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2 Women Stabbed, 6 Suffer Chemical Burns in Violent Brawl

A violent showdown late Wedensday night between two groups of women stemming from a dispute on Facebook left two women stabbed and six others with chemical burns on their faces.


Two women were stabbed and six burned with Drano during a dispute in Crown Heights.

Two groups of women, in an ongoing dispute over something posted on Facebook, were involved in a confrontation at Crown Street and Schenectady Avenue just before midnight Thursday.

A 20-year-old woman was stabbed twice in the back and an 18-year-old was stabbed in the left arm. They were both taken to Kings County Hospital in stable condition.

During the melee, someone threw Drano in the face of many of the women, and six were burned in the face.

They were all taken to the Cornell burn unit at New York Presbyterian Hospital in stable condition.

No arrests were immediately made and the case is under investigation.

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  • 4. Anonymous wrote:

    How do you know WHO it was?! And how do you know that they were Bais Rivka girls?!

  • 6. awacs wrote:

    I’m willing to give ten to one odds that they weren’t Jewish. Any takers?

    (Basking in the shadow of Milhouse’s praise.)

  • 7. Obviously wrote:

    I live nearby and heard the shouting, without doubt they were not of our ilk.

  • 8. anonymous wrote:

    what difference does it make if they were jewish or not?! the point is that it happened. wow, u guys are so shallow.

  • 9. l don't think they were jewish wrote:

    Because if they were in the news it would come out
    “Jewish girls had a fight or got burnt bc of facebook…”
    And of course it makes a dif! B”H’ we are different than goym!! And it’s good to know that our girls don’t act that way!!!

    • 11. Citzen Berel wrote:

      No he meant soul and body as in different soul and different body. The difference between holy and mundane, or G-dly and human. We are Jews. And a Jew who has black skin is …. a Jew and is exactly one hundred percent the same as a Jew who has white skin, and, as a corollary, if you have white skin but are not Jewish, then we are as intrinsically different from you as we are intrinsically different from the drano warriors.

  • 12. to # 8 wrote:

    It absolutely makes a difference who they were, if it was our own then what an embarrassment and chillul Hashem, if it wasn’t of our ppl, then it’s just another day in Brooklyn, a little too close for comfort yet just another day, my friend.

  • 13. Family values wrote:

    It’s not physical appearance that determines~that’s true. However it is about the quality of raising a child that influences character traits. Just so happens that someone with a good and stable home environment and family/community involvement develops respect for others, and a better chance of functioning well in society.


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