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Shomrim Catches Car Burglar Red-Handed

A car burglar on the prowl at 6:00am was apprehended by a group of Shomrim volunteers, following a phone call to their hotline.

The incident occurred just after 6:00am on Maple Street just off Kingston Avenue. A resident spotted a black man inside her minivan, which was parked in front of her home, and immediately called Shomrim –who in turn notified the police as well.

A half-dozen Shomrim volunteers arrived on scene within moments, and to their surprise the burglar was still inside the vehicle. The group of volunteers surrounded it and held the doors shut until police arrived at the scene, which was within minutes of Shomrim’s arrival.

Police immediately placed the man under arrest and took him into custody.

Officers determined that the burglar lives in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn, and when asked what he was doing in Crown Heights he offered no explanation.

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  • 1. the best wrote:

    shomrim come fatser then the police and they are way more helpful

    • 2. Facts wrote:

      Not true, if you read the story properly it says the woman called the shomrim hotline who then called 911, and if shomrim are way more helpful why do they call 911 for police assistance?

    • 3. different jobs wrote:

      shomrim and the police work together. shomirim just hold the person until the police come the police arrest the person. (shomrim are quicker)

    • 4. police needed wrote:

      We call 911, as well, because only THEY can arrest the suspect. Shomrim gets there 1st, within moments!

    • 5. Crown heights resident wrote:

      Shomrim get there faster because they are called before the police. Sometimes they are called hours before the police. Also, you also have to understand that nypd patrols a wider swath of crown heights and sometimes has to prioritize calls.

  • 12. HAROLD C. wrote:


  • 13. fan wrote:

    no need to knock the police. They came really quickly and did a great job. Police in partnership with shomrim is a winning result. Police and community its a proven and winning result.

  • 15. 6:00 a.m. wrote:

    1/2 dozen volunteers arrived on scene within moments…I hope the Shomrim guys had time to say modeh ani and wash negel vasser.

  • 16. View from Israel wrote:

    Living in Israel, I can’t help but see the irony that a goy tries to steal a car and there a numerous police an volunteers jumping to action.

    In this country, bombs are aimed and fired at our cities, and we have a board meeting to decide what we should do about it…probably do nothing to show the world that we are strong in having “restraint”.

  • 18. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

    Thanks to all the wonderful Shomrim volunteers who support the community they live in, by giving from their own time, to assist others and keep us safe.

    There are those who claim that they “support” Shomrim”.
    When asked, “how do you support Shomrim?”, they reply, “I call them when i need them.”

    That’s not Supporting Shomrim, that’s Shomrim supporting you.


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