her in the face without saying a word. The victim suffered bruising and swelling as a result of the assault.

The victim cried for help and within seconds Shomrim were called and were on the scene. They called the police who arrived shortly thereafter, and began searching for the suspect.

Officers from the 71st Precinct’s Anti-Crime unit identified the suspect nearby and stopped him for questioning. The teen girl victim was brought to the scene and she positively identified him as the assailant.

The suspect was arrested and taken down to the 71st Precinct.

Shomrim volunteers found the suspect’s other victim and brought him down to the precinct to give his statement. which was added to the criminal report.

A source in the Precinct said that the suspect will be referred to Family Court due to his young age, and will likely be released back to the custody of his parents following booking.

Update 9:10pm: After being interviewed by detectives from the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force they have decided to upgrade the charges to a hate crime.

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  • 1. Kapachi wrote:

    Relative of one of the victims great job by Shomrim getting all the victims and networking with the police.

  • 2. Back to his "parents" wrote:

    The parents have obviously done such a fine job until now and no doubt will continue to do so now that he’s been “released to their custody”. A kid like this will end up in jail or dead in the street sooner rather than later. Hopefully that will happen before he hurts any other innocent people!

    • 3. Disgusted wrote:

      You should be ashamed of yourself –– an adult “hopeful” that a troubled 11-year-old ends up “in jail or dead.” Hopefully, he learns from his actions, makes amends, and becomes a productive member of our society. Until then, you should take a deep look in the mirror because you’re a big part of the problem. Shame on you.

  • 4. It Only Gets Better wrote:

    If this what he does at age 11, imagine what he may do when he gets older…

  • 5. Moishe pupik wrote:

    Crown Heights is getting back to itself. Krav maga and karate should be a mandatory course in all Yeshivas you can not have that every kid should assault the young without fear

  • 9. mendoza wrote:

    i love the way the black good samaritans step in to protect the blk kid . were are they to teach there
    what they call ” young folks ” to be some what human ?

    • 10. An educator wrote:

      He obviously learned to hate from his old folks or peers. Sad and dangerous!

  • 11. ch resident wrote:

    first of all its a BLACK boy not African American. African American is not a color. Its either black or white. Second of all why is his face blocked? People should know who it is so that they can know who to look out for

    • 12. Anonymous wrote:

      It’s officially “African American” now since last week. Not trying to stir the pot of trouble, but it was desired by black leaders for naming this month.

    • 13. About time for positive change wrote:

      For all who are upset with the confirmation of Mrs. DeVos as Education Secretary, THIS BOY IS THE REASON WE NEED A TOTALLY REVAMPED BoE!
      Public schools have destroyed generations of children.
      So glad Trump is in, and is bringing in capable people to fix up this nation.

  • 17. Mom wrote:

    Guys he is a kid. An angry messed up kid. He needs counseling and maybe community service. His face is blocked because he is a little child. Maybe he needs to be frightened with the idea of going to jail but there he will just become an angry and dangerous adult. I hope the victims are ok 100% but his life shouldn’t be ruined for acting stupidly.

  • 18. anonymous wrote:

    I agree with #13, why is his face blocked, how are the kids going to know who he is

  • 19. sw12 wrote:

    how about they check into the family and find a reason to have a social worker get involved and that way, someone will be monitoring the situation. Seems that this kid is from a troubled home and needs attention and rehabilitation. could be abuse going on too, and he needs to be supervised. That would be best for everyone.

  • 20. Bev wrote:

    The boy who carried out this terrible act is evil. He needs locking up for good along with his parents. We dont need muck like this on our streets.

  • 21. Jay S wrote:

    Knock out attacks can be deadly.
    See “Minnesota teen gets ten years after fatal knock out game punch.” http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2013/11/21/new-york-lawmaker-targets-knockout-game-with-new-bill/

    Its time show up in numbers at the upcoming precinct meeting and then lobby the legislators to create tougher legislation to target this continuing knockout game. Legislators react to voter concern.
    Voter concern can be documented in news articles with photos of community events.

    The 71 Precinct Community Council meetings are held every third Thursday of each month at MS 61, located at 400 Empire Boulevard at 7:30 P.M.


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