Labor Day Parade Once Again Marred by Bloodshed

Five people were shot – and one of them killed – in several shooting incidents that occurred this morning in Crown Heights, as celebrations were underway for the Caribbean-American / Labor Day Parade on Eastern Parkway.

From the NY Daily News:

At least five people were shot, one fatally, near the route of Brooklyn’s West Indian Day Parade in a string of early morning shootings Monday.

A gunman opened fire into a crowd that had already begun parade festivities in Crown Heights about 3:30 a.m., police said, hitting three people and an unmarked police vehicle.

A 55-year-old man, shot in the midsection, died at the scene at the corner of Empire Blvd. and Rogers Ave. — about six blocks from the route of the parade that kicked off at 11 a.m.

A 22-year-old woman was shot in the ankle and a 22-year-old man was shot in the leg, cops said. Both were taken to Kings County Hospital in stable condition.

A round also shattered a window of an unmarked police vehicle, showering an NYPD detective inside with glass, officials said. He was treated and released from SUNY Downstate Medical Center.

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  • 1. ord wrote:

    were any perps caught?? why didnt we hear about that? we want to hear what the police are doing / what they have done about it
    they need to have a suggestion box and let people help come up with other ways to deal with this. This is a big mistake. it isnt fair to the large amount of decent people who attend, to have to suffer this, and then its not fair to our community that we cant access roads, and deal with the other issues

  • 5. Enough already! wrote:

    when are all the w.p.s in the neighborhood aka The community council & other so called politicians going to open their mouths have the guts to stand up & say enough with the violence the trouble etc. ti,e to move the parade out of The Ch Move it to Atlantic avenue where it is a wide open business space much more easily controllable safer for everyone etc. Just as easily accessible less headaches etc.

  • 6. Tired wrote:

    Tired of the noise, tired of vandalism, tired of uncontrolled crowd, tired of the shooting and other crimes being committed. Enough already! The organizers must find a way to control the crowd and it’s unacceptable behavior during the parade.

    • 7. unknown wrote:

      unacceptable how because you dont dance that way!!!! everyone is different . no one comes from the same back round. yes many people dont behave proper. but you cant make all suffer for one.

  • 11. suri wrote:

    This happened at 3;30 in the morning, before the parade even started, and the guy that shot those people was a criminal, he just got out of jail, so it could of happened anyway, but they blamed it on the parade

  • 13. Zalmy wrote:

    you wanna know something this whole thing is crazy and not nice they should not make any more parades all they care is just drinking they be doing this for the past many years

    • 14. unknown wrote:

      its not just about drinking!!! its about your cultures music, a time of freedom, to let loose and have fun. what you need to do is go open up your mind.

    • 15. unknown wrote:

      Millions of people die every year. does not matter how. their has been many other killings in other parades. but nobody shuts them down. if you people insist that this parade be shut down, i demand that the gay parade, the macy’s thanks giving parade etc. be shut down too.i know many people would disagree with this because why its your culture. well this is our culture too. america is not made up of one race. it is made up of multiple races. so try to have an open mind. and please get all your information before you go trying to ruin other peoples cultures. thank you.

    • 16. Milhouse wrote:

      There is no crime at the Pride parade or the Macy’s parade. Therefore there’s no reason to shut it down. The only other parade that has so much violence is the Puerto Rican one, and that should be shut down too.

  • 17. ord wrote:

    how many deaths does it take till they know, that too many people have died (from a song in the ’60’s by a Jew named Bob Dylan).

  • 19. Idiots wrote:

    The parade may officially start the next day but every year there are shootings the night before all across eastern parkway this year being no exception.

  • 20. to Ord wrote:

    It doesn’t matter at all how many people have died. it only matters who does the killing… For example, THOUSANDS of young black males kill each other each year in the US, and no one loses sleep over it, certainly not the media, or Barak Hussein or Eric Holder or the likes of Al Sharpton ym”s and his ilk. But if a black dies at the hands of a white cop, suddenly that life lost takes on enormous significance, and there’s rioting in the streets and protests with great displays of emotion and anger.

    Same thing with the Arabs; they kill HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDs of each other each year, and no one loses sleep, certainly not the “Arab street” or the “righteous gentiles” at the UN! But if Jews defend themselves from terrorists and there is collateral damage, all of a sudden the loss of Arab life takes on GREAT significance, and cries of “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity” are heard in the hollowed halls of the UN, and the media expresses their righteous indignation. 2 words: alma d’shikra!

    • 21. Anonymous wrote:

      The reason why when blacks are killed by the police we riot is because the police are always acquitted of any wrong doing and given a paid vacation. When blacks kill blacks and are caught they are sent to jail. You have proven you have missed the point of blacks issue with the police as well as our issue with white America.

    • 22. Milhouse wrote:

      If you admit that you riot, for any reason, then you admit that you are savages who deserve to be shot.

      When police commit a murder they are usually tried and convicted and imprisoned. The reason why police are usually acquitted when they kill people is because the vast majority of the time they are in the right, and the person needed killing.

      Take that young thug Michael Brown. The policeman did the world a favour killing him. How many people would he have robbed, beaten, or worse, before he finally met his end? The evidence shows that the policeman was 100% correct, and yet the savages rioted and robbed and burned, and then had the chutzpah to demand “justice”.

  • 23. really?? wrote:

    Surprise, surprise, surprise. How utterly and completely shocking. Who would have ever thought?

  • 24. NYC Racism wrote:

    I find appalling that we still refuse to allow this parade to be held on 5th Ave. I think we should exhibit our racial tolerance and demand that the parade be held in Manhattan from now on.

  • 26. declasse' intellectual wrote:

    To # 3 and 3 #11, political correctness would not allow this to occur

  • 27. Logic? wrote:

    25 mph on E pkwy, speed and red-light cameras, concrete barriers, one lane roads etc. because, G-d forbid, someone MIGHT get hurt.

    Yet when year after year more and more people are ACTUALLY getting killed and hurt (and robbed and who knows what else) – And they need SWAT teams and millions just to police the crime and clean the garbage –

    They do NOTHING?!

  • 30. The morning after... wrote:

    I am very impressed with the cleanup near my house.
    One of the best jobs ever, seriously!

  • 31. And they call this a parade? wrote:

    Since when does a parade have to do with killing each other and getting drunk

  • 33. Roch wrote:

    What already is a Mexican-american? a Caribbean American? A Cuban Americam…gd frbid… !!! Have a Carribean psrade as a ctural.heritage froma a country.they fled..but to desecrate America by saying..Carribean-americ labour day?? Its a contradiction and spites the veru country who recieved them. American is a country of it own and thebrest is weird hostile baligan!! What do u expect! Arent there any Jews in the Caribbean??

  • 34. Let Common Sense Prevail... wrote:

    It is so very sad to hear some of these comments, born from a total lack of understanding, expressed here on this page.
    The Caribbean Carnival is an expression of a vibrant culture, enjoyed by immigrants from that most blessed region of the world, the Caribbean. In the same way other cultures, bring their foods, music, and customs with them, with the right to enjoy them, so do Caribbeans.
    It is shallow-minded, bigoted and selfish to speak as #33 Roch, has spoken, about fleeing countries, and America’s desecration, and being a “country of its own”. I wonder what the American Indian has to say about that one. While I’m at this point, I wonder who runs the economy in America – the foundation of its desecration – I’m certainly sure it’s NOT the Caribbean Americans who have come here to clean the homes of many who may read this columns, so that they could realize a dream, and feed and support their families back home.
    And lest any hypocrite decries the “sending home of monies”, first tell me that only CA’s send money home…
    That said, and I do digress, it is unfortunate that there are idiots who leave their dwelling with the intent and purpose to bring distress. It’s a bloody shame that they use our NYCCarnival to act out, causing a negative light to be brought over the entire happenings, and yes, I do admit that the majority don’t even understand the meaning of carnival and from whence it came, but this {parade brings $$$$$$$$ to the City’s coffers, and not just on one day, but in the weeks before and days after.
    I would think that for a culture such as the many who live in Crown Heights that are not of Caribbean heritage, does it take a Shylock to come and show you how to do what you do best, and so make it a win-win situation for all? Or is it too close to Roshaa Hashanah?


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