Wild Chase After Car Stolen from Razag Valet

At around 9:00pm Thursday night, a Crown Heights woman going to a Simcha at the Razag Ballroom left her car with the valet employees for parking. In the few minutes it sat in front of the building with the key in the ignition, a man jumped inside and drove off with it.

The valet employees immediately gave chase to the thief with another two vehicles, pursuing him down East New York Ave. towards Brooklyn Ave.

As he neared Brooklyn Ave., the perpetrator tried to reverse the car and drive in the opposite direction. While attempting this maneuver, he lost control of the car and crashed into a parked vehicle.

The thief then fled the scene on foot.

A review of surveillance footage of the incident reveals that the perpetrator was a white male wearing a leather jacket.

In an interview with CrownHeights.ino, one bystander postulated that the thief seemed to have intimate knowledge of exactly how the Razag valet system works, and taken advantage of a previously discovered weakness in security.

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  • 2. yossi wrote:

    If its a leased car let him steal it there is not much he can do with it and it will be tge banks problem not yours not worth the risk chasing the guy

  • 3. Guest wrote:

    Love Razag for the Valet option!
    Word to the wise, always take out your keys from the engine and give them to the valet, much better than leaving them in engine.

  • 5. rcsb wrote:

    they showed the guy that they will not tolerate this crime. Like Israel needs to do, if you show a strong firm approach, there will be less efforts to do crime and G-d forbid more.

  • 7. shalom wrote:

    To number 1

    If you have nothing to say ,

    Just stam Klapen in Chinik,

    Be smart betetter dont

  • 8. Yossel wrote:

    Those clowns will NOT valet park MY car!!! I don’t lease and I don’t want dings or mechanical damage because some jockey slams into a parking space…

  • 9. To #6 wrote:

    But whose insurance? IF it is the owner’s insurance, will his premiums go up because of an accident? Does the valet company have insurance for this type of thing?


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