Sign Greeting Young Shluchim Destroyed

A sign welcoming the young Shluchim who traveled in to Crown Heights for the Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim, was torn down and destroyed just a few hours after it was hung up.

The large sign was prepared by the Vaad HaKinus and was hung across the roadway on Kingston Avenue and Union Street. It read “We salute the Rebbe’s young Shluchim” along with the logo of the Kinus.

Volunteers hung the massive sign up on Wednesday night at around 3:00am, but were shocked to discover that by sunrise it was already gone. Nearby surveillance video reveled that some two hours later two individuals climbed up the pole and cut down the sign. They then cut the sign in half and threw it into the trash of a nearby home.

“What could a simple sign greeting children have done to draw such ire from these two individuals?” asked one of the volunteers, “a sign greeting children, What have we come to?”



  • 3. 48 yr in the hood, wrote:

    very simple it did not have the yeci posuk on it
    so the tzfaty mafia took it down

  • 5. Them again. wrote:

    It’s those tzfati thugs. They destroy everything, first they try to destroy our hard dedicated selfless shomrim service, now this..? We have to eradicate this Erev Rav היינט איצטער!!!

  • 6. round glasses wrote:

    Is the one with the hat Grossbaum? He is quite distinguishable with those round glasses…

  • 7. commnt wrote:

    don’t say anything. We dont’ want thugs but right now, we cannot trash each other. Its their loss. The shluchim are b’simcha and they are walking Torah and Mitzvos, let it be.

  • 8. Cholent Mit Kugel wrote:

    Yes, only one with round glasses is Grossbaum. You solved it! Now I can go to sleep safely. Everything is good in the world!

  • 9. Where was NYPD? wrote:

    Aren’t they stationed on the next corner? How did they miss this? Let me guess they were busy on their phones

  • 13. Mayanot Sign wrote:

    The Mayanot sign was also torn down Thursday early morning. I wonder if its the same haters.

  • 14. I Know that guy!! wrote:

    It’s Yossi Kantian!! OMG! That tzfaty is nuts!! Get those tzfatom out of crown heights!!

  • 16. Oy wrote:

    I am speculating here, but it seems that these guys are from the extremist moshichst cult that still exists in the Rebbes shul. These men should be prosecuted and kicked out of the community. Set an example. We do not tolerate this bad behavior in our community.

  • 18. Distinguished wrote:

    For these reasons like this is why i stay out of crown heights, more violence is coming from these extreme tzfati hood rats, i am sick of it, most are bochurim, that with a simple phone call they could be sent back and deported, but no one has the chuzpah to do so, all that is done from crown heights residents is they complain on the internet. Wake. Up people!

    • 19. Be part of the solution wrote:

      It’s easy to put down Crown Heights, and this incident is deplorable.

      But you’re just saying that you “stay out of Crown heights.” And putting down Crown Heights doesn’t solve anything. It just adds to the problem by taking attention away from a balanced view of our community.

      Don’t continue to be a part of the problem. Be a part of the solution! There’s lots you can do!

  • 24. msw t wrote:

    you should know that this is a sign of mental illness. These are people who are more interested in someone else’s activities, than in their own growing and improvement.
    There are so many revelations these days, where are the revelations about mental illness/mental health.

  • 25. No Need To Hate wrote:

    It’s a very big rachmonus on these individuals and that is the only emotion we should feel towards them.

  • 29. To 25 wrote:

    Well becuse of pepole like these guys in video and there cohorts. Moshiach didn’t come.

    So sign got faded out and we will soon have a new sign.

  • 30. Mesira wrote:

    The sign was illegal – it removed to RESPECT authority! Our streets are not hefker. It isn’t a free for all to do as they please. Bravo for those who remove illegal signs!

  • 31. i don't give a shist wrote:

    no matter who moshiach is fighting with each other isn’t going to bring him any closer

  • 32. msw t wrote:

    # 30 is very very correct. It is really that simple in explanation.
    But I also have to say that there are various types of mental illness and our community best learn about them. Anyone who is busy destroying someone elses creations/properties and not working on building their own, is not mentally ok. Forgive me, it does say that in Torah and Chassidus too.

  • 34. Grossbaum wrote:

    That guy with the hat and jacket (or short Kapote…) is definately Grossbaum. That crackhead american tzfati. You can see him roaming around 770 up to all kinds of trouble with all his tzfati friends…

  • 35. to #30 wrote:

    it might be illegal, but they did not do it for that. if they did , why do it so early in the morning!


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