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Teen who Pulled Gun During Robbery Arrested

Police have arrested a 14-year-old teenager in connection with the attempted theft of a bicycle where he pointed a gun at a store owner.

The arrest was made on Wednesday by detectives from the 71st Precincts Detective Squad after receiving a tip from detectives in the 77th precinct who recognized the teen in connection with another robbery.

This arrest was made in connection with a July 22 incident on Troy Avenue and Carroll Street where the teen attempted to steal a bicycle that was chained in front of the Gourmet Butcher grocery store. A store worker saw the teen attempting to cut the lock using bolt cutters and together with the store owner and a bystander confronted the teen.

At first they took the bolt cutters and after refusing to return them, the teen pulled out a black handgun and threatened to shoot them if they didn’t return it.

The entire harrowing incident was captured on the stores surveillance video.

Police sources confirmed that the perpetrator is just 14-years-old and due to the nature of the crime he will be charged as an adult.


  • 1. Only 14. Sad. wrote:

    Remove him to juvenile detention because his Mama ain’t raising the brat right.

  • 3. So?! wrote:

    Who cares if his mama ain’t raising him right, throw him in jail. He has no right to pull out a gun

  • 6. Sad culture wrote:

    What a shame to throw away his future like that. It’s very sad to see what becomes of children who grow up in the culture of violence, drugs and entitlement.

    There are no honorable work or education ethics and very few see the value of earning and achieving.

  • 7. Mel wrote:

    The black community needs to get their act together! There should be no tolerance for this behavior.

  • 10. RIDICULOUS wrote:

    All these Photos & Video ..Took 2 weeks to get this thug , obviously police was not making any heroic effort to get him , News Media Totally Ignored Incident

  • 13. cepeda henderson wrote:

    Omg known his mom and family he comes from a good home and was not raised that way omg hes really a good kid I watched him grown up sad to see this


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