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Almost Two Dozen Shot in NYC Over Weekend

Two people were killed and 21 injured in more than a dozen separate shootings in New York City over the weekend. The gun violence, scattered around four New York boroughs, is part of a recent increase in shooting incidents in the city, despite a sharp decline in crime over the past two decades.

According to police, nine people were injured in five separate shooting incidents on Saturday, and there were eight shootings in the city on Sunday, including two in the borough of Brooklyn.

Police also said there were multiple stabbing incidents in the city over the weekend.

Aside from a knife incident where police shot the suspect, no arrests have been made.

New York City is experiencing an uptick in shootings this year, according to recent data released by the city.

Shooting incidents increased by 13 percent to 702 between January and early August this year from 621 in the same period last year. The number of gunshot victims has also risen by about 11.8 percent, from 736 during the first seven and a half months of 2013 to 823 during the same period in 2014.


  • 1. stop & frisk wrote:

    Thugs walk the streets with illegal guns with impunity and confidence knowing that the stop & frisk policy has been severely curtailed and cops are afraid to be sued for “racial profiling”. Thank you Mr. Bill!

  • 2. Milhouse wrote:

    And yet the whole country is in an uproar over some punk who got shot in Missouri.

  • 3. solution wrote:

    Time to start cracking down on legal gun owners and applicants to help curb illegal guns from shooting people on the st and in their homes….

  • 4. Yitzchok wrote:

    Bye bye Bloomberg and Giuliani, it’s DiBlassio time now and he’s about useful as Dinkins was.. Good luck!

  • 5. alias jack smith wrote:

    comments by # 3 he is an idiot if you more people licensed to carry. you would have less crime. that why i moved out of clown heights.

    • 6. Milhouse wrote:

      Um, that was “solution”‘s point. if there’s an idiot here it must be you for not seeing that.

  • 7. So glad wrote:

    I left this stinking city & its crime & corruption 6 months ago. You voted this mayor in on the say-so of idiots who supposedly know what’s good for youy. You deserve what you get including a tickets blitz.

  • 8. Dan wrote:

    Hey, remember? “stop and frisk” was a bad idea and people’s feelings were getting hurt.

  • 10. alias jack smith wrote:

    to #6 if are carryig concealed u would think twice before trying to rob u.


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